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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV First Test; An Electric Crossover for the Rest of Us

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When Chevrolet first introduced the Bolt EV, it sent shockwaves through the automotive industry as the first properly affordable mainstream electric car. More than half a decade later, Chevy has taken its award-winning hatchback (it took home the 2017 MotorTrend Car of the Year award) and spun off a second model, the stretched Bolt EUV crossover. We put the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV to the test to see if it could recapture the original’s magic.

2022 chevrolet bolt you first test an electric crossover for the rest of us but before we start please support us by pressing the like and subscribe buttons so that we can continue to provide information about car and motorcycle news also turn on the bell button to get the latest updates your support means a lot to us thank you when chevrolet first introduced the

Bolt av it sent shockwaves through the automotive industry as the first properly affordable mainstream electric car more than half a decade later chevy has taken its award-winning hatchback it took on the 2017 motor tran car of the year award and spun off a second model the stretched bolt you crossover we put the 2022 chevrolet bolt youth to the test to see if it

Could recapture the original’s magic disappointing dynamics at a glance the bolt eve doesn’t look all that different from its smaller sibling though it drives like an entirely different vehicle it wears a similar grille and retains the bolt eevee’s egg-like styling however the 2022 chevy bolt uv is 0.2 inch taller and wider and 6.3 inches longer than the regular

Bolt it’s 90 pounds heavier too the bolt you’ve developed 200 horsepower and 266 pounds to foot of torque which it sends through the front wheels range is 247 miles on a full charge 12 miles less than the bolt f chevy claims the bolt you can regain 95 miles of range in 30 minutes depending on how much charge is already in its 65 kilowatt hour battery which seemed

To be a realistic assertion based on our lunchtime top off after three laps of our car of the year test loop although the bolt used throttle mapping is good it’s easy to roast the tires at a whim as its economy-minded rubber provides little grip off the line or even at moderate speeds if the driver dabs the accelerator too hard we managed a 0 to 60 mile per hour

Sprint of 6.7 seconds which is quick but not as quick as the car feels from the driver’s seat brake pedal tuning is excellent for an electric vehicle as it feels completely natural and predictable however despite having a lot of the ingredients that make a car fun to drive they don’t come together in a cohesive way on our test route we found the bolt used to have

Substandard body control and rough suspension tuning in fact the rear torsion bar banged so hard over train tracks that it sounded like something broke it didn’t this was one of the most poorly behaved vehicles driven over these surfaces motor trend technical director frank marcus said lots of harshness lots of bottoming and topping of the suspension it’s not all

Bad news however as the chevy steering stood out as one of the cars best aspects it offered good engagement and ample feedback on open stretches of highway and around town the 2022 chevrolet volt uv was a bit more pleasant due to its low end torque and excellent battery regeneration features the ev offers one pedal driving with the push of a button allowing it to

Use regenerative braking it’s a remarkably intuitive system and brings the bolt you’ve down from speed with firm stopping power without jarring the vehicle’s occupants the neat regeneration paddle on the steering wheel is still present allowing for firm but controlled deceleration that feeds electricity back into the battery although it’s not the most entertaining

Car to drive on back roads these features are as amusing as they are useful creature comforts the interior though an improvement over the original bolt evs cockpit in terms of materials and layout still feels at least half a decade old it also looks like it’s at least half a generation older than the other electric crossovers it competes with that’s because of

Chevy’s pervasive use of hard plastics throughout the cabin though our test car featured sweet looking blue seats and door pocket inserts that made it appear a bit more premium ventilated seats were also a huge win seeing as we conducted our testing under the hot desert sun there’s plenty of space up front with 44.3 inches of legroom and most rear passengers will

Have room to stretch out a bit with 39.2 inches although the bolt uv is a wagonoid crossover its trunk space is limited with just 16.3 cubic feet of capacity behind the rear seats that’s beautiful compared to the ford mustang maki’s 29.7 cubes chevy makes the storage area a bit more flexible with a removable floorboard but it helps demonstrate this vehicle as more

Of a spruced up hatchback than a full-on crossover thanks for watching drop a like leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to watch more videos like this you

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