Recording now yep all right city fam here empire auto collection we got this uh well you said it’s about to up a brand new caddy it’s a ct4 i don’t know if it’s a black wing or not i gotta look at the sticker is it bro but it’s a ct4 black one exactly hold on a second did you hear that right they just spied his foot because i think it’s a man where’s the

Cigarette it got to be in a gl look at this thing in the glock it don’t matter if you put it in a sport or not hold on let me see where the sticker is it has active exhaust it is a black wing so it’s a ct4 though the ct5 is the bigger one and they got the v8 i think you’re not supposed to do that there’s not enough miles on it dude what’s this i don’t know where

Got a sticker right here 70 000. i’m trying to see though oh that’s a 22 20 22 64 v series black one that black yeah it’s a v6 so the ct5 has a v8 that’s what i would say that’s why that’s why i sound like that though because of the v6 v6 is not gonna sound like a view expecting the v8 i might they’ll get my straight pipes i don’t need to find somewhere i can

Get my some the cut off you want it you want a place yeah i got a place where i’ll go get it right now let me call him oh somebody tell me about him tj yeah yeah be all the way oh ask ask him if he how much you’ll charge me to cut it off for a jeep you want a fully straight pipe well no not from the engine just from just the mid mufflers off yeah uh the back

Mufflers yeah the back two and then you just either h-pipe it in or x-pipe it so yeah basically dump like like yeah just pass after cash after catching all that yeah it’s only the two it’s only the two in the back it should only be the two in the back oh there’s nothing in the middle i don’t think it’s not in the middle i don’t think and if it is i’ll take that

Out too but no this boy called though black wing crafted by andrew i don’t know i work for gm and i don’t know who andrew kick is get in you want to drive it huh is mike around no he just walked in yeah man this made me feel fat that’s so smart do you not drive manuals yeah i’m i’m concerned well the car was probably worth about 80. it was 70. probably everybody

See me right there he’s talking about he literally on the phone talks about how rare it is my yousef goes and takes it off for a test drive look look at mike walk out the door like bro what the is you doing oh dom is here yeah he gotta we gotta do my uh whatchamacallit what i’m doing the ceramic coating he’s doing it yeah i’m gonna do it with him the hardest

Part about it is the is making sure the contaminant is off once you do that it’s easy man i hope you don’t up the clutch yo it’s real smooth no it really is i can feel it like there’s no manual that’s what it’s a automatic no it’s definitely a manual bro yeah see look at you look at it look at him it up bro we stuck in the middle of the street y’all

We’re not going nowhere that’s the only thing i had about man it was real what it’s all dude they could just die on you if you don’t if you’re on surf right well this clutch is way too easy bro that’s a good thing bro like that’s a good thing but like i’m not used to it are you used to an old-ass car yeah like i’m always running heavy crutches like even my

Buddies mustangs they got heavy clutches because what’s it called one of them is a roush so he just put a twin disc in it but even the rx7 is much harder this is the one that is on the corvette yeah like you have to do nothing you literally don’t like to do that’s cool though i mean i like it all the carbon fiber i think they want too much money for v6

Turbo that’s turbo that’s a turbo vc yeah i don’t even want to floor it because it hasn’t had miles yeah yeah so i told uh dom now let’s press the break bro press the break bro you’re moving forward i was looking for it bro this guy’s about to we about to crash right into this yukon i’m not if you put the breaker apart yeah but why the is there a button on

The side normally tear no that makes sense i mean you gotta think about it like literally it’s a it’s on the side look how small it is i can’t see it from over here but small dude i’m gonna get out of here i’m gonna see when i go it’s right here hey you know it takes it takes two pulls to open the door what i’m pulling it and then open this open i guess it’s

A safety feature bro he almost crashed a brand new car bro twice i’m telling y’all you did but it was still moving bro i’m at how small the rims are but low-key they look like every ct5 like i think it’s your like if i had a son and he wanted a fast car that i thought was safe and i got a discount on i would get him in you know i mean we already know it’s

A v6 it’s that way pull it i can’t use two hands i got it i already got it just pull it up oh hell no damn what the hell no it’s kind of a mid you see how far it’s pushed back yeah but still but that’s what i’m saying this is two turbos like the engine ends right there but that’s crap that’s kind of a mid it’s not a mid mid front engine because normally like

All over here so it’s like a midfield look at all this space you know what’s like this the gt that’s in there that’s just how the gt oh all mercedes is like this i mean what do you think even s63s or any of that what’s it called it’s all pushed back that’s how they do it but with this like there’s so much room for a v8 why didn’t they just do a v8 because that’s

What they make you pay for the ct5 what’s up i’d rather have a smaller car yeah less weight oh see they sold it i told them to buy that anywhere oh he want me to do something for empire huh shoot this today you want me to do a review on this okay that’s cool i do i got you so apparently i’m gonna do a review on this looks like you just sold it it is soap but

You don’t have to sell yeah it didn’t make these in automatic they only made these in manual they’re saying all the blockchains are only mini not the ct5 though you can get that automatic really yeah which is the v8 no it’s cold what most people can’t drive that man well that’s too much torque too much horsepower but let’s look at the backyard i guess it’s kind

Of my official review of yusuf this is the first time you should have done a review of me kind of i’m not doing anything he doesn’t do anything all day y’all like that’s literally what he does bro it’s nothing let’s look at the inside real quick i do like the white the white piping around the stitching though the white stitching like how they got it i’m doing a

Review what do you mean you don’t care that’s the whole point y’all can see like i do i like that i showed it on the other side i like that part of it a little bit of carbon fiber here carbon fiber there like you said it’s a manual the screen is extremely small i thought it was bigger you know hey man you’re on camera john john said i don’t care who you bout

To put inside about take it inside but this is the longest this longest review ever uh let’s go i got a buddy that’s got a trackhawk he wants to do his exhaust what are you free tell him i just want to take off i just want to meet my friend bro he’s trying to hook me up with the exhaust guy it’s a jeep grand cherokee just tell me you want uh what’s it called

Mid mufflers yeah just a mid microphone so what i do like which is different is he talking to guy running my review these joints right here this is call i wish they would have made this carbon fiber though you got the diamond stitching right there little cheap ass masks but i mean to me it looked like the same uh cts-v all those you know i mean you know what

I mean um but if you like see the exhaust that’s dope i like that let me see now they should have made this carbon fiber we just want the mid-mufflers right nothing in the back or i’m just straight pipe from the mid muffler’s back he wants actually straight pipe from mid muffler’s back i low key like it though it’s dope it’s a 2022 ct4 v blackwing i don’t

Know who let john drive the new uconn because lord knows we all know he can’t drive big ass who let him drive that well yeah all right we’re back in a second you

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2022 CADILLAC CT4 BLACKWING By Motorcity Jay