2022 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71

Hello irene and frank justin pill here with alderman chevrolet buick gmc i wanted to put this little video together for you this is one of the tahoes that we were talking about this one uh is sold it came in the other day but i wanted to put a video together uh showing you the the features and the look of the tahoe the 2022 tahoe that is because that satin steel

Metallic one is still uh inbound but you can see this is like one of my favorite vehicles you can see the front end this is the z71 package just gets that nice uh honeycomb that big honeycomb grille you can see the z71 badging in the front you get the red recovery hooks got a nice uh heavy duty steel skid plate underneath and then the led lighting all the way in

The front you can see the daytime running light leds are on now um there are sensors in the front bumper as uh this tahoe is very well equipped um just beautiful beautiful suv there you go looking at the side good perspective there those wheels are super sharp love the pattern uh they they do come with a goodyear wrangler all-terrain tires you can see you know

Not too aggressive but nice a nice tread pattern there z71 badging there i got some remote entry into the vehicle so you just keyless entry you just push a button as long as the key fob is in your pocket it’ll unlock the door but let’s check out the inside here’s the second row captain’s chairs and i believe these are all powered which i i’ll show you in a little

Bit uh with the headrests right there here’s your third row back there i’m gonna actually hop in here because it’s super comfortable in here a lot of leg room i’m about six feet tall and i got tons of room back here you do have your climate control which can be controlled by up front there or back here some charging ports as well and then up here here’s your

Dash so there’s the redesigned um the infotainment center screen that’s redesigned for 2022. it’s all customizable which i was mentioning before and then the screen in there is all new too but it’s super sharp looking nice leather trim this is very soft but still durable um very comfortable does have awesome sound system from bose and even like the wood grain

Right there on the trim of the doors is very classy look let’s check out the inside here and see what we have for features got a power front driver seat power windows and door locks and then on the side here a lot of a lot of nice features push button parking brake lane keep assist which you can turn on and off uh we’ve got front and rear parking assist there’s

An outlet in the back you can turn that on here hill descent control which is great in the snow time and then your four-wheel drive do have different modes of driving which you can change sport off-road towing we’ll leave it to normal right now let’s hop in there and then check out the rest of the features the front driver’s seat is very comfortable uh i mean

You could adjust it but let’s let’s check let’s check out this this is this is the new um screen for onboard diagnostics right now it’s in the more traditional setting with the digital speedometer on the in the middle um some navigation on the side but let me uh cycle through here so you can change the layout if you want more of a that’s a classic but you want a

More progressive look you just change that and there’s your progressive look we got the speedometer on the left and then um you’re still digital speedometer on the top tachometer on the right and you also can customize what you want to see in each pane so right now we got the compass on the left but if we want to look at the fuel economy or transmission tire

Pressure those are all things that you can customize for that section it’s really easy to use you just use this button right here on the steering wheel which is which is very nice uh other features here now there’s no shifter it’s all push button right there so let’s go ahead and put it in reverse by just doing that and then you’ve got your nice high uh definition

Backup camera if you want to help um for backing up to a trailer you can collect that or hit that more of a grid and that’ll put it back in park uh we do have a beautiful moon roof sunroof and that’s the that’s just a powered privacy shield but it’s a panoramic which uh two panes you can see there very nice you can troll that right by here you can also open the

Back right there we have climate control heated seats wireless charging port huge storage here with usb ports in there and then this is the touchscreen very easy to set up your phone and you can kind of customize how you want the layout this is audio is on your left here but if you want to put audio you just push it and we can put audio over there and then leave

Maps here so you can kind of configure this however you want it’s really easy to set up let’s check out the back sherwood park so going around to the back here’s the power lift gate and you can see the blackout lettering there but one thing i wanted to show you is the key fob we got remote start and we have these buttons that will just unlock either just the

Glass so you can reach in and grab something or the full tailgate let’s open the full tailgate which opens just like that all powered and then here you can see uh your third row if you need to drop the third row you just kind of simply just do that and uh that will fold down flat if you move the second row then you got all that room for storage there’s a button

For the power liftgate that’s your 2022 chevrolet tahoe i’ll go send this along to you guys so go check it out and uh have a great thanksgiving

Transcribed from video
2022 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC