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2022 Chevrolet Silverado LTD LTZ 6 2L Crew Cab Short box

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How’s it going ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel today we’re going to take a look at what just came in a couple days ago this is a 2022 chevrolet silverado 1500 ltd ltz crew cab with the short box now the ltd stands for limited because this is a 22 and for the model year of 22 chevrolet doesn’t have two different silverados you’re gonna have the

One that has the interior of the 2021 that looks like this then you’re gonna have like the refreshed look with the all new interior uh sometime throughout the year of 2022. i think they’re gonna start building those sometime in like february not 100 sure but they’re on the way now the ltz part of this means it’s an ltz model which is one of the higher up levels

Of trim the only thing above this would be a high country so what you’re getting with the ltz is a lot of cosmetics what you can see on the whole front end here is chrome you’re gonna have the chrome bumper the chrome mirror caps the chrome door handles the chrome accents around the windows so if you like chrome the ltz is the way to go you’re also going to get a

Specific 20-inch polished aluminum wheel you’re going to get the power sliding rear window on the ltz you will get the power gate which you can drop with your remote with the button on the door or button inside the cab and on the ltz this is also power up so you can press the button or if your hands are full you can just use your knee lift up the tailgate and then

It’ll continue the rest of the way these tailgates are of course lockable with your remote as well and on the back of the vehicle here you are going to notice that you have rear park sensors now those are obviously for proximity when you get close to something as you’re backing up and they also will uh can can see 60 feet left and right in a sense where if you’re

Backing out of a driveway or parking spot and somebody’s coming towards the truck it’ll give you an alert on your uh on your screen an arrow pointing left or right letting you know which way that vehicle or which direction that vehicle is coming from and lastly on the inside here you’re going to get perforated leather interior now this is perforated because it’s

Heated but it is also ventilated as well now those are some of the items that set the ltz apart from the other silverado models this vehicle has a lot of other things installed in it as well and one of those things for 700 is the chrome wheel to wheel side steps so as you look here you’ll notice side steps going to go from the front wheel all the way back to the

Back wheel uh it’s chrome and it has the black plastic step pads so really nice accent to the ltz again due to all the chrome on this truck the second thing i want to talk about that really sets this vehicle apart is the engine because the majority of the silverados we’ve had recently have all been the lt model with the 2.7 liter turbo now the ltz is going to give

You the v8 however this one is the 6.2 liter v8 this 6.2 liter pumps out 420 horsepower 460 foot-pounds of torque is linked up with a 10-speed automatic transmission and with that combined this truck will actually do 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds and can tow 9 100 pounds and check out this ingenuity right so you figure you’re driving down the highway cold air is going to

Come in through the grill when it comes in through the grill it’s going to come up not only go through your to your radiator it’s a cool engine but it comes up through these louvers these louvers are actually protected by a rubber seal that when the hood closes it actually keeps this area blocked from the hot engine heat cold air can come in through here go through

Here which is your intake tube down at the bottom there you can barely see it into your uh your your intake air filter and right into your motor so it’s almost like having like a cold air intake built into the vehicle from the factory this particular truck as it is currently equipped the epa estimated gas mileage is 14 in the city 19 on the highway giving you

An average of about 16 miles per gallon and if you look at your door here or inside your door jam chevrolet and gm vehicles now have a new label uh the last year or two which shows you the exact amount you can tow whether it be conventional trailer or a gooseneck trailer so you’re at 9100 pounds conventional 7 700 pounds with a gooseneck and that’s based on this

Actual vehicle as it sits here on the ground now that 6.2 liter engine if you want your truck equipped with that is going to cost you 2 495 again being an optional engine that you could add to this truck there is also the 3 liter diesel you can go that route as well otherwise the truck standard would have the normal 5.3 liter engine now what i did was i actually

Repositioned the truck to face out of the sun because right now we’re gonna talk about the technology package technology package is two thousand seventy dollars and it comes with the following things uh first you get the rear camera mirror so if you pull a little tab on the bottom here you will get an image or a screen as your mirror now this gives you a much

Wider field of view than when you look through the actual mirror itself and uh it really works great my current car has it uh i use during the day at night it’s not the best you know it’s very dark and you see the headlights and it kind of throws it off i prefer the actual mirror at night but during the day on the highway you turn that mirror on and you can see

