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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV – POV Driving Impressions

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Range: 259 mi battery-only

Hey guys today we’re driving the new 2022 chevrolet bolt ev this is a 2lt model and for the 23 model year chevrolet has lowered the prices on all chevy bolts this now starts at 26.5 with destination for the 1lt or just under 30 grand at 29.7 for the 2lt package which is what we have here pretty competitive pricing this gets 259 miles on a full charge it has about 200

Horsepower 266 pound-feet of torque it’s front-wheel drive only so no all-wheel drive dual motor option but for most people this is about all the ev you could need and for under 30 grand pretty compelling price let’s walk you around this new chevy bolt ev we’ll show you what it looks like inside and out we’ll take it for a drive and give you guys some thoughts on

What it’s been like to live with this week as you can see we’ve got a new front end different styling here we still get these eco focused 17 inch tires 215 50 r17s they just squeal away inside this mostly feels like the previous generation chevy bolt but of course with some updates to the infotainment seats interior etc let’s take a look in the rear hatch we have

A nice low loading floor here and you can rearrange this cargo bin cover here to basically match the seat height of these uh the second row folded down you also get a cargo cover which i don’t have installed right now but you can mount that right here and that’ll keep prying eyes from uh seeing what you have in the back nice wide hatchback opening plenty of room in

Here to fit bikes stuff pretty much anything you could need in this hatchback pretty lightweight for an electric vehicle too only comes in at a little over 3 500 pounds this is not the bolt euv which is slightly longer than the bolt ev we’ll test one of those later this year but we still get a decent amount of leg room in the rear i’m 5’10 sat behind myself i’m

Pretty comfortable in here plenty of headroom no rear climate vents but overall a pretty attractive interior they’ve gone a little bit more mainstream with this new bolt we have more familiar switches controls knobs shift buttons instead of the weird wonky electronic shifter that we had before super easy ingress and egress in this bolt as you can see we also

Have a completely flat floor for the rear passengers there’s no frunk in this bolt unfortunately but there’s plenty of room everywhere else to put stuff you can see we’ve got this new front end new headlights new kind of a grille looks pretty good in my opinion here’s the charge port you can charge this with a level two charger in your garage 240 volt in about

Seven to seven and a half hours i believe dc fast charging on this is still only about 50 kilowatts so that means you can charge about 100 miles in around 30 minutes at a dc fast charging station pretty good looking rear end too new tail lights bolt ev badging lots of black plastic on the lower sides of the car where you’ll see a lot of a little bit more impact

For road debris so that’s a good thing easy to clean all right let’s hop inside we’ll start this up walk you around the front seats a little bit we’ll take your drive everything starts up pretty quickly we have wireless carplay and android auto screen seems pretty nice and responsive still a little bit low contrast like we see in a lot of gm screens but we do

Get a home button and a redundant control here for making selections though as a touch screen that seems to work pretty well falls to hand nicely no major complaints there physical controls for our climate we have our fan speed adjustment temperature heated seat controls and in this 2lt you get a heated steering wheel which is great push button shifter down here

Nice looking reverse and 360 cams as well down here this is your button for one pedal drive which we’ve mostly left on this week and there’s also a button behind the steering wheel this little paddle that will bring you down from speed and give you max regenerative braking which i think is pretty neat flat bottom steering wheel very simple controls all throughout

Lots of physical buttons this just feels like a normal car that happens to be electric whereas the first generation bolt when that came out that felt a little bit on the funky side we get a sport mode and just a normal mode turn off traction control this also has lane keep assist a little bit of storage here in the center console some cup holders space in the

Doors for water bottles etc over to the left here we have controls for our headlights and our display dimmer switch no memory seats or anything like that we have a power driver’s seat and passenger seat is all mechanical all right let’s head out and see how this bolt drives on the road good visibility all the way around we have one pedal drive enabled it’s a

