2022 Corolla XSE Hatchback Interior review by Toyota GR Corolla starter

Not a GRCorolla but a good start, the 2022 Toyota Corolla XSE Hatchback. In this video I’ll review the interior of the currant best Corolla Hatchback.

Hey it’s tony talking carb is today we’ve got a brand new 2022 toyota corolla xse edition hey in today’s vehicle video we’re going to go inside and check out the interior features on the new corolla for 2022 the corolla hatchback and talk about all the great features on the inside at the end of this video there’s going to be a link to the exterior video as well

So be sure and catch that but let’s go ahead and get started inside heading inside the corolla hatchback let’s take a quick look at the door and then we’ll jump all the way in the door on this one we’ve got a black interior so all black upper this is a padded upper uh and then we do have soft tech fabric stitch in there you can see the contrast stitching on there

Padded armrest gloss black trim here silver trim here and then as we take a look at the door switches more more gloss black trim power windows up and down automatic all four power door locks power mirrors kind of a silver door handle here as well and then down here we’ve got a speaker and a bottle holder in the doors there are bottle holders on the front doors

The back seats a little bit different i’ll show you that when we get there take a look at our dashboard there’s four of these vents they go up down on up down left right they do turn off but you push them all the way that way so there’s one on each side and then two on the center stack just two switches down here dimmer switch for the dash lights on off switch for

The automatic high beams we do have a tilt and telescoping steering wheel standard it’s not power hood releases down here and your gas release is down there on the floor the front driver seat is full power with power back and forth power recliner power lumbar support passenger seat is manual all the way around seats are soft tech fabric this is a combination

Of charcoal gray with a cloth insert like gray insert and then notice the contrast stitching on the seats as well looks really nice height adjustable headrest and height adjustable seat belts on the front seats let’s go ahead and jump inside and we’ll take a look at the interior behind the uh steering wheel i wanted to let you know i’ve got my camera basically

Touching my nose and i’ve got the seat all the way back just to show you how much leg room there is and how much front seat room there is the corolla hatchback’s pretty darn good in the front seat it’s the back seat that might be a little marginal uh the steering wheel is leather wrapped it’s not heated we have electronic steering as well there’s a driver’s side

Airbag chrome toyota badge and some more of that silver trim we saw over kind of on the door so it matches left hand side is the controls for the information center and that’s going to be up here in the gauge cluster i’ll show you that in just a minute bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone voice activation and volume for the sound system is here over on

This side we’ve got our cruise control dynamic radar cruise control on and off and adjustments lane tracing on and off and we can change the radio stations now the xs e trim does have paddle shifters and those are going to be here so this is your up shift and your downshift is going to be over here kind of a faux shifting pattern because this is a cvt transmission

Washer wipers front are intermittent and then you also have rear washer wiper which are also intermittent push button start part of the smart keyless entry system leave your keys in your pocket you can tug on the door handle you can start the car without taking them out on this side we’ve got our headlight controls auto automatic uh on and off also automatic high

Beams the switch for the high beams is down here on the dash but our fog light controls are here and our turn signal indicators are here it’s pretty nice if you just tap on it once you notice it’ll it’ll click three times and not automatically turn itself off so if you want to change lanes or something or you can go ahead and give it a firm down and then it will

Click when you turn the steering wheel back the other way but the three click to change lanes is pretty nice take a look at the gauge cluster on this xse so this is unique for the xse the blue the red this uh this display pretty darn cool though so on the left we’ve got our tachometer on the right we’ve got our fuel gauge and our temperature gauge and then in

The center there’s a seven-inch uh multi-information center just a small computer screen and so there’s a whole bunch of information including your speedometer there outside temperature trip meter uh and then using the controls here on the steering wheel you can go through and set your own safety sense the lane tracing pre-collision blind spot monitoring rear cross

Traffic alert road sign assist so there’s lots of great features on there of course you do also have if i click back here trip computer radio controls lane tracing uh there’s one of your uh pop back here here’s your a fuel computer so a lot of good information right there within the cluster and like i say on the xse that’s the upgraded instrument cluster turning

Our attention over to the center stack so we’ve got a nine inch uh sound system here it’s all gloss black trim all the way around here looks really nice but this does show the dust a little bit more and then they use some more of those that silver trim we saw in the door and here’s those two vents i mentioned and your four ways are here as far as the system itself

A couple things to point out we do have the phone connectivity we have a small app suite if we go over to the audio side of it am fmc or satellite radio uh the great thing about the xm satellite radio you get three months of the platinum subscription so cirrus’s best package at no charge and then after that there is a subscription fee uh if you want to continue uh

We do have apple carplay android auto alexa compatible does not have um does not have navigation that’s an app to be installed so it’s not standard as we head down the center stack we do have automatic temperature control so we can set up front driver front passenger separate front window defrost rear window defrost which also activates the heated outside mirrors

To get the ice and snow off of those we do have an eco heating air conditioning mode so you can save fuel economy there the dashboard on here is soft tech fabric it’s stitched that’s actually a fabric that’s stitched to the dashboard you can see it’s up here as well on the top of the dash some indicator lights so really nice high quality uh dash it’s not a hard

Plastic it’s actually fabric soft tech fabric down here we’ve got our glove box nice size glove box it’s not there’s no locks on it though so it’s not going to add any security and then way down underneath here kind of right here there’s a usb power port there so you can plug in your electronic devices i’m going to go ahead and shift it into reverse i want to

Show you the backup camera here so there’s your backup camera it’s easy to read nice big screen there’s no path projection so the lines don’t tell you your direction but it is nice and large and it is pretty darn clear as well heading back down to the center console here i want to show you there’s a storage cubby up in here but that’s not wireless charging for

