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2022 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Walk Around

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All right 2022 chrysler pacifica hybrid particular van is finished in black paint and has 18 inch granite wheels nice shot of them there adds a little bit of contrast to the black paint this particular van has the s appearance package so you get a little bit more blacked out trim and those wheels are special that package as well fog lights at the bottom of the

Bumper there this is your charging port right the fender there uh that plugs into basically any charge charging port station nice side shot here so certain in the back seats the button on the handle here there’s that door slides open nice and easy it’s the second row both these seats can actually pop out and then hop in in the back seat here all right and

It’s the back seat so i’m about you know 5 9 5 10 on a good day and the seats all the way back here and i got plenty of room and then this seat uh this front seats pretty far back there as well so screen folds up this uh this fan also has the uconnect family theater group so you can connect uh your screens and stuff here aux port hdmi port and your usb c port for

Charging devices uh power windows here for the second row so this comes all the way down and then you get the a little privacy shade there as well folds down and same on the other seats here give you a quick shot of the interior in the front there and it’s the third row uh so these seats fold down so i’ll make my way to the back of the van and uh show you how it’s

Fairly easy i’m not gonna take the seats out on the second row just uh it’s kind of a two-hand job there we go so this back hatch as well is just one touch opens up just like that and then to fold the seats down here so it’s a 60 40 split as you can see right here first step is pull the tab with the number one on it headrest folds down there and then that easy

And then obviously like i said it’s 60 40 split and then to pull it back up pull the tab push it forward yeah that easy and then you get a nice little tub of storage down here get a little 12 volt charging port there and then the button to close the hatch is just right here coming down here you get the backup camera in the back there a rear wiper the back glass

Is heated passenger side sliding doors is the same story obviously seats fold out press the button all right and then coming to the front of the van here so it says the passive entry as well or uh passive keyless entry pardon me so if you’re close enough with the key fob on you you can lock it by pressing that button or if you just slide your hand to the back

Of the back of the handle there it’ll open up and then making our way inside i’m just going to take off my other glove this is the driver’s side area of course all your controls here power mirrors these mirrors you can’t really see it with this lighting but uh this does come equipped with blind spot monitoring as well memory seats all your headlight controls

Push button start cruise control there and then these buttons here control the gauge cluster there the digital speedometer vehicle info get a better shot of that vehicle info driver assist so your driver aids like lane keep assist your hybrid information skipped one trip info uh your audio if you listen to the radio your messages if there’s any warnings or uh

Due for maintenance or anything like that it’ll pop up here sorry the sun is kind of hitting the screen weird i’m trying to block it out as much as i can then your screen set up so you can customize this how you want and then back to the speedometer so i’m not sure if the video picked that up but actually the gas engine just shut off and it’s fully electric right

Now so it’ll go based off your driving and so if you you know you floor it both motors kick in if you’re just putting around town it’s probably going to stay in hybrid mode most of the time or sorry all electric mode it’s a gauge cluster there and then this uh center stack area so you get the full center console this opens up a wireless charging pad there and

Then you’re more a little bit more usb ports aux ports usbc a couple holders here and then this opens up as well more usb ports 12 volt and then you can put your coins in here a little bit extra storage uh you get all your heating and ac controls are right here so it’s kind of nice you still you can control it and the infotainment here as well but uh you still

Get the physical buttons which is nice especially you know when it’s cold minus 30 minus 40 first thing in the morning you don’t have to whip off your gloves to play with the uh the heat controls you keep them on keep your hands nice and warm and then this particular van also comes with heated seats cooled seats and heated steering wheel make your way through the

Infotainment so this is your home home page you can customize this we’ve got it on maps and uh audio and then your phone as well media so this is a radio um am fm siriusxm or your bluetooth and it does come with uh wireless apple carplay as well and android auto so if you have an iphone or a uh iphone or android uh if you’ve ever used that before basically it’s

Very similar to the interface on your phone and everything’s connected get it through the infotainment climate controls like i said before this also comes with navigation your bluetooth so if you connect your phone or you can do that right now but that’s how you do it vehicles that’s the surround camera so you get a full 360 view i’m in the middle of the parking

Lot so there’s not much to look at it’s the review out front different angle about front and then you get the surround camera as well and then backup camera again so you can access that even when you’re not in reverse and then the fan cam so there is a camera in the back here that uh shiny black piece right there see the kids in the back seat they’re acting up

Or something’s moving around back there whatever you can actually uh an overhead view of everything that’s going on in the back seat there and if you tap the seat it’ll zoom in on the other side there there you go yeah neat little way to spy on the kids and then all the apps here so this is the favorite section if you go to all this is all the features that it

Has in the infotainment so if you have alexa at home you can actually connect that to your van through uconnect and then yeah all the features are in here and a little star there you can access everything so you don’t have to navigate through all the apps uh if you only have like a certain amount that you or ones that you use often pardon me sun visor uh this is

The garage door opener so you can connect your uh you can pair this with your garage door and uh it acts like a remote basically a little illuminated visor there all your interior lights uh these back doors open up uh with these buttons as well so i’m gonna hit this button super convenient and then one more time to close it your sunglass holder and then this

The mirror again you can kind of spy on the kids and then this is all your driver aids uh so your sensors pardon me parking parking sensors your lane keep assist traction control and then the active park sense your tune and your volume knob and then the rotary style shifter for the transmission and then button for the parking brake a little bit extra storage

Hiding in there glove box open that up and uh yeah that’s a uh quick video tour i think i covered everything yeah this uh struck scott or this fan part i mean it’s 32 kilometers on it brand new um oh yeah these seats with the s seats as well so they’re just trimmed in a little bit nicer leather but uh yeah that’s pretty much it uh if you have any questions

Feel free to email me text me you’ve got my number and everything and i’ll be happy to answer any questions that you that you may have

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2022 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Walk Around By Jesse Tabak