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2022 Cadillac CT5 Premium Luxury 550T: Does This Compete With German Luxury Sedans?

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Today I drive and review a 2022 Cadillac CT5 Premium Luxury with the twin turbo 3.0l V6!

Sounds good hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and this is going to be going over the all new 2022 cadillac ct5 first and foremost though a huge shout out thank you to the mercedes-benz of farmington utah for giving me some time with this ct5 they have this one available for sale right now if you’re interested i’m going to include a link to their inventory in the

Description down below something that’s awesome about the mercedes-benz of farmington is there a one price store on all of their new and pre-owned inventory so they’ll make your buying experience super easy and straightforward on a side note if you’re going to save time and money the next time you purchase a car link to my carbine guide in the description down below

As well let’s get into the video there are two different engine options available for the ct5 you have a turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder that’s good for 237 horsepower and then 258 pound-feet of torque goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission or you can get an upgraded twin-turbo liter v6 that’s good for 335 horsepower and then 405 pound-feet torque also

Goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission and you guys can see here we’ve got the twin turbo logo and notice the six lines there in the center and yeah there’s under the hood now let’s go to the front end of the ct5 so first off i love this white paint because it’s got this beautiful metallic flake to it and it actually makes the body lines pop out quite a bit

More now coming down below you guys can see here we’ve got the led headlamps with the gigantic cadillac led daytime running light that kind of like goes through the body work in a sense blacked out trim here at the bottom notice we’ve got parking sensors integrated into the front and then look at the cadillac logo how it’s kind of like shaped and everything pretty

Interesting got the camera below the logo and you can see there’s a little bit of like silver trim here throughout the grille and overall i think that it’s actually a really good looking car from a front end perspective now coming on the side here we’ve got two 45-millimeter tires wrapped around 19-inch wheels in the front and in the rear as well and then you can

See here from a design perspective with the wheels you got the silver on the top and then you’ve got kind of like this darker metallic gray below the silver it’s kind of like a common thing for luxury manufacturers to do nowadays there’s another parking sensor there on the side we have another cadillac logo here got the two-tone mirrors with the white and the top

Black on the bottom and then notice the chrome trim around the windows also on top of the door handles as well and here’s your full side view which again i think it actually looks pretty good now here’s our key fob for the ct5 we have our unlock function lock function remote start and then the opening here for the trunk we’ll just press that twice and it’ll pop

It all the way open which is pretty cool and then you can see the storage space in here that’s the cadillac logo there on the floor mats um but yeah it’s a pretty big size sedan and so it’s got decent cargo space this kind of reminds me of like toyota camry size if you guys are wondering and then when you’re done you do have to just throw this down yourself but

That’s easy enough and let’s go over the rear styling of the car so again it kind of has the normal cadillac boxy look to it you’ve got the cool tail lights here which i love how those kind of come down we have our 550t badge and we have our ct5 and then our all-wheel drive badge parking sensors there on the rear and then here’s the covers over the exhaust tips

At the bottom and well that’s all for the rear now here is the door panel you can see with the trim here at the top i love it looks fantastic and then notice with the door handle and then you know pretty normal with that but look at the speaker for the bose sound system and a regular one down below that and then we’ve got more leather trimmer right here and then

For these seats as well and notice with the seats how it is perforated all down the center and will actually pop in quickly unless we have storage pocket there leg room solid so uh headroom a little bit on the cramped side of things and then notice the vents charging ports down below you can see we’ve got our cup holder armrest set up and let’s head to the front

Now before i go over the front door panel so i’m going to mention is this does have the electronic door handle released so like press a button to release the door handle it’s kind of interesting um but anyways you guys can see here again with the wood trim and then with the door handle door lock and unlock blind spot mounting for the mirrors leather trim down below

Notice all the windows are automatic got your mirror adjustments they do power fold in and then you’ve got the opening for the hatch and then more speakers for the bose sound system cadillac logo and then here are the front seats notice again another cadillac logo here and then perforated all down the center we’ve got our power adjustments here on the side which

