2022 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss Crew Cab

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Hello russ justin pill here with alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service russ i want to thank you for your recent inquiry on this 2022 chevrolet silverado lt trail boss this is a beautiful truck inside and out and i thought i’d put a nice video tour together uh showing you some of those

Features uh with the trail boss you get the factory two-inch lift and the nice glossy black wheels which uh silver ice metallic is that that color of the body there which is one of my favorite colors i had a 19 silverado with the same color myself and uh you can’t tell but the truck’s filthy and it’s one of those colors that just looks really clean the whole

Time in addition to the the two inch lift with that you get the red recovery hooks in the front full led lighting which looks amazing at night time coming down the road also improves the visibility too with those fog lights down below and i just love the the glossy front grille where it contrasts there nicely with the with the silver um i’m looking at the side

This is a crew cab short bed so it’s a best of both worlds get nice space in the back uh in the bed and in in the cab which i’ll show you in a moment but let’s get a close look at those 18-inch wheels there you can see that love the pattern on there very aggressive tread pattern with the tires you can see that nice tread pattern there very deep sights got the

Z71 badging there and uh even the door handles are uh glossy black which adds a nice contrast there’s a button right there that’ll unlock the doors so the key fob doesn’t even have to leave your pocket let’s take a look inside it’s almost the same truck i had in 2019 um and i leased it for three years i have two dogs i ski and i mountain bike a lot and so this

Fabric really uh is very durable and i can tell you that from personal experience i love these little uh storage bins i put gear in there if you use a truck for work you put some uh gear in there as well you got anybody ryan back there they had cup holders what i like the best about this uh when the friends and i go skiing on ski trips or mountain biking we can

All fit in here very comfortable with uh everything else in the back um i fit probably seven mountain bikes in the back of mine and um but and i’m six feet tall and i i sat back here for nice long trips it’s a very comfortable seating plus you have some additional features like this uh all-weather floor liner which snaps in you can take it out hose it off you

Need to charge your cell phone there’s some nice ports there i also really love the way the dash is laid out very easy to use everything’s at your fingertips plus you can tell the craftsmanship of the materials very very nice very durable and um high quality there you can see there i’ll jump into the front seat so i can go over the features this one has little

Storage bins in the side there i use those all the time front driver you got all weather floor liners in there as well power front driver seat very comfortable seat huge center console lots of storage plus there’s a um a light in there that’ll illuminate there got some little storage bins right there and then a big wide open uh storage facility right there cup

Holders additional storage right there on the sides i’m on the door you got power windows and door locks which is here automatic and then here’s the transfer case so you got tow mode different drive modes off-road and then your push button four-wheel drive which is operates super smoothly i’ll actually jump in there and fire this up and show you that there’s a

Push button start right here got the 5.3 liter v8 engine and uh dual exhaust which i’ll show you in a moment but it’s got a really nice low growl to it kind of um you know features that off-road truck lots of power there’s your touchscreen um you can sync up your cell phone run your favorite music or you can jump into your settings you can change some settings

Of your vehicle pretty much customize it the way you like there’s a lot of cool stuff in there and it’s really easy to use um down here you got your dual climate control uh it is equipped with heated seats we have the buttons right there um then we have a charging port for your cell phone this will drop the tailgate and this is hill descent control if you are

Doing off-road uh you can use that which is great here’s the instrument panel um you can view things like right here on the push button you can view things like uh your different trips your oil life stuff like that and you can also track all that stuff through my chevrolet app which you can actually start your truck from your phone unlock the doors great feature

Cruise control we put this in reverse you can see you’ve got a nice backup camera high resolution and then uh here’s what i like to show people is you can be driving down you know enter a snowstorm and you need to put it in four high you just push that button shifts in progress that’s it you can do that under 50 miles an hour and it’s a shift so smooth um it’s

Got the the 10-speed automatic transmission so and that pairing with the 5.3 is great because it rides super smooth and shifts really smooth too which is another feature i love here’s your lighting leds will light up the bed automatic lighting i’m gonna put that back in two also push button parking brake so if we push that it sets the parking brake and if you

Forget and drive off it’ll automatically release that’s another nice feature got some uh buttons on the back of the steering wheel which will help with your infotainment center um that that those buttons right there will do your volume control but overall i really like this truck i do miss mine um and definitely miss the color not having the washing it that often

But uh there’s your trail boss emblem right there let’s go around to the back love that look there with the lt and the the chromed out dual exhaust got set up for towing all set there with the pin connectors and full-size spare underneath this tailgate would drop down easily it’s very light this comes with a nice factory spray in bed liner you can see it’s got

Some nice grit to it so things won’t slide around i mean you can throw rocks back here and be fine nice chevy logo in the back there’s the lighting right there and the various uh cargo hooks on all four corners which is great side steps on the bumper which can help you grab this can help you get in and out of the vehicle a lot easier and there it is that’s your

2022 chevrolet silverado lt trail boss if you want to learn more about this truck give us a shout 802 776-5000 or visit us route 7 south rutland vermont

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2022 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss Crew Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC