2022 Buick Enclave Premium POV Test Drive & Review

Here we have the new refreshed 2022 Buick Enclave! This Enclave comes in summit white on dark galvanized perforated leather seats. The powertrain consists of a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated V6 engine mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission.

All right so here we have the refresh 2022 buick enclave this one comes in the premium trim level in summit white on dark galvanized perforated leather seats this one’s an all-wheel drive model and the power train consists of a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated v6 made it to a 9-speed automatic transmission that gets you 310 horsepower this front end we have led

Daytime running lights along with headlamps it’s growing on me and then down here we have 18-inch aluminum wheels we get passer keyless entry on all four doors and there are the controls for your power door locks windows and mirrors and the mirrors also power fold and we have blind spot monitors in those memory seat controls power liftgate bose premium sound

System and there’s our power driver seat with power lumbar support as well as massage gonna hop in here so pretty awesome leg room i’m 6’3 and i have plenty of space and the seat in front of me is adjusted for someone of my size in the head room i’ve got about two three inches right there so really good and then down here we have our controls for our rear ac

Automatic climate controls which we can toggle that set temperature and all that got a 120 volt three-prong household plug-in as well as two usb chargers so we can use charged laptops this is charged phones tablets and they’re the vents there and then there’s our third row seat let’s go ahead and check out the back and there’s our rear end there just a slight

Refresh on the outside tail lamps but plenty of space behind the third row very impressive there and if you want even more you can just hit these buttons and when the seats are up far enough they’ll fold flat let’s check out this front passenger seat and i’m glad the gm decided to make it the same as the front driver you have power with power lumbar support as

Well as that power massage but yeah this front end is definitely growing on me it just it looks out of this world i really don’t know how to describe it let’s go ahead and just take a quick look under the hood and there’s that naturally aspirated v6 there i like how that closes now it’s time to hop in the driver’s seat so to start out with we have this really

Nice heated leather wrapped steering wheel and i just love this new design they have here still fit my hand i have pretty big hands in this middle here for people who like to drive like that but just really refined looking looks very futuristic then over here to the radio we have am fm xm along with bluetooth audio spotify and amazon alexa and then we also have

Wireless apple carplay and android auto i’m gonna put the climate controls here for the front and the rear and then here we have our navigation system that’s our backup camera there there’s our front camera we also have these curbside views as well in the mirrors we can toggle our stop here parking sensors that lane departure and then our all-wheel drive mode

And toggle that on and off there but down here we have our dual zone automatic climate controls for the front very strong blowers there you can turn that on and off and we have three stage heated cooled seats for the front as well always nice to have there’s our wireless charging pad pretty good size it fit my iphone 11 and then we have our sd card reader here

For our navigation our usbc port and then our usb 8 port and then check out this shifter p for park pull up here for reverse press down for neutral pull up for drive then we can go into our loan mode by pressing that button and then we can use the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel and manually shift there and there are our cup holders we can still those

Away and then check out the center console cubby space remove this tray we can hide stuff under it and i like how it just fits in there looks like nothing’s underneath there and there’s a view of the back from up here there’s our glove compartment with owner’s manuals really nice size in there and there we have our rear camera mirror which we can flip on and

Off there and then we can even adjust the screens here the screen of the rear camera mirror and then up here we have our universal home remote controls and then our dome lights which we just press there to turn those on and off but to the left side of the steering wheel we have our cruise controls that forward collision gap adjusts heated steering wheel toggle

And then over here on the right side bluetooth controls and we can toggle through our gauge cluster the middle digital part using these here and behind the steering wheel on the left side we have our trackless radio station favorite controls and on the right side we have our volume controls but i really like how customizable this center stack is here and i like

How crystal clear it looks i’m gonna leave it right there that’s what i like and then there we have our heads up display several different views there there’s our push button start finally here’s our key fob with remote start but next we’re going to go ahead and take this new 2022 buick enclave premium all-wheel drive out on the road for a quick test drive

So i just came off the auto stop which is very very responsive we’ll give it a little throttle here and not a lot of shutter hesitation from the 9 speed which i like and it finds the gears pretty easily whichever one you’re wanting to be in but i’m going to put in a low mode see how responsive that is really like the shift points and of course with this kind of

Vehicle it doesn’t give you full control but it gives you enough control in terms of your shifts and i drove a 17 enclave earlier today and the sound acoustics seem a lot better in this particular cabin but i will say the ride isn’t as smooth but it gives you more feedback which i appreciate personally it’s still a really nice ride so i have it back in the

Normal drive mode now and i’ll have it here for the remainder of the test drive really like this massage seat yeah this transmission is really really responsive when you give it throttle and the ride quality the more i drive this the more i realize that it’s not necessary that this is less smooth than the older generation enclaves it just isn’t it doesn’t

Ride like i’m used to buick’s riding but i actually appreciate this ride better because it makes this more of a enjoyable car to drive if that makes sense it’s just the steering is a lot more responsive it doesn’t feel as quirky as the 15 16 17 enclaves the overall luxury features definitely can’t be beat you have heating cooled seats with massage and it just

Feels so great but this just drives and rides normally how you’d want your car to ride it may not be as it doesn’t absorb the bumps as much as maybe an older enclave did but it does drive a heck of a lot better and i take that trade off any day and it’s still not rough at all believe me still fantastic ride now like all the safety features that come on here the

Lane departure the forward indicator to see how close you are to the vehicle in front of you make sure you’re a safe distance behind them but just a really really impressive refresh for this buick enclave and with that being said this will bring me to the end of my review of the 2022 buick enclave premium all-wheel drive

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