Literally all the lanes of traffic behind you it’s awesome another thing you’re going to get with the technology package is the 8 inch driver information center now this is where you can go through your different functions and you can see um you know your distance like your trip odometers your fuel mileage your oil life tire pressures brake pad life air filter

Life fuel economy gauges great tilt indicator you could also go through music you can do navigation type stuff phone items and then you got a bunch of settings where you can change you know what pages you see and what information you actually want available on that screen so that’s part of the technology package as well uh the next item is cameras so if we swipe

Over to our uh second page on the screen here you’re gonna see a camera button now you’re gonna get a hd camera here it does have guidelines that turn with the wheel so as you can see as i turn this wheel back straight that’s going to straighten out it also gives you those on the bird’s eye as well and then you have all buttons on the bottom here where you can

Pick like this is the front camera that’s the back the next one is looking down at the trailer hitch that’s looking down at the front this one is like a surround view where you can kind of see around the vehicle or perimeter view maybe something like that down the sides both front and back you can turn your bird’s eye on and off and then here you’re gonna have a

Couple extra cameras uh if i go to page two because this is a tech package you do get the bed view camera and then you also get the cameras that are great out here right now those are the cameras that you can install either inside your trailer or on the back of the trailer to give you that invisible trailer view uh really awesome cameras uh you just have to put

Them in wire them up and uh you’re ready to go the last thing you’re gonna get with that tech package is the head up display now these are the controls here you have a control to move it up and down you have one to change what information you see and you have one to make it either brighter or darker and if you’re not familiar with what that is it’s right here

On your lower portion of your windshield um again you can move it up and down i have it right now set to the brightest you could also change your info to where you see a compass your gray tilt indicator you have the speedometer with your speed sign which would show you the uh the speed for the road you’re currently on and then back to the beginning i love the

Head-up display i think it’s a great feature you know it helps you keep your eyes out the window rather than down at your instruments and your controls so uh it’s something i really i really like and this year is a real nice big one it’ll give you different warnings so as you leave your lane lines those lines will turn orange and stuff like that uh so it’s pretty

Cool it’s subtle it doesn’t really um distract you all that much in my opinion but if it did and you don’t like it you can just dim that out to where you don’t see it at all and you know turn it back on if you decide you want it the next package available that we added to this truck is the z71 package it’s one thousand seventy dollars now that’s gonna give you

The skid plates underneath for if you’re going off road different shocks heavy duty air cleaner it does give you hill descent control which you have a button for right here and then lastly it gives you all weather floor mats and the spray tech bed liner in the back i think that spray tech bed liner is a must have in any pickup truck it’s super durable uh you know

It’s gonna obviously you know protect your vehicle from being scratched up and stuff like that when you use the bed i just repositioned the truck again so the sun isn’t beaming directly into the lens uh to go over the next package that this truck has which is the ltz premium package now it goes for 3160. you get a bunch of items plus it also includes the safety

Package too and the ltz convenience package too uh the main things that this package has is the sunroof which you see right here over my head it does give you the safety alert seat now that goes in conjunction with the safety package right so we talked about the sensors earlier in the back this also does have front sensors as well so if you got an alert that somebody

Was approaching the vehicle and you know if you’re backing up and someone’s coming towards your vehicle not only does it give you the warning on your screen with an arrow but it’s going to vibrate the seat left or right to let you know which way the direction uh to let you know which way the threat is coming from the other thing it can do is as you leave your lane

Lines for lane departure warning it’ll do the same thing it’ll basically vibrate your seat left or right to let you know which way you’re veering so definitely a pretty cool option to have it’s part of that premium package along with like i said the sunroof you do get the bose stereo system and what you also get is infotainment 3 premium with navigation so on our

Screen here you’ll see we have an actual tab for navigation so you can use gm’s navigation system or if you want you can use your apple car player android auto and use waze google maps and that sort of stuff on the screen and that is wireless apple carplay and android auto in the 2022 model another thing in the ltz premium package is not just the fact it has cruise

Control but this has adaptive cruise control and you can tell it’s adapted by the little logo that’s up there on the top that gives you the cruise control symbol with the two little dashes those dashes would uh would basically be replaced with the speed that you set for your cruise control so if you set it for 70 it’s going to keep you at 70. if somebody changes

Lanes moves in front and slows down to 60 this truck is going to slow itself to keep the gap that you preset with your your gap adjust whether it be the furthest a little bit closer or a little bit closer the furthest is the best because that’s obviously going to give you the biggest gap the most warning in case somebody was to stop short or do something like that