Your smartphone just a place to throw odds and ends but we do also have heated seats up front two temperature front driver front passenger controls there and then they do use the soft tech fabric that we saw up on the dash here with the contrast stitching we’ve got a sport mode control here traction control on and off right here you can go into manual mode as well

On the transmission kind of a faux shifting if you want kind of manually control that more gloss black trim more silver trim electronic parking brake to complement the electronic steering parking brake hold and then two cupholders down here including the two on the door so you’ve got a total of four places to throw your drinks up front let’s go ahead and take

A quick peek at the armrest super small arm rest it doesn’t move so if you’re short and you go ahead it’s going to be behind your elbow if you’re tall it’s probably going to be nicely positioned nice small uh storage compartment here this is not locking so it doesn’t add any security and then there’s two charging there’s a 12 volt and a usbc here and that usbc

I don’t know if you can see it let me turn off my light this is a backlit kind of a pale blue so you can see it at night when you’re looking for it trust me i have a prius that doesn’t have that in the armrest and it’s super hard to find the plugs so that comes in handy height adjustable headrest seat passenger assist grip we’ve got vanity mirrors lights on both

Sides visors with visor extensions side curtain airbags front air bags for your front passenger the rear view mirror is the manual old school rear view mirror no garage door openers built in there it works just fine it’s just functional overhead we’ve got reading lights and we also have the safety connect button if you need uh roadside assistance tap that button

You’ll connect to toyota they’ll get you the help you need quick and easy and that’s part of the roadside assistance program included in toyota care so that’s a quick look up front let’s uh go ahead and jump in the back seat and check that out heading into the back seat before i jump in i wanted to show you the armrest on here so this is unique toyota doesn’t do

This on any other car notice the gloss black trim and the door handle the power window switch is backlit but then there’s a cup holder in the door itself so that gives you some extra places to put your drinks be careful though because if you put it in there and slam the door guess what you’re going to get wet silver door handle here on the door i wanted to show you

The legroom super minimal here when i get in there i’ll show you but i do have that back seat all the way back so i can get in there and i’m going to do it watch me go here’s a quick look at the driver’s compartment from the back seat and i would say the back seat is okay-ish uh in terms of room i don’t think i want to ride back here long so as i mentioned i’ve

Got this front seat all the way back and i can get in i can sit here but i feel kind of like i’m in a tuna can so i would not want to ride back here for a long trip if there’s a six footer up front i recommend your passengers sit over on that side but there are pockets on backs of both of these seats i’ve got this seat all the way back too by the way and you can

See there’s more room behind this seat all the way back than the driver’s seat there’s a small storage cup compartment up here no wireless charging no place to plug in your stuff it can be installed by the dealership but i would expect soon it’ll be standard on all cars in the back seat there’s an overhead light right here passenger assist grips uh close hook

Right here the back seats are the same as the front softek fabric with the cloth insert three seat belts child safety anchors down here there is a folding armrest and when you pop that open gives you two more cupholders it’s interesting because you have one on the door each door so that’s two and then two here but you don’t have a place for the passenger if you

Have three people back here which you’re probably not going to do very often you probably get a child seat and one person back here but three people they better be small wee ones the back seats do have height adjustable head rest and they also fold down so i can bring this like so i can bring it forward but you need to make sure that seat is all the way forward

Or more forward because it won’t go down unless it seats ahead but that’s what you get when you buy a little tiny car like this the back seat is not spacious but the front seats are just fine let’s go ahead and take a quick look at the trunk so the hatchback does pop up really high and out of your way so you you’re going to really if you’re super tall you could

Probably bump your head but a shorty like me there’s no worry gets up out of the way and really opens up nice and wide great low lift over height here this is an add-on this sill protector here it’s an extra charge item but i strongly recommend it otherwise you might get your bumper scratched up dragging stuff in and out so the uh it does come with this cargo

Cover which can go up and down and it also is removable i’m gonna go ahead and just pull that out of there show you the trunk this is one of the advantages of a hatchback it’s the cargo room in the back so you can see these seats fold down but it is it is really necessary to move the front seats forward to get it to go all the way down unfortunately you don’t

Have to take the headrest out but you’re going to want to move those seats ahead otherwise it’s a nice flat floor on the corolla hatchback you’ve got a temporary spare tire down underneath there with your tool kit and your jacks and such and there’s plenty room for emergency equipment jumper cables first aid you know what what what you might need a lot of room

In there actually but it is a temporary spare tire and then there is some additional storage kind of cubbies kind of hid over in this area here it’s pretty deep there’s tie-down hooks at all four corners in the back you see over on this side same thing with the uh storage so that’s kind of nice and there’s another tie down back there now the lift gate is not

Power operated and i really don’t think it needs to be does have these nice assist handles here so you’re not scratching your paint when you’re closing the tailgate and again it’s not power but you don’t need your keys to get it open if you’ve got them in your pocket there’s your backup camera by the way and this is the xse badging on the back so a lot of extra

Room in the back and that’s it’s a big advantage to a hatchback uh you lose the passenger room but you do get that extra uh cargo room by flipping down those back seats so there you go that’s the interior overview on the uh corolla xse hatchback for 2022. hey if you have any questions comments concerns let me know in the comments i’ll do my best to answer them

If you like the video hit that thumbs up feel free to share it as well and then be sure at the end to click on the link to see the exterior overview and learn more about the exterior features this is tony talking carbiz thanks for watching you

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2022 Corolla XSE Hatchback Interior review by Toyota GR Corolla starter By Talking CarBiz.