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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Explained

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Under the hood you’ll find chevy’s proven ev propulsion system technology with a single motor drive unit producing 200 horsepower and an immediate 266 pound feet of torque customer favorites that will come standard in the bolt euv are one pedal driving and region on demand one pedal driving doesn’t require you to push the foot brake and regen on demand allows you

To restore energy when you come to a stop i’ve spent a lot of time behind the wheel of the bolt uv i’m a one pedal driving kind of guy and i just really enjoy being able to drive the car and control everything with my right foot and the combination of that with the steering wheel paddle it just makes it really pleasant safety is one of the first things customers

Look into when they’re in the market for a new vehicle the hd rear vision camera and chevy safety assist come standard in the bolt euv this includes a variety of safety features such as forward collision alert front pedestrian braking lane keep assist with lane departure warning and more there are also a handful of available safety and driver assistance features

To personalize your all-electric commute and what would an evb without the latest technology wireless android auto and apple carplay is great because now when i get in the car and after i’ve paired up my phone i don’t have to plug it in i can just put the phone right on the wireless charger and i’m rolling chevy is also incredibly proud that the bolt euv will

Be the brand’s first vehicle to offer supercruise the first true hands-free driver assistance feature for compatible roads to get the full experience i along with some current bolt ev owners had the opportunity to test this feature for the first time in a pre-production bolt euv let’s take a look okay okay we’re driving we’re driving then there’s a little white

Thing it tells me i can push the button and there it goes all right super cruise oh it’s so cool what if i just wanna pat the car steering wheel you’re being so good keeping the right distance keeping me in the center of the lane thanks both ev you don’t even feel like making corrections or anything it’s just absolutely incredible right now i’m seeing green and

It’ll flash red when i need to take control and it’s so easy i feel kind of taken care of by this multi uv with the super cruise where’s my coffee i’m an expert now that just made driving really really easy there’s three different options for charging your ev with level one and level two charging this is typically what you’d find at home or in the workplace and

Then dc fast charging is what you’ll find out in the public at a grocery store or along the highway a new dual level charge cord comes standard in the euv and offers both 120 volt and 240 volt options for fast and convenient charging wherever you are when you think about the typical us driver you’re driving 40 to 50 miles per day so 250 miles of driving range is

Going to be perfectly sufficient for your daily driving needs and on a road trip we’ve made it super easy with the energy feature on the my trevor lay app that’s where you would be able to access availability of chargers on your route and the app can actually take into consideration the weather the driving terrain to help give you an accurate estimation of your

Range and the times that you would arrive at your destination we’re building out thousands of fast chargers across the country to make it even more convenient to charge your bolt euv so range anxiety is a term that we need to get rid of because really once you get into an electric vehicle and once you experience it it’s a non-issue this isn’t your typical family

Vehicle with a handful of modes like sport mode we created a versatile small suv that’s made for almost any climate driver interest and style

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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Explained By FlipBook Soccer