Are kind of hard to see because the lighting sorry about that nothing fancy with the pedals parking brake heads up display control steering was power adjustable let’s pop in so here is the steering wheel we’ve gotten leather trim all around us the stitching there on the center portion we’ve got some practical controls for like the volume controls controls the

Center stack paddle shifters here on the back we’ve got our cruise control voice command controls turn signal light stock then we have our windshield wiper stock and well there’s the steering wheel so we’ve got this cool digital gauge cluster you guys remember that control and steering wheel lets me go through different bits of info here in the center which i

Think is pretty cool we do have some different drive modes we can go through so now we get our snow ice we’ve got our my mode touring sport and wait for it let it go into a sport mode to see if it does anything fancy i guess not i thought that since it’s a digital it might do something but i guess it doesn’t but anyways there you go now here’s the infotainment

System first off if i pop it into reverse here’s the backup camera it does have trajectory lines that turn the steering wheel and we have multiple viewpoints here so they’ve pretty much taken the system right out of other gm products and thrown in here with the ct5 which i’m not going to complain about because i love the camera system i think that functionality

Is great and solved on that as for the rest infotainment system um if you guys have seen my reviews on gms or chevy’s then you’ll be very familiar with this system response time is great on it you can see apple carplay android auto obviously we have some touches with the whole you know cadillac-ness of this car and a video recorder that’s pretty interesting um

But yeah other than that pretty straightforward i do want to show you guys when i change the drive modes it’s like let’s go into sport for example it lets you know what changes with the drive mode it’s like everything aggressive when you’re in sport mode for example now down below we’ve got our duals on climate controls which we’re actually going to turn the fan

Speed a little bit because it’s kind of toasty today we also have heated and cooled seats for the front passengers notice we’ve got stuff for like the parking sensors for example lane departure that’s for the camera system turn it on and we have more controls over here we’ve got our auto hold stability control auto stop start to turn that on or off in the drive

Mode select wireless phone charger and then we’ve got some cup holders right here shifter for that 10-speed automatic transmission and then we’ve got our analog controls for the infotainment system so if you don’t want to use the touchscreen for some reason you have this whole segment that you can use and center console pretty normal setup here with this notice

With the leather trim all over and then popping into the glove box again also uh pretty normal nothing crazy we do have the original window sticker which we’ll be able to go over that’ll be fun and popping up top you’ve got a camera mirror which is a nice bit of safety tech and then you guys can see here we’ve got this dual sunroof situation so we have one here in

The front and then another one in the back controls for the center for just right over here and there you go so here’s the original window sticker with this ct5 and i’ll actually turn down the air conditioning so it stops blowing the window sticker around anyways you guys can see here with the warranty information right the four-year 50 000 mile bumper to bumper

And then the six year 70 thousand mile on the powertrain again that’s from brand new this is a pre-owned car here’s a fuel economy 1826 and then all the other standard equipment notice the base price there forty one thousand seven hundred ninety five dollars now this has the optional three liter twin turbo v6 that i talked about at the beginning of the video the

Four-cylinder is standard and then notice everything that this has added to it from an option perspective this is pretty fully loaded for 22. there’s the total original msrp i don’t know what the market value is now check out mercedes-benz of farmington’s website in the description down below to see that but it was 58 380 let’s see how it drives well let’s talk

About visibility before you set off here’s your visibility over the hood both of the mirrors and then throughout the rest of the rear also average fuel coming 21.3 miles per gallon anyways let’s set off so we’re going to start off in the touring mode right which is going to be your daily driver comfort mode and yeah this is a pretty interesting car obviously

This is you know gm’s attempt at fighting german you know sports sedans right that’s why this has a twin turbo v6 and you know all-wheel drive and you know luxury features and all that and like leather on the dash and everything right is to fight against the germans but anyways ride quality with this car is actually really smooth it’s a lot more comfortable than

