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Come down today to check out this 2022 Ford escape Titanium PHEV! Stock # 22226 Contact us for questions or availability. Or see more new inventory at The 2022 Escape Plug-In Hybrid* has a Level 1/Level 2 AC charging port. Using a 110-volt Level 1 charger, the estimated time to fully charge the battery is 10 to 11 hours. Using a 240- volt Level 2 charger, charge time drops to roughly 3.5 hours. What’s more, the new design of the 2022 Escape allows for the battery to be stored underneath the vehicle, which frees up space in the cabin, offering plug-in customers more room with no humps from the battery. The interior cabin has Ambient Lighting with Floor Lights, 12.3 Digital Screen. The Panoramic Vista Roof gives you light and air and the class II trailer Tow package allows you to bring along your toys.

It’s a great day for a drive especially in a 2022 escape titanium and carbonized gray it has black ebony activex material for the seats which is man-made no animal products seating for five four doors and a hatch it has a 2.5 liter hybrid engine this is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle so it has fuel gas as well as the plug-in and it has regenerative braking so

With the lithium-ion battery it just puts some energy back in there and you charge it up when you plug it in it also has a twin panel moonroof navigation and a class 2 trailer tow hitch it’s really easy to take this vehicle out on a test drive you can book it online at islandforward.ca stay tuned we’re going to have a look under the hood and inside and out this

Is a 2.5 liter atkinson hybrid engine this vehicle is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and so it has a front-wheel drive and automatic transmission and let’s have a look inside and speaker in the door as well as power locks windows and mirrors there’s also memory for three drivers and your driver’s seat is powered with lumbar passenger seat is powered as well

Carpeted mats on the floor and you have your liftgate release gas cap release and your lighting controls on the face of the steering wheel is your lane keeping as well as cruise control volume your menu and hands-free dialing now this is a push start so my foot’s on the brake keys in the pocket and we’re going to push the engine start stop button on the dash

Any important messages will appear and your odometer reading it’s letting you know what your charge is and that you’re ready to go because it’s so quiet this is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and so it uses both fuel and the lithium-ion battery and in the center here we have our display screen so we could touch on it that little red line is just a cover it’ll

Come right off when the vehicle is purchased and we can go into audio and let’s turn down the volume you can do that on your steering wheel as to as well sources am fm sirius satellite radio bluetooth you also have navigation so the map will come up and when we go into reverse you’re gonna see your backup camera view so it’s showing green yellow red how close you

Are when you’re backing up to other objects or vehicles and then we have our settings we can slide through there different options you saw the bluetooth 911 connect and the auto updates your charge settings that’s an important one you can put your charge preferences when you want to charge up and plug in and right now at 91 percent that’s kind of nice volume and

Tuner there’s your hazard lights and then down below you have your dual climate control heated seats and heated steering wheel there’s your fan ac and max ac as well as the front and rear defrost and then you also have down there usb usbc plus a 12 volt dial shifter electronic parking brake auto hold so if you’re on an incline or your towing which this has a class

2 trailer tow hitch you would use that and you’ve got your different modes here so as conditions change weather changes you press through here normal you’ve got the next one is eco sport slippery snow sand assist and then back around again then you’ve got your ev and you also have your parking sensors couple of cup holders and then your armrest opens up lots of

Room in there you’ve got a place to hold your pen off to the side is the glove compartment and you have your auto dimming rear view mirror lighting controls you also have a twin panel moon roof here so it’ll slide right open it’s powered it also has a power screen and you have your sunglass holder as well as universal garage door opener and there’s a grab handle

Off to the side that just makes it easier to get in 10 inch wheels and this is a plug-in hybrid so this is where you would plug it in and then it would light up blue to show you how far it had gone in its cycle of recharging body color door handling keyless entry keypad driver side capless easy fuel gas filler and in the rear it has a little bit of a spoiler and a

Windshield wiper and below the escape badge is where your backup camera is located up sensors on your bumper and you have a class 2 trailer tow hitch and when you’re ready to open up that hatch all you have to do is double click your fob and then it’ll power it open and it might be turned off right at the moment so we’re just going to push the button underneath

Because you can set this to open up or not and inside nice and roomy you’ve got your plug because it is a plug-in hybrid so it uses both fuel and electricity plug in to power it with a lithium-ion battery and it also has regenerative braking so that means that when you put your foot on the brake the energy goes back into the battery and you’re seeing it’s nice

And roomy there and when you’re ready to close it all up there’s a handle on the right but there’s also a button when you press that it’ll chime let you know what’s going down securely and then you can just lock it up and walk away or jump in and head out on your latest adventure and on your fob you have remote start storage and speaker in the door as well as power

Windows they’re sitting for three in the back with a 60 40 split you simply pull the lever at the base of the seat it’ll bring it right down you now have access to the back cargo area you’re seeing your charge cord there and on the back of the seat are anchors to be able to tether baby seats just push that back up into the upright position and in the center is an

Armrest with a couple of cupholders carpeted mats on the floor and some pockets on the back of the front seat and the center is the air vents usb and usbc you’ve got that nice moonroof up top as well as lighting hooks and handles off to the side

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