2022 Buick Envision

2022 Buick Envision

Welcome to stetson hinton gm today we’re excited to bring you a 2022 buick envision avenir this is a cinnabar in color really cool red metallic starting on that front driver side corner there’s your front tire and rim setup sitting on 20-inch aluminum rims coming around to that front driver’s side corner you’ll see you have parking assist buttons down below so

That’s the beep beep sound you’re getting too close to an object also has the front camera just below the just below the buick logo there’s your block heater adapter to plug in the blockchain cord around the passenger side now avenir is going to give you a nice cool body lines a little bit of chrome on the door handle body side molding and around the windows top

Roof rack playing off that cinnabar in color the mirrors are body painted color so the skull caps or the cinnabar color have an ear badging just showing off it’s got keyless entry all around on all four doors back time rim set up come around to that rear bumper you’ve got a little bit of a chrome strip through there too rear vision camera just underneath the

Back buick logo it is a powered tailgate so just opening up that tailgate so if your hands are full just pushing on the key fob will do that you’ve got your little cargo shade there just to hide your back goods when you’re at parking mall at the mall or whatnot parked at the mall back seats are a 60 40 split bench for the rear that are foldable down and it goes

To a load floor so when you put stuff in there it’s all leveled out the back you do have the dual exhaust kicking out there down to the driver’s side corner now the back tire and room set up zooming back out for the body lines on the driver’s side did you see that cool two-tone with the chrome and the cinnabar playing off itself that is the avenir edition at its

Finest next up we’re going to take a look at that interior coming into the interior of the 2022 buick envision avenir starting on that steering wheel you’ve got a heated steering wheel you’ve got gap control an adaptive cruise which means it’ll paste behind the vehicle in front of you your audio controls your bluetooth controls at time of filming this car has 15

Kilometers on it over to the power group now you’ve got memory seating so you can switch between driver 1 driver 2. for the windows lock smear see there’s an auto down and auto up on the driver and the passenger meaning one push of the button the window will go automatically all the way down and come all the way back up so if your hands are full through the drive

Through or whatnot does have the auto headlight system so as soon as the sun comes down lights come on and vice versa the exterior the mirror does have blind zone detection so you see that little star with the car beside it that glows orange or a yellow when you have somebody in your blind zone blind spot detection over to the infotainment side now you’ve got

Embedded nav wi-fi hotspot apple carplay android auto and then all your bluetooth and audio settings below that you’ve got your hvac your climate control so it is a dual zone climate for passenger and driver and then you have heated seats also there and ventilated that means air conditioned seats wireless charging right next to your power grip it is a automatic

Transmission that’s your selectors there so it’s a electric shift cable transmission now just pushing the buttons you’ve got your cup holders your electronic parking brake into middle console this is a full load leather with a really cool white stitch let uh lettering and stitching on the seat so it’s a gray stitch that is your premium leather with the avenir

Going into the back seats now we talked about that earlier when you’re looking through the back hatch there’s the beautiful design on those back leather seats and then a full dual panel roof up top so two glass roof your controls for all the slide for the shade for the sunroof your dome lighting rear view mirror is electrochromatic meaning that it will cancel

Bright headlights coming in from behind and if you don’t like that you can also switch it to the hd surround vision camera where it’s a rear view camera while you’re driving just better for blind spot detection so you’ve got the option of doing both so there’s your video camera while you’re driving around full camera and if you’d like to go back to your traditional

Mirror there it is right there so that’s the hd surround vision this concludes our walk around of our 2022 buick envision avenir

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2022 Buick Envision By Stetson Hinton GM