I expected that is for sure it’s easy to drive too i’ll say it’s pretty toasty today um air conditioning seat seems to work fine so that’s a big plus some cars like there they have air conditioned seats and they don’t like blow out that much air um you know the overall feel of this interior before we get up and move because we’re waiting here for this light

Is is mixed like some of the materials feel nice and it’s more on the premium side but other parts don’t um like the steering wheel feels pretty good but then you don’t have like a leather wrapped airbag cover anything like that and then like these controls look nice but then the ones up above them don’t paddle shifters are just straight up plastic and same thing

With the stalks here on the end like they have some metallic trim on them a little bit but not a lot um so it’s kind of it’s it’s mixed and that’s something that i think gm needs to fix if they really want to compete against uh the german automakers you know i’m at the mercedes dealership for example and if if you look at you know a comparable seating like the new

C-class right if you look at how they have everything set up from the dash materials to you know the infotainment system the gauge cost of the materials on the steering while the stocks and everything it’s a lot more premium than what you have here with the cadillac and so it definitely again like i said it feels like a mixed bag from an interior perspective but

Let’s kind of see how this drives because you know maybe it drives just so amazing that it’s worth it you can definitely feel the weight of the car that’s for sure but i don’t have it in sport mode so let’s pop into the sport mode let’s be fair so it says it’ll adjust the steering as part of the spore mode okay steering weights up a little bit better still kind

Of feel the weight of the car but it’s it’s comfortable which i think is important i definitely appreciate that i want to see how quick to shift this transmission is let’s pop into the manual mode so many gears so what happens when you go for a 10 speed yeah it’s it’s pretty quick with the downshifts i’m gonna pop it back into automatic mode see how the turning

Is yeah it’s just a big car it’s just a big car suspension’s compliant though i think the platform overall is pretty solid uh with this car until they have the overall setup but let’s see what the acceleration’s like sounds good it’s pretty quick it’s pretty quick with that twin turbo v6 um i haven’t driven the four cylinder but i’ve heard a bunch of sources

Say that four cylinders not quick enough for this but the v6 is and i can say i agree with that your response time with the transmission when you when you just put your foot into the pedal seems to be pretty solid as well i like this powertrain i think the powertrain is really solid so yeah let’s sum things up here with this ct5 um i think it looks good on the

Outside interior like i said is a mixed bag you have nice materials right next to not so nice materials i think they need to just bite the bullets and you know put more premium materials in this car for everything stop using switch gear from less expensive cars and you know what they could do to help with the cost is they could develop switch gears for cadillac

And then they could use that in the higher end packages with gm c and with chevy so like in the you know chevy silverado high country for example you could have like nicer stocks here and then nicer you know controls as well instead of using the same cheap plastic in every single car right um aside from that with a driving it’s smooth it’s comfortable it’s quick

For what it is does it compare to the german rivals well i mean it’s for the performance you’re getting in the price it’s actually pretty reasonable but with a lot of the german cars you just feel like you’re getting a more luxurious car and cadillac doesn’t have the brand recognition that it used to in the past right it used to be like the luxury car to get

Whereas now it’s kind of like america’s like falling luxury car brand they are coming up for sure like the new escalade is definitely a big come up um for cadillac so definitely making strides and i’m sure that they’re going to do more to this car to you know kind of bring it into the modern era but like i said earlier in the review i think that if they just

Updated some elements within the interior then it would really compete uh with the german cars on every single front because it’s there from a performance standpoint i think it looks great the seats are comfortable like it’s it’s got a there’s a lot to love about this car it’s got a lot going for it it’s just just needs a little bit of uh tlc now that’s getting

Something’s up for our video on this ct5 again a huge shout out and thank you to the mercedes-benz of farmington for giving me some time with the ct5 check out the inventory in the description down below i’ll see all of you in the next video

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2022 Cadillac CT5 Premium Luxury 550T: Does This Compete With German Luxury Sedans? By Ben Hardy