2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing 6mt Blaze Orange Delivery

Hi everyone i took delivery of my 2022 cadillac ct4 blackwing recently so i figured i’d show everyone go over some of the blackwing specific details so the color is blaze orange metallic which for 2022 is actually available on regular ct4s as evidenced by the fact that my wife when we trade in her 2020 they only had one ct4 in stock that they got in that day and

It happened to be the same blaze orange so my black wing is already a little less special we did not intend to be twinning but whatever so up front uh the grille is specific to the black wing you’ll notice the lack of chrome the openings are larger for better cooling you have intercoolers you’ve got a variety of increased cooling needs for the drivetrain one

Of the big giveaways is the fender vent right here the front fenders are of course wider this does run 18-inch wheels which some people think is small for a performance car but i mean they’re forged and uh any bigger just adds weight and unsprung weight is never good uh it has michelin pilot ps4s they are bespoke to this car it’s called the tpc spec it’s a mix of

The pilot 4s and the cup 2. doesn’t make them more expensive it’s only within 2 or 3 dollars of the regular p4s the brakes are six piston brembos almost 15 inches in diameter in the front you of course have the little the little winglets up front you can get dive planes with the carbon fiber package there’s carbon fiber one or two this car doesn’t have it this

Is more ramen spec as i call it you’ve got some kind of semi-pronounced side seals right there you get the little nice uh v-series plate and the door jamb door sill you get nice little v-series metal-ish probably metallized plastic floor mats so 255s in the front 275s in the rear you have four piston rear calipers for the brembos and you have a separate parking

Brake caliper out back you’ve got a nice rear diffuser which you can get in carbon as part of the carbon pack another giveaway of the black wing are the four exhaust tips you know you do have the black wing which ironically my wife’s car came with the optional black wing you can get a larger wing in carbon with the carbon fiber one or two pack there’s nothing

Really unique back here we do have the red seat belts that’s a 400 a cart option which i thought was worth it because i couldn’t afford the two-tone seats these are you know the base seats which have adjustable thigh support kind of like the older bmws did the seats have a good amount of adjustments you can adjust the bolsters in and out which is nice so you can

Make them hug you a little bit tighter the black wing does have carbon fiber center console and look at that a six-speed manual transmission it’s the only way to get a six-speed and the ct4 is through the blackwing it is a tremec it’s a twin disc clutch which i i think it’s pretty buttery smooth really happy with how it shifts also with the black wing you have

The akg stereo versus the bose and the other ct4s i happen to like it i think it sounds a little bit better it has um an adjustable surround mode which is pretty neat i find the bose is a little bass heavy artificially bass heavy oh so coming inside i also did the uh performance steering wheel which i think is worth it for the 500 dollars you get your red stripe

At top which i think works nicely with the seat belts you get your carbon fiber insert and it gives you your car build number 46 is specific to the manuals 320 is the 320th manual built 41 i think is the number for the automatics which it’s a 10-speed automatic start it up you do have the 12-inch configurable gauge cluster which is not black wing specific

Again with the form steering wheel you get the v button and you get the ptm which is performance traction management knob which again totally worth it for 500 bucks it’s nice how configurable the gauge cluster is you kind of pick and choose what elements of information you want i chose the boost gauge live fuel economy tire pressure and whatnot and the gauge

Cluster you can have it change to different modes so if you go into tour that’s what tour looks like and track you can you can also hear the exhaust open up a little bit i think the exhaust sounds pretty good so yeah um one of the neat things is the the shifter medallion is 3d printed and remember there’s some easter eggs it’s hard to see but there’s maps of

The milford proving grounds and the warren tech center which is where i work so that’s a pretty neat easter egg so underneath the hood so underneath the hood is the lf4 3.6 liter v6 now that’s the same v6 from the uh the atsv which this car largely replaces it’s nearly the identical engine 472 horsepower 3.6 liters twin turbo i think 445 pound-feet of torque

It’s largely an induction that varies from the atsb um so far it’s i’m breaking it in so it has a low low rpm um redline of 4500 for the first 500 miles so i’m trying to get rid of that as fast as i can but even short shifting at 500 it is uh it’s not slow let’s put it like that i mean if you look at my garage stable my definition of slow has been modified by

What’s a fast car because i’ll do a video on this sometime but it’s over 500 wheel horsepower and has the way of scaring the hell out of people so i mean this isn’t nuts and it has a warranty so i’m going to not i’m not going to go crazy on it just too fast it’s probably just gonna get some down pipes and a tune something like 500 550 wheel horsepower will

Probably do the trick uh dyno’s about four ten four and a quarter stock from what i’ve seen i immediately had an xspell xpel already had a kit for black wings which is pretty cool that’s why the edges are so so nice it’s hard to make out but expel had a had a kit already and i had a four-year ceramic coat put on i’m gonna wind up doing a ceramic coat on the

Wheels and tires and brakes well the wheels and brakes um but yeah nothing really plant them off i’m gonna do some tint i’m thinking about blacking out the roof because again poverty spec i did not do a sunroof although you know sunroofs just add weight so maybe that’s a good thing so that’s it that’s my 2022 black wing and again coming soon i’ll do a video on

The roadster so that way all my cars have a little story behind them so that’s it for this week everyone please tune in like and subscribe have a good one talk to you later

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2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing 6mt Blaze Orange Delivery By Jameson’s Diecast Cars