2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Light Tour (Night)

In this video, we show you all the lights of the 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing at night, including the headlights, Daytime Running Lights, turn signals, cornering lights, tail lights, and reverse lights.

Moe trollix and there it is ladies and gents the 2022 cadillac ct4v blackwing why can you barely see it well because it is pitch black outside and we have the lights off and we have the lights off because we’re going to show you how it looks with the lights on this is quite frankly it this car looks really good in the dark and those of you who are actually going

To be buying one should probably have a look and have an idea of how it looks in the dark so we’re gonna start with the daytime running lights here they are as you can see these are cadillac’s signature vertical daytime running lights they look very attractive so they start right here at the beginning of the headlamp cluster and they just run all the way down

Almost to the very bottom of the front fascia they’re very attractive they provide some forward illumination again their daytime running lights so they’re not made to be driven or they’re not made to be to be the primary light source of the vehicle when you’re driving it at night hence daytime running lights there’s also this amber light right there at the side

Of the vehicle see if i can show it to you here this is a prerequisite by nitsa so that you can see the dimensions of the vehicle but again these daytime running lamps are awesome so these daytime running lamps they’re white right now as you can see but they also double as the turn signal indicators when you when you turn those on they illuminate so it’s

Interesting because it varies from this amber light to this white light it kind of it doesn’t turn off when the turn signal indicator is on it just switches from white to amber white to amber just like that it’s very attractive and as you can see the turn signal indicator is also doubled in the side view mirror right there but overall this is a very attractive

Lighting setup now let’s take a look at how the primary lights work so right now we have the daytime running lamps on as well as the primary lights they are located just inside of the vertical daytime running lights and boy are they attractive as well first and foremost their primary function is of course providing forward illumination so let’s take a look at

How that looks right here so there it is it’s a bunch of light it is pitch black out here as you can see with the exception of the highlight light for the palm trees the accent lights for the palm trees uh over there there it’s quite dark besides that so they do deliver a significant amount of forward lighting and the light is clear the light is very white it’s

A very modern look as well but it gets even better because when you turn on the high beams look at that there’s even more illumination there from the high beams here again it’s the low beams and the high beams right there now when you keep the high beams on we’re going to keep the high beams on they actually come out of the same spot as it’s kind of difficult

To show you from here but they do illuminate from the same lens as the primary lights there it is high beam low beam high beam low beam so it looks very good and it provides a significant amount of forward lighting so here is the ct4v blackwing with both the vertical daytime running lamps and the actual forward lights enabled both of these lights are on

Right now now the ct-4 also has a cornering lamp feature and this is quite interesting because anytime you take a turn these are automatically enabled so when you take a look as you turn the wheel this inside light right there it ends up getting turned on and thereby illuminating a lot of what’s out here in front of the vehicle as you can see it’s being

Illuminated here to the left we have the wheels turned of the vehicle they’re turned to the left right now by comparison this is dark so we’re going to enable that now and check out what happens that light came on and now that whole area into which you’re gonna turn is being illuminated let’s take a look at that again so here we have this take a look at that

Quite a bit of light being illuminated right there and we’re going to turn and take a look again here look at that so these are the cornering lamps and they are quite useful especially if you’re driving at night and there’s it’s pitch black out and you don’t know where you’re turning into in the past you would have swiveling headlights you’d have those kinds of

Things in this case you have cornering lamps that are now dedicated to that task specifically but just take a look at the way this looks the signature everyone who is going to be driving towards you is going to know that this is a cadillac vertical strong bold lighting signatures in the corners and plenty of forward illumination it’s unmistakably cadillac let’s

Take a look at the rear now so the rear end also has much like the front a set of vertically oriented tail lamps again these are signatures these are actually the tail lamps themselves and this is how it looks with the brakes on so you can see that this is the on the outside this right here is the primary tail lamp this piece right here inside of it is enabled

When the brake pedal is applied and the center high mounted stop lamp is right here the chimsel it is located at the very top of the vehicle so you can see that there’s plenty of illumination whenever you step on the brakes there’s plenty of it right there let’s take a look at how the turn signal operation works so the turn signal is interesting because it

Actually ends up taking over for the brake light so we have the brakes enabled still right now as you can see and the that’s with the brakes disabled so still quite a lot of things happening here but it’s very clear that you’re making a turn and whenever you do apply the brakes it’s very clear that you’ve applied the brakes and you’re also making a turn the

Reverse light let’s take a look at that real quick the reverse light takes place right here via a white thin led integrated into the upper corner of the tail lamps right here so you can see that it’s providing a lot of rearward light because you need that for the rear view camera the rear view camera lens is located just above the cadillac logo right there i

Should also mention that the license plate illumination is also very clear it’s done via white light and it actually helps out with the lighting beneath the vehicle over here so if you can see it kind of show you from the side here all of that white stuff all of the white lighting behind the vehicle there that is taking place because of the license plate light

So i’m going to pop the trunk here and show you how that looks so there it is it’s two lights see if i can focus on that it’s two lights they’re both very bright leds they kind of don’t look that way in video but trust me when i tell you that they’re actually white and they’re leds so close that down there it is let’s take a look at that real quick from the side

Let’s give you just to give you an idea of how it looks from the side there it is so you can see that there’s quite a bit of wrap around from the to the side taking place here at the tail lights and at the headlights so there’s plenty of visibility for other motorists to see you on the road and there is plenty of visibility for you with the forward lights fully

Enabled and even more light if you need uh to enable the high beams so quite a lot of uh lighting elements taking place here this car is very attractive and uh during the day and it’s also very attractive during the night so cadillac ct4v flat going at night everyone moe trollix you

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2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Light Tour (Night) By Motrolix