2022 Ford Bronco Raptor – MPG Test | Real-world Highway Fuel Economy and Range

Despite its outrageous appearance, the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor is quite comfy in a highway scenario. It got the job done for us, and even managed to beat its EPA rating!

Today we are conducting some very important research on the ford bronco raptor of course the number one thing in anyone’s mind when they buy one of these vehicles is how efficient will it be on the highway well today we’re gonna find out this is chris here with daily motor and today we’ve got the real world highway fuel economy test on the 2022 ford bronco

Raptor before we get started let’s hop out and take a walk around this thing excuse it while it double honks there it is the key is in my pocket but here it is and all its glory and all of its wideness and loudness the raptor is new for the 22 model year and they’ve taken the bronco that we know and they’ve just added more it’s taller it’s wider it’s louder it’s

More powerful and it’s orangeer so today as i’m sure a lot of you are very eager to find out and of course you clicked on this video for a reason we’re gonna find out how efficient this thing is on the highway to be honest it’s the last thing anyone cares about on the bronco raptor but maybe you are just curious to see how this thing will do if you want to learn

More about the bronco raptor make sure to check the links in the description as we have a full review a infotainment video and some other things on the bronco raptor i also think charlie took it off-roading which would explain why it’s so dirty but let’s go ahead and get started with the fuel economy test so why do we do this test well the epa’s fuel economy test

Which gives this bronco raptor 16 mpg on the highway only averages 48 miles per hour and we know that some people like to take their vehicles on actual proper all-american cheeseburger road trips and well we’re here to give you some real world results because what we do and what we’re going to do today is go out 25 miles and back 25 miles averaging 70 miles per hour

For a more real world figure and you got to listen to this thing real quick that’s not even in its loud mode either a couple things worth noting for today’s test outside temperature is 64 degrees fahrenheit we’re going to be running the climate control inside the cabin at 73 degrees auto tire pressures have been set to their factory door placard indicated to 38

Psi cold and we’ll be using the same gas pump both times using the same three-click filling method to get the most accurate results possible all right we are at the pump the car has shut off turned back on and i’m going to shut it off again so we can get our first fill 6.2 gallons of premium fuel in there for our first fill it’s hilarious i thought it was going

To be a little bit cheaper than that the bronco raptor has over a 20 gallon tank so being down a quarter tank as you can see i had to put six gallons in all right let’s go ahead and get started with the test after we reset our trip there we go no gps today because uh it wasn’t working that’s okay because we have waze which will give us our gps speed dang it it

Looks like we’re going to be sitting at a red light but that’ll give me some time to give you guys a tour of all of the drive modes including normal off-road baja rock crawl sport tow haul and slippery we’re gonna go ahead and leave this thing in normal mode we do not have an eco mode but we do have auto start stop so we are sitting at this red light not burning any

Petrol we’re also going to go ahead and set our climate control to 73 degrees auto just did that now and we’ll go ahead and drive very softly as softly as we can all the way up to the highway entrance ramp which is about a quarter mile up the road how much speed can we carry around here okay carried a decent amount now the purpose of this test is not to hypermine

I’m not going to get on the highway do any sort of purposely economical driving i’m not going to get behind a semi and draft or anything like that i’m just gonna get on the highway mr semi allows that set the cruise control to a gps indicated 72 miles per hour and just drive like any normal person would all right looks like we are good at 72 under first highway

Impressions the bronco raptor is exactly what you’d expect being that it’s basically just a rolling brick it’s not very aerodynamic you do have quite a bit of wind noise and since we are on some ko2s some big 37-inch tires they’re quite loud as well you can hear quite a bit of wind quite a bit of road but that’s okay because when you buy one of these cars that’s

What you expect you don’t expect to get into a bronco raptor and have it be the most quiet thing in the world it’s not the point of this thing though it is cozy we’re on some fox suspensions so it soaks up the bumps nicely and uh these seats are pretty nice as well they’ve got some nice alcantara to hold you in if you’re doing some brisk cornering which we won’t

Be doing today but i am pretty content in this bronco raptor uh we do have obviously we have cruise control but we also have lane keep assist and we do have radar guided crews which i just adjusted there and do that all these controls here on the left side of the steering wheel you can adjust your lane keep as well as your distance for radar so i’m going to go

Ahead and get to drive and get to passing these semis and i’ll catch up with you guys here in about 45 or so miles foreign let me know foreign wrapping up our drive here in the ford bronco raptor and i’ve got to say it’s been pretty nice it’s not as bouncy and harsh as i expected it to be sure it’s bouncier than the average car just because it is body on

Frame and it doesn’t soak up the bumps quite as nicely as a very refined unibody car would but again that isn’t the purpose of the bronco raptor and honestly these big tires help it um be nice and cozy they do also make it quite loud but um it’s honestly fine the b o sound system has been pretty decent the adaptive cruise control works very well and i’m honestly

Quite pleased with this whole experience thus far in the bronco raptor out here on the trip computer the car says we are getting 17.3 mpg so about a mile over epa we’ll have to see once we get back to the pump what our math gives us but uh that seems about right for what this car should be getting so i’m going to go ahead and finish out my last few miles again

No real complaints here with the bronco raptor it’s exactly what i expected if not even more comfortable i’ve got little to no fatigue right now so good work for bronco raptor i’m gonna finish this out and i’ll catch you guys once i have brimmed the tank and 2.88 gallons in there for our final fill so we’ll go ahead and take today’s journey of 52 miles even and

Divide that by 2.88 gallons of fuel that we used and that gives us 18 mpg now towards the end of the trip the car was reading out high 17 so i would believe this to be quite accurate that the bronco raptor has achieved a staggering 18 miles per gallon on the highway now keep in mind epa is 16 so this is kind of a win for the bronco raptor it has beaten epa by two

Miles per gallon now let’s take this number and multiply it by 20.8 as that is the size of our fuel tank and that gives you an effective highway cruising range of 370 miles so can’t really go very far on one tank we see cars that go over 500 miles quite frequently but that’s not really what this car is about you’re supposed to take this out to the sand dunes and

Just do some really high speed sand fun driving so thank you all so much for watching um if you are curious to learn more about the bronkoraptor we will have more links in the description to other videos on the raptor well that’ll wrap it up this is ben chris here with daily motor and as always drive on

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2022 Ford Bronco Raptor – MPG Test | Real-world Highway Fuel Economy and Range By Daily Motor