2022 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Pinnacle (PHEV) – POV First Impressions

MSRP: From $56,172

Today we’re driving the 2022 chrysler pacifica hybrid pinnacle this is a plug-in hybrid it gets 32 miles of electric only driving range and then the 3.6 liter pentastar v6 kicks in and you are good to go from there with a gasoline engine we have over 500 miles of cruising range in this this has 260 horsepower and it costs about 60 000 let’s walk around this real quick

And then we’ll take it for a drive we spent quite a bit of time in a chrysler pacifica driving down to dallas texas a couple years ago and really enjoyed the versatility and space on the inside unfortunately the plug-in hybrid does not get stow and go because that space is used for batteries but you still have a pretty versatile minivan interior easy access to the

Third row with plenty of space back there these captains chairs fold very easily they’re very comfortable you get a rear seat entertainment with amazon fire tv which is pretty cool and because this is the pinnacle you get these very fancy cushions back here you can quickly close the passenger door like that with a button we also get a ton of room and cargo space

In the back of this minivan very low wide loading floor and you get a better idea of the room in the third row right there too your button to close the tailgate is right here here’s your gas cap here’s your electric charging port quick and easy plug this in the garage and 32 miles of electric only driving range is a pretty usable amount ingress egress super easy

Lots of functional space in the front seats and some of the most comfortable seats for long distance road trips that i’ve ever experienced again we spent a lot of miles in a pacifica driving from michigan to texas and it was just fantastic got a pretty standard stelantis infotainment here lots of familiar switch gear controls a lot of physical buttons a pretty

Simple infotainment android auto apple carplay we’ve got a slightly different gauge cluster too with a specific hybrid now let’s take this for a drive and see how it does on the road got a little bit of weather today so we’re going to be battling some of that but for the most part we can get a pretty good idea of what this is like to drive on the road there’s

A nice amount of torque on initial acceleration and then once you get past 50 power gasoline engine will kick on and give you just an extra boost very smooth very usable electric power at low speeds that 3.6 liter v6 kicking in there to provide just a little bit of extra boost pretty nice driving dynamics feels well balanced nice soft ride quality not a ton of

Float over those railroad tracks steering is very light let’s see how much acceleration we can get out of just the battery that’s very very respectable now that i’m a dad i feel like i’m innately drawn to a minivan there’s a primal urge here and this uh pacifica hybrid pinnacle really uh it’s a pretty compelling package i’m not gonna go out and buy one i still

Like my brz but uh it’s uh it’s a pretty cool option for families if you need more space if you need one vehicle to really do all the family hauling duties you honestly there’s so many suvs on the market today they’re great but nothing does it like a minivan and this is actually pretty good to drive it’s comfortable the hybrid powertrain is really smooth yeah

There’s a lot to like here and depending on how much you drive on a daily basis you could feasibly just use electric power with this all right one pull uphill let’s see what kind of power we have here a lot of front wheel spin yeah it feels about like 260 horsepower the transition between electric and gasoline engine power is very seamless i like that we put

Us into l we get max regeneration off throttle it’s not as strong as some of the evs out there but it can definitely bring you down from speed so this is completely off the throttle here and we’re just kind of coming down to a coast very nice all right guys well just some very quick first impressions on this chrysler pacifica hybrid um very cool package i really

Like the hybrid the plug-in hybrid aspect to this powertrain uh is this the ultimate family minivan let me know your thoughts i think as a dad now this kind of is it’s a shame that we don’t get stow and go but honestly there are more important things in life like uh driving without having to go to the gas station so maybe that is a concession that some buyers are

Willing to make this is a little bit of a pricey package but i think it would pay off in terms of driving enjoyment and uh practicality in the long run so anyway guys that’s it for this one thanks for watching we’ll see you guys in the next video take care uh

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2022 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Pinnacle (PHEV) – POV First Impressions By TheTopher