2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Crew Cab Interior Changes

While the LT, RST, Trailboss LT, LTZ, High Country, and all new ZR2 had a major interior change.

Today i’m going to go over the 2022 chevrolet silverado custom instrumentation this is a refresh model most of the refresh has been given to the interior on the lt and up but i am going to go over some things that are on this 2022 model that have changed for the custom starting down here of course power locks and windows and your window lockout are in the same

Place so as your locks parking brake has not changed same with the transfer case and your tow haul mode which is located here you want to use that when you are towing you’ll get a little picture of a trailer there turn that back off two-wheel high automatic four-wheel high and then you have a terrain mode right there that is used for off-road situations where

You like a four-wheel low style down below that is your bed light and your dimmers for the instrument panel headlights are automatic there’s your power automatic parking lights and then your lights on it’s just a dial that’s how that works you now have intellibeans for the first time on a custom as long as you leave your headlights on the automatic setting this

This will actually turn the high beams on and off when the vehicle is approaching you wipers are exactly the same as the other models as well this is new for the customs is ford collision alert this measures how close you are to another vehicle you can set what’s called the gap up here i always leave mine for four or three cruise control is right there same place

Turns that on sets and goes up and down one mile an hour this will cancel it returning this year of course is the auto stop feature you have a button to disable that i will go over that shortly all of your gauges sometimes people don’t see this little guy here this little dial you can watch this little hash mark go up that’s going to tell you things about the

Vehicle up up that way even has your brake pad life this is so cool air air life real life tire pressures in all four tires your timer for a trip fuel range till you need fuel and economy trip one and two and your speed most people just leave it on the speed let me zoom back out all right speedometer column shifters standard on work truck custom and custom

Troll balls along with the 40 20 40 seating uh just to on a side note here on the new customs you still have your arm rest but i guess by popular demand they put this back on that lets you lock your lower storage area which is here and this place is used to where you put your key if you get a message on the driver information center stating your battery on

Your key is low that’s where you would put the key and that’s also changed we’ll get to that now it went to this remote so you now have the unlock lock double click to lower your tailgate double click to start your panic button and then there’s a hidden button right here this will allow you to take your key out that key gets your spare and unlocks that guy

Down there and that guy right there with the lower glove box you have a start start button now for your engine and stop uh you would just push foot on brake and push start been on cars for a long time i’ll go from the top there you still have your am fm and sirius xm radio on this model as well as android auto and apple carplay very easy to set a channel you

Just put to where you want to go you can even use this guy to type in tune let’s just say you want to do this one and then you hit check little star there and it saves it you can also press and hold and that’ll save it as well pretty simple that’s your home button that just takes you back home if you’re lost on the screen these skip your songs and your volumes

There this brings up your phone there is no phone paired on this but it’s very simple to do you just push the plus button and follow the directions so you get to add phone and then on your device you just do what the screen tells you to do it’s extremely easy usually pair your phone about five seconds on these down below is your climate controls it’s a single zone

Climate control your lane keep assist in lane departure warning that turns it on that turns it off auto stop that turns it on that turns it off that lowers the tailgate that’s your hazards your stabilo track and traction control off button usbc usb another power outlet right there and another one right here this one also will have the power outlet in the bed

Of course glove box stay the same as well as the lower glove box stayed the same thank you for watching if this video was helpful please leave a thumbs up subscribe for more videos have a wonderful day

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