This vehicle package does come with wireless charging it’s a nice big uh opening here that it can fit in this is the galaxy s10 plus so it does fit larger phones in a case which is nice and then of course you do have your usbc usb 12 volt and actually a household style outlet here as well um as you look at the interior here um i tell you what let me reposition one

More time to get the sun out of the image there we go anyway let’s get back to the truck you do have your trailer brake controller here located at the bottom you got a whole row of buttons here a lot of safety stuff lane departure warning park assist sensors your hazards your stability track your hill descent control which we mentioned earlier you have a button

Here to power your plugs and you have your button here to drop the tailgate so you can do that right from inside the vehicle like i mentioned earlier as we go up to the next set of buttons you got heated and cooled seats for driver and passenger you got climate control knobs for driver and passenger and your fan speed direction of your air defrost air conditioning

And uh you know your rear defrost as well we did mention earlier that that window is a power slider the button is up on top here so we can open and close that window right from here up a little bit higher you got your eight inch touchscreen radio you have a home button here super easy to use you know it’s all touch everything you see is a button we talked about the

Navigation uh you have your audio functions which is am fm and satellite radio again apple carplay android or wireless that’s what a lot of people will use these days you even have redundant controls for climate up on the screen uh you know it’s a very easy system to use again this is a limited so the interior as you see it here is only going to be for the first

Couple of months of the 22 model year then we’re going to go to that all new design here’s a photo of it it looks pretty cool it kind of resembles what’s in the new 22 tahoe and suburban as far as the actual interface uh being like an android google based system you’ll also get a much bigger screen here uh whereas this has the analog gauges with the eight inch

Uh color information center the new ones hopefully will have that full display which is going to be all uh all led let’s talk about storage it is everywhere you have two glove boxes uh one upper one lower of course you have your center uh center console which is huge cup holders and little pockets to put things you have your wireless phone charger on the side of

The console you have a little storage here of course you have storage all over your door uh for for cups and bottles and things of that nature and then you even have storage in the back both underneath the seat you have a small little section here where you can store things and then not only there but inside the seat itself on both both sides both outboard seats

You do have little lockers that are built right in so definitely a lot of storage and places to put things that you uh that you may carry you know in your truck as we look around the rest of the interior here you know basic controls on the steering wheel stuff that we’re all sort of used to uh to control um you know different functions like the radio and the cruise

Control you have a heated steering wheel button here you do have your turn signals wipers this vehicle will be equipped with intellibean that’s automatic high beams where the camera that faces forward can sense when you’re either approaching a car or behind a car and it can cycle your high beams on or off for you depending on how dark the road is uh panel on the

Left side here is going to be like your drive mode your four wheel drive headlights all that sort of stuff and then just like you could expect on your door panel um you know power windows locks mirrors memory seat and probably the best button on this whole panel right here power folding mirrors you press one button you can tuck your mirrors in this way it’s easier

If you’re pulling into a garage or even if you park on the street and you want to tuck them in because you’re in a city type atmosphere you don’t want someone to knock it off when they drive by or ride by a bike or something like that so it’s a one touch button super easy and uh definitely a nice option i hope you guys enjoyed this video and it gave a little insight

To the 2022 silverado ltz ltd crew cab short box uh the only thing i’m noticing as i’m looking at right now is we did order this with the front black bow tie which they will put on when they do a pre-delivery inspection that wasn’t done yet uh total msrp of this vehicle as it’s equipped 63 9115 now that msrp is before our dealer added markup right now which is 3

000 on in stock and inbound silverados uh due to the current market conditions and lack of inventory uh you would also then subtract whatever rebates you may qualify for which actually today is december 1st 2021 i haven’t even looked yet to see what the new incentives are on the silverado but normally they do have something there which would help save some money

At the same time yeah this is a nice truck it’s available it’s got a 6.2 in it which is pretty rare if you’re local to the area and you feel like checking it out by all means stop by see me again dave b cell chevy’s i’m at schumacher chevrolet in livingston new jersey and i’d be happy to help you out thanks for watching have a nice day and do me a favor if you

Like this video hit the thumbs up subscribe to the channel and if you do subscribe and you’re interested in what it’s like selling cars uh for a career check out the dealership life playlist i have over 100 videos on there what uh basically what it’s like selling cars over the last three years so you can kind of look at it pre-pandemic you can look at it during

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