2022 Buick Enclave Essence AWD

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Good afternoon evelyn this is ballard alderman chevrolet buick and gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re known for two things awesome deals and fabulous service i wanted to thank you for submitting your request for information on the new buick enclave i happen to have one here and available now this is in sage metallic and it’s the essence package absolutely

A great combination i’m going to get into a few of the features that i really enjoy stay tuned so thank you again first thing i really love the color sage metallic it’s a beautiful green metallic color and it does the car well i’ll tell you that it’s got high intensity discharge led headlights that are super sleek on the outside of the vehicle providing a real

Luxury feel you’ve also got nice elements of chrome throughout body colored mirrors with directional lighting so other folks know when you’re turning you got the two tone aluminum wheels that are 20 inch one thing i really love about the buick is they they really cherish and value the cabin experience for the customer so this vehicle is what they call quiet tuned

Everything from the tires up is actually designed to keep the cabin experience inside quiet so there’s actually what’s called noise cancellation active noise cancellation excuse me and that is literally providing the same frequency sound that the engine is at all times to try and actually uh reverse the sound it’s hard to describe but really it’s just producing

The same amount of energy as the thing is in reverse so it cancels it out it’s pretty uh insane technology you’ve also got blind zone alerts which end up coming from the rear of the vehicle the parking sensors so that’s uh one thing that’s really nice you have the parking sensors this is a five-star safety rated suv we’ve got a 3.6 liter v6 engine in here you

Get 20 miles per gallon on average that’s great for a third row you’ve also got keyless entry i was just pointing at the buttons there so when the key the transmitter is in your pocket you tap on that to lock and unlock the doors i really love the two-tone slate to black interior in here got 10 way power adjustable seats that are extremely comfortable really really

Nice use of materials throughout you’ve got power windows of course power mirrors power locks and you’ve got the uh tailgate excuse me the liftgate power right there on the door i’m going to start this vehicle up here one of the first things you notice beautiful interior you’ve got the touchscreen display eight inch across you’ve got climate controls beneath that

Are very uh familiar you’ve also got a wireless charging mat right here that’s uh big enough for some of the newer larger phones you’ve also got a electronic transmission right here it’s absolutely fantastic it’s very responsive and it does less wear and tear on your engine very very nice to have you’ve also got a really large sized center console here and it is

Illuminated inside this vehicle is equipped with a heated steering wheel one thing i really really love you also have what’s called forward collision alert so you have a forward-facing camera that’s there for safety features you can decide how close you’d like to get the car in front of you before the vehicle starts to warn you so that’s all based on preference

And your comfort level with things uh this vehicle also has the optional all-wheel drive button so you can take it out of all-wheel drive to kind of get better gas mileage in the summer one thing i really enjoy if i put this vehicle into reverse you’ll see the backup camera pops right up ready to go and it is responsive to the turn of the wheel which is very nice

You got parking sensors optional to turn those on or off you’ve also got lane departure warning which is great so if you started to sway to the sides the vehicle will gradually kind of let you know that you’re going outside with flashing that emblem so that’s really cool this is also equipped with onstar so you’ve got crash response and roadside assistance as well

As options for wi-fi turn by turn navigation which nowadays a lot of us have ready to go but there’s all sorts of things that they can provide you you can even get the my buick app and navigate all of your vehicle functions right from your phone so you can actually lock and unlock the doors remotely start the vehicle change the climate controls inside there or if

Somebody uh what is it it was across the country they kind of forgot it was locked you can use that from across the country as well because it runs off satellite which is really really impressive this is a bucket seat set up in the back seat here in the second row got the ability to kind of put these down if you’d like and another thing that’s unique these are on

A rail system so you can kind of pull that forward a little bit more and it’s nice and easy to get back into that third row seat beautiful beautiful setup here these seats are extremely comfortable really got to try them out it’s unbelievable very very nice material i don’t know if you can see that i’m pushing pretty hard it’s just very very nice durable stuff

Everything uh is a nice comfortable touch point so you rest your arm down on the side of the door it’s just very nice to do that instead of just resting it down on some super hard plastic appointments you know so dual zone or dual exhaust that’s got the nice chrome tip you can see your backup sensors as well that we were talking about which is great you’ve also

Got a power liftgate here and your backup camera of course is nestled under there generous size trunk even with that third row up ready to go and if you’d like to put the seats down you just pull this trigger and push it forward so that rail system seat is kind of up all the way they’re back all the way it’s a little easier to demonstrate with that one um you also

Do have some storage underneath here which is great and this will actually come up as well and there’s some more stuff underneath there’s optional cargo netting and shade options press the power liftgate button it goes down on its own really sharp from the back you’ve got the tail lights that split from the tailgate um into the actual rear quarter panel of the

Vehicle and it just looks super sharp with those two tone wheels that sage metallic got all sorts of nice safety features on here and just comfort features appreciate your interest here evelyn and please if you have any questions you can reach us here at 802-776-5000 ask for any bauer or you can come see us at 65 windcrest road in rutland vermont see you soon thank you

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2022 Buick Enclave Essence AWD By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC