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2022 Chevrolet Equinox Walk-around Competition || feat. #MiketheMartian

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Mike the martian mohawk chevrolet baby yeah initial thoughts mike my blowing right now so what you got what you got i have a car holder got a vulture for breakfast because i love to eat and the best part so far i got a pair of ray-bans wow wow we have the ben and jerry’s here had to stop in get some ice cream ready to go have some food time i’m looking

Forward to this food too it’s probably about to be fired i’m mike and martian mike goodman i’m from mohawk chevrolet i don’t know if y’all know ag a.g is a big voice right so he comes up to imagine you’re gonna do this right you’re gonna give him out of this world experience right and i said let’s go so i’m happy to be here and so what we’re gonna do now is

We’re going to draw your placement for tomorrow’s walk around five four six six it’s the night before the night before just found out i’ll be going number one in tomorrow’s competition this is where i wanted to be gotta set the tone still gotta come with it this number one doesn’t mean anything still gotta come with it still gotta come with the energy still

Gotta give that out of this world experience mike the martian mohawk chevrolet baby yeah and then i gotta get ready oh you don’t see it let’s go today is the day where i get to go out and represent mohawk chevrolet and uh do this walk around on this beautiful 22 equinox rs the goal is to have fun and uh give them that out of this world experience that only

Might the martian can give let’s go okay thank you good morning how are you my name is mike the martian from mohawk chevrolet you must be mr lannis i am mr atlanta rob rob nice to meet you you have your led lights here with this beautiful aggressive honeycomb black shiny grill in the front being that you don’t have any kids take advantage of all of this

Space that you have here with just a simple quick release of these buttons here look at the space that you have with onstar you hit onstar and it’s going to notify the authorities in the event that we need to come and rescue because i won’t be able to rescue from space i could but i don’t know if i will be able to yeah i’m ready to drive it i love it you love it

I don’t have any questions i’m thoroughly impressed awesome awesome let’s go let’s go congratulations thank you bro that’s crazy man oh my gosh dude what is that this is a jersey hockey jersey that is insane you look like a hockey player first time doing whatever this is called foreign place from darling chevrolet jason hardison okay i have

The pleasure of announcing second place and it goes to the none other from the fourth planet from the sun mr mike goodman the martian ladies and gentlemen please welcome the number one winner vinnie mowing one two three here we go day three coaster time baby second time up here the first time i came up here i said now i’m saying i just took my

Fears and i’d put them under my feet and squashed them and i just went on this bob sled up here and i think moves about what do you say 60 miles per hour yeah and you turn it this way you turn it this way man it was it was a lot of fun would i do it again nah once in a life opportunity and i just had that and you took it

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2022 Chevrolet Equinox Walk-around Competition || feat. #MiketheMartian By Mohawk Chevrolet