2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTD RST Review

*RST & Z71 Packages *6.2L V8 *4WD *Bumper Steps *Chrome Dual Exhaust *Digital Speedometer *Apple Carplay & Android Auto *Backup Camera *WiFi Hotspot *Heated Seats *Heated Steering Wheel

Welcome to wolf chevrolet today we’re taking a closer look at some of the interior and exterior features in our 2022 chevrolet silverado the silverado is featured in a white paint finish and is the rst trim it includes features such as our 6.2 liter v8 engine our heated front bucket seats a backup camera with adaptive guidelines power tailgate a trailer tow package

A spray-on bed liner apple carplay and android auto and a lot more starting off in the front of our vehicle we can see we have a chrome finish door handle power door locks below the controls for our power mirrors as well as our power windows and our rear window lock in the bottom of the door we have some additional storage as well as our speaker moving inside

The vehicle to the left of our steering wheel we have our tow haul mode button drive mode select as well as all of our lighting controls including our in-bed lighting and display cluster lighting down the side of the driver seat we have our power controls we can also see this seat here in our jet black cloth and heated in the front of the vehicle getting into

The vehicle and looking above our steering wheel we can see our display cluster with a digital information system in the middle the left-hand side of the steering wheel is our cruise settings and the right-hand side of the steering wheel has all of the controls for our hands-free as well as the controls to adjust what’s on our display cluster moving to the middle

We can see our infotainment system we have am fm audio siriusxm a available wi-fi hotspot apple carplay and android auto if we swipe to the right on our touchscreen we can also see our backup camera with adaptive and hitch guidelines below are some additional controls if we don’t want to always be using our touch screen then we have our dual zone front climate

Control with heated seats to the left and right just to the left of that is our push to start ignition below it we have our parking sensor buttons our power tailgate button hazard lights traction control and downhill assist then we have a usbc a usb and a 12 volt plug and that is right above some storage space so we can put our devices in there while they are

Charging we can also see our keyless key here at the top we have our locks and unlocks remote starter as well as power tailgate and alarm systems behind that is our two cup holders and some storage our center console with storage on top as well as deep storage inside moving to the passenger seat we can see it is also our jet black cloth and is also heated in the

Front of the vehicle then lastly above our rear view mirror we have our onstar buttons rear check reminder as well as our lighting controls now walking down the side of the vehicle moving to our front tire and rim we can see we currently have a satin steel alloy rim with our all-terrain tire moving out we have a black finish on our outside mirror paint match

Door handles on the back of the vehicle we have our side step in the corner of the bumper the back of the vehicle we can see all of our badging and black dual chrome tipped exhaust as well as our trailer package at the bottom on the left hand side of our power tailgate we have our backup camera opening it up by the simple press of the button inside the bed of

The vehicle we have in-bed lighting in the front as well as cable tie-downs in both the front and the back of the vehicle and we can see across the bottom our spray-in bed liner moving to the back of our vehicle we can see we have a chrome finish door handle power window control as well as storage and our speaker in the bottom of the door moving into the vehicle

On the back of the driver’s seat we have a storage compartment between the two seats up top we have our two cup holders and between them below we can see we have our two vents a usbc usb and flip open 12 volt plug the back of the passenger seat also has a storage compartment moving to the seats themselves in the second row we have three of them all in our black

Cloth in the center seat we have two more foldable cup holders as well as some storage then in the back of either of the outboard seats we have our storage compartments for some additional storage and underneath the seats as well if we simply lift up on the bottom we can see we also have storage underneath and a 60 40 folding split pattern thank you for joining

Me for this quick video walk around of the 2022 chevrolet silverado if you enjoyed please be sure to subscribe for more daily videos and we hope to see you at wolf chevrolet soon

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2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTD RST Review By Wolfe Chevrolet Edmonton