2022 Ford E Transit – Is The 2022 Ford E Transit Cargo Van The Best Electric Work Van?

2022 Ford E Transit – Is The 2022 Ford E Transit Cargo Van The Best Electric Work Van?

Hey everyone welcome back to the sixth gear channel today’s review is going to be really cool we have a 2022 e-transit 350 and medium roof non-extended really cool interesting vehicle especially on the inside so without any further ado let’s get into it all right so here is a 2022 transit 350 e-transit of course it is electrified because you can see it’s got

The blue stripes there and it is plugged in so one cool thing with ford as you can see here there’s an indication showing how charged up it actually is now this is a level two charger and you can get into a level three by pushing this part down and you can actually quit the level three charging there but this is a level two so it’s plugged in right now it’s only

At eighty nine percent but it’s almost done now looking around the transit you can see it has some parking sensors here as well um you get the halogen headlights and the all the electrification is underneath as well computer and that kind of thing but it looks like a normal transit from the front nothing too crazy let’s take a look underneath the hood to see what

It has there so underneath the hood of the e-transit we have a 68 kilowatt hour battery so as you can see here a lot of the computer components are here and then the battery is just over there but it’s very empty here the range on this is about 126 miles so about 202 kilometers equivalent to horsepower numbers you are looking at 266 horsepower and 317 pound-feet

Of torque now this is a single speed transmission so it’s not a 10-speed six-speed or whatever it is a single speed and usually that is typical with electric cars but that is it um and it is in a rear wheel drive setup that’s all let’s take a look around the transit okay so taking a look around the transit we can see here that this is a medium roof um no extended

Back end but it’s a medium roof it’s pretty big i would probably be able to stand in there about 510 but it is a nicely equipped transit especially it being 350. now we’ll start here with the tire size these are nice tires on continental van contact tires and the tire size is 2 35 65 r16s and it does come with the hub cap that you can place on top of it to make the

Rim look a little bit better now you do it does look like a normal transit there’s nothing too crazy that would stand out for to me on the sides the mirrors are standard mirrors they aren’t really extended as well like you can get optional extended mirrors for towing if you need to but we have the cargo door door here on the side and if we open that up side door

And we can see that this one does not really have any optional equipment so no divider no bottom liner but it is pretty tall for a medium roof even high roofs a little bit better obviously if you’re going to be storing a little bit taller things but for the most part this is what comes with the medium roof so let you show you a little bit there uh the wheelbase

On this one is 136 so it’s pretty big uh also it just depends on what you’re going to be using it for you also get some interior lighting as well which is a nice option now i’m going to close this up and show you transit looks from the side so you can get an idea of size so not too bad no extended and medium roof this is pretty much it for the side let’s take a

Look at the rear of the transit okay so looking at the transit here in the back we can see it’s obviously an electric transit you got e-transit on the side got the recovery hook at the bottom as well and then the rear view camera at the top now if we open the back here we can see that this does extend more so you can have it unlock and pretty much go like open

All the way like look how amazing that is with the transit like you can have the door open all the way and you can put as much as you can in here now if you also go open this on the side you can do the same thing so you just unlock it here really easy to do and it doesn’t really hit the side of the vehicle because you’ve got the bump stops there at the bottom

Now look at that look at that entry point you have tons of room and it’s very easy to access in and out it’s pretty low it’s not too high so it’s easy to get in and out you don’t really need any tailgate step or anything like that on the f-150s or the f-series trucks but that is it when you open the doors now if we shut the doors all we do is we grab them and

That will connect automatically there and we just shut it just like that but i just want to show you and get a glimpse of what it looks like with the doors open and closed that’s it for the back guys let’s take a look at the newly redesigned interior for the e-transit all right so taking a look at the cockpit of the e-transit uh looks like a normal transit door

Panels all plastic nothing’s too nothing too crazy you got your window controls mirror controls light controls uh your parking brake and then some cup holders down here to release the hood there’s the latch right here another cup holder here a lot of places to put stuff even up here too which we’ll get into but the one cool thing is the screen in the center which

We’ll go over it’s ford’s new sync 4 but redesigned for the transit the seats also are nice and plush you don’t have that divider there so you can recline the seat a little bit more but they are pretty nice and the material is okay uh it doesn’t seem like it’s too stiff but it looks good for what it is that’s it before we hop in let’s take a look at the interior

Okay so hopping into the transit electric e-transit so as you can see we have some decent things here cruise control we have lane keeping assist over on the side um these controls are for your front infotainment as we can see here we can kind of hit okay and we can kind of go through the different settings there now it’s weird because it’s an electric car so you

Don’t see rpms you just see your power percentage there and then how fast you’re going we’re almost at a full charge as well and that’s pretty much it for the center here like i was mentioning to you before we get some storage up at the front here as we see people throw especially trades people you throw all your paperwork in there and you got some nice slots to

Put your stuff and it’s a little bit more organized we do have a cup holder over there too as well some more slots to put stuff more cup holders just more areas to put stuff now this is the one cool thing about a transit because usually when you get into these vehicles it’s like the entertainment sucks but this is beautiful this is a nice interior package and

This is a sync 4 but it’s a got a really different design compared to other vehicles that ford has so this is a home screen you have your settings here which you can click and go through your settings as well the vehicle settings hotspot you can add all that stuff as well if we hit home goes back to this screen here you can add your phone for bluetooth you got

Climate control it’s just it’s not dual zone but you have that and you got your apps your features so if we go to features here we have different drive modes if we’d like on the transit so you got eco slippery and wet nice little animation there access here departure and comfort charge settings basically see when you want to charge if you’re at 100 at this time it

Tells you at 331 you’ll be at 100 charge locations departure and comfort that kind of thing so we can go back here gives you just a nice little area for your free features depending on what you want to select when charging you have your obviously climate control down here and we have navigation so if we click nav it will make it bigger so i like the setup of on

This one it looks nice it looks easy to play with your modes also are down here so once you click them you can basically select so hit it and then you can go to eco you can go to slippery just to help with traction of course you have max defrost and then this here i’m sure will click cancel the screen so you can hit that and cancel it looks like here if we click

It has parking sensors of course which you can take those off if you’d like this is the new dial here you also get a really nice rear view camera so when you put it in reverse you can see here that the camera takes up the whole screen usb 12 volt and the cup holder as well you have some area here to basically put stuff if you need to and that is pretty much it

At the top here there’s so much headroom you have the visors here that are massive you got some light controls up here this here will turn on all the lights on the transit to help you see it at night time and that is it guys i just wanted to give you a little review of the transit since i got one in um i will show you the price once we go outside but as for the

Interior i think they did a good job especially with the screen it’s a little bit different so that’s nice but let’s go over the price and i’ll give you my final thoughts of this uh this transit okay so since the window sticker was kind of taken off here i’ll show you what this transit has so this is in canadian dollars um total so right here we got a 2022 350

Medium roof cargo rear wheel drive transit 148 wheel base and electric motor one speed transmission we can see here all the options that are no charge of course it seems here they charge you 400 for cruise control and a hundred dollars for two extra keys because i guess people may lose their keys more a reverse sensing system was which is a good option and the

253 degree opening door which i showed you in the back now that brings us to a total msrp of 68 365 dollars which is not too bad for what this is um since you’re not gonna put any gas in it so really cool um but that is it for the transit guys let me know what you think and we will see you in my next video cheers

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2022 Ford E Transit – Is The 2022 Ford E Transit Cargo Van The Best Electric Work Van? By 6ixth Gear