Really neat view out of the front end great for visibility these little side windows make this a pillar seem a little bit smaller than it is smooth power delivery this bolt has always been a little bit quicker than you might expect one pedal drive has a nice amount of regenerative braking to it contraction does a pretty good job our least traction control does

A pretty good job keeping wheel spin in check these are super loud eco-focused tires once you get them spinning or squealing they just complain to the heavens you can hear right there honestly from behind the wheel this feels exactly like the previous generation bolt i think after 2019 or so they softened the suspension and this rides great now when the bolt

First came out in 2017 it was a bit too stiff and this feels pretty good coming down from speed here off throttle i had to dip into the brake pedal just a little bit brake pedal feels pretty natural no complaints there nothing really out of the ordinary to uh comment on this is a great car to just fly around in make local errands uh drive in the city has a

Decent amount of highway range but it’s small easy to place nimble agile these tires really hold it back from a performance perspective but kind of fun to drive there’s a bolt euv for comparison a little bit different rear end what what are the what are the odds quite a coincidence put this into sport mode the euv is still a pretty small vehicle but it’s just

Slightly longer than this bolt ev not by much a few inches road noise wind noise and vh on the highway sounds pretty good this definitely feels like a sub thirty thousand dollar car but at least now finally it is power’s great on the highway i believe you’re electronically limited to something like 92 or 93 miles per hour we do get adaptive cruise control which

Works pretty well we’ll test that on the way back a very easy car to drive and live with and if you want a little bit more regen you can hold that left paddle on the steering wheel another view of the bolt euv no major complaints about this bolt after spending some time with it this week kind of hard to complain about it now that the price is so low and we may even

See some federal tax credits next year uh not really sure where we’re going to stand with vehicles with all the new rules and regulations and stipulations with that new credit but you may even be able to get this for less than 20 grand next year with the federal tax credit if you qualify and if this car qualifies the turn signal sounds and feels a little bit cheap

Steering is light the interior smells a little bit funky here a lot of the degassing plastics that new car smell isn’t the most enticing in this new bolt but again those scents dissipate over time as the degassing occurs a little bit of highway passing here plenty of acceleration up to speed easy gap adjust here with adaptive cruise control you can skip five mile

Per hour increments very easily with the button on the steering wheel you can set crews to a maximum speed of 89 miles per hour that’s all you get seems to do a pretty good job regulating speed adjusting your traffic all the options on these bolts seem to be reasonably priced as well i believe adaptive cruise is only a few hundred bucks this also has the bose

Sound system let’s test that out real quick see what it sounds like get a volume knob right here volume and track selection controls behind the steering wheel well the price point this bose doesn’t sound bad nice all right guys so some final thoughts on the chevy bolt ev i really like this electric car i think this has always been a fantastic offering in

The market and it’s made even more attractive with a new pricing release for the 2023 model a year you get some great deals on these cars as just a basic a to b electric vehicle this really hits all the marks it has a good amount of range great amount of interior volume it’s very practical it feels lightweight it’s kind of fun to drive as just basic transportation

This is one of my favorite electric vehicles on the road not necessarily a car that i’d want to take on road trips fast charging in this leaves a little bit to be desired but um i don’t know overall i think this is a really nice package if you want to go a little bit more high end you want a little bit more space it looks like a bigger vehicle the bolt euv is an

Option but as far as the best value i think this this 2lt makes the most sense you get a nice bose sound system and if you don’t really care about some of the options on this 2lt the 1lt will save you even more money and with pricing coming in at just over 26 grand i think if i were gonna put an electric vehicle in my garage these days this would be one of the

Top contenders all right guys that’s it for this one thanks for watching looks like we’re gonna park next to a previous generation bolt again i don’t plan this stuff out this is great cool one of the easiest cars to get in and out of this floor here is so low nice opening with the door you can compare the front end restyling here with this refresh just small

Changes nothing major different tail lights okay cool thanks for watching guys we’ll see you later take care you

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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV – POV Driving Impressions By TheTopher