2022 Chevrolet Silverado Custom 2500HD Double Cab

Exterior and Interior overview 2022 Chevrolet Silverado Custom 2500HD

Today i’ve got this 2022 chevrolet silverado hd 2500 this is a custom model we’ve just got this in it has not been sold yet silver ice metallic just going to do a quick spin through on this model of course this one has a 6.6 gasoline engine with the six-speed automatic of course trailering mirrors the hd trucks also have this nice step to get bed access 20-inch

Wheels of course with 10-ply tires that’s all 2500 will have four and seven-pin connection on this one there’s your place for your spare to let the spear down actually there’s your camera and your light this has an easy lift and lower tailgate back should give you that bed that is six foot ten inches there is your extra power outlet in the back with your lights

In the back around to the sides as always going in the back the double cabs have a little less room back here mainly for like a hobbit or a small child but then right here this up you still have the room below rear vents below there you go let’s go inside of the passenger side before i do that these mirrors are groovy tunes they just extend out and they also

Go in for those tight spots there you go it’s going to have your arm rest here the seat does go up top and lower glove box show the radio going to go ahead and turn this vehicle on and probably get blasted by the music let’s do it all righty i stopped it before it went pretty pretty nice back up camera put it in reverse there’s a good view you can turn these

Guy lines on and off and of course your hitch line on there as well if you can see that great you can of course your home button will go back to your home screen on the vehicle once i put it out of reverse so you get your audio phone settings carplay and android auto your trailer lights your camera but you can view that even in park single zone climate control

This will put all the windows down at the same time that will lower the tailgate check it out there we go hazard lights it’s the bill track traction off button of course your power for this and the one the back i showed earlier usb c usb another power point for you trailer brake controller column shifter cruise controls on this vehicle as well a lot of people

Don’t know this you can see what all information is showing up on this model oh that’s one thing that hd trucks have a higher need to put to higher pressure in the back tires than the front so make sure you change it when you rotate them all right tow haul mode the dial now you just turn that dial that turns it on got your two wheel high your four high and then

Your four wheel low cab light for the back your dimmers i’d leave them in automatic that’s your parking lights and then your headlights and then off is right there of course this one is packing break right here and you have your power mirrors power windows and power door locks i’m gonna go outside to show you do have a 10-way power seat down below has your

Trailering numbers this one’s conventional trailer is 14 500 when properly equipped and voila here’s the price on this buddy right here it’s 48 785 and this shows the options that it has 2022 2500 double cab custom four wheel drive go to buy with benny to secure this vehicle thank you for watching have a great day

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2022 Chevrolet Silverado Custom 2500HD Double Cab By buy with benny