2022 Ford Expedition Platinum – POV Driving Impressions

MSRP: $79,815; Price as Tested: $84,745 (including destination)

Today we’re driving the 2022 ford expedition platinum this is the top trim expedition we recently drove the lincoln navigator that was a hundred and nine thousand dollars this is only 83 grand as tested a little bit more with a couple options but msrp on this is just shy of eighty thousand dollars this has the 3.5 liter ecoboost v6 makes 400 horsepower that’s mated

To a 10-speed automatic transmission this has a selectable four-wheel drive system an electronically locking rear limited slip differential you can select two high four wheel drive auto four high and four low we have a bunch of different drive modes normal slippery sand mud and ruts tow haul and sport and eco we’re probably just gonna drive in normal mode today

And we’ll actually turn four-wheel drive auto on it’s a little bit rainy it’s a little bit slippery out today let’s walk you around this new expedition we’re going to test out blue crews we’re going to walk you through all this infotainment a little bit this is the new sync 4a system very similar to what we have on the mustang mock e so far on initial impressions

I haven’t tested this with some of the new updates it’s very nice we can easily switch between carplay in our media and radio we have a menu down here for climate control that’s always up so we can always access it it’s a nice clear crisp display it’s set to night mode now which is a little bit darker seems to be pretty responsive too you’ll also probably notice

These flashing blue lights these are facial recognition sensors infrared sensors that are paying attention to where i’m looking whether it’s on the road or down here at my phone and that’s going to kind of dictate whether blue cruise stays enabled or not so we’ll test that out on the highway here in a little bit first though let’s walk you around briefly and show

You what this expedition looks like from the outside it’s raining a little bit so hopefully not a ton of water gets on the lens we have nice big 22 inch wheels on 285 45 r22 general grabber all season tires i do like the front end on this new expedition it looks pretty good we have a couple tow hooks recovery points up front a lot of chrome accents pretty nice

Styling for this 22 model year this is equipped with the tow package the heavy duty tow package it can tow up to 9300 pounds get an idea for what type of space we get behind the third row and in the third row not too bad power folding seats we can fold those all down at once with the press of a button get a bunch of cargo space back here a little more storage

Underneath you got a jack accessories not bad a lot of space for people things and stuff accessing that third row is pretty easy too you can fold down the second row completely flat to access the third row you just push on this and those seats slide forward and then it goes back to where it was before we also have this bang olufsen sound system which we will

Test out we’ve got carplay connected and we’ll use our standard sound system test playlist for that a couple options back here for usb and charging ports we’ve got a 110 volt 150 watt plug outlet controls for volume media climate controls too you can also slide back this sun shade and reveal a panoramic sunroof which looks pretty sharp nice seats i like the tan

Interior on this pretty attractive looking interior very spacious compared to the lincoln navigator kind of a bargain at 83 grand so upon first impressions we do have a lot of physical controls and buttons in this expedition all the ergonomics seem pretty straightforward pretty easy to use even with this large touch display everything is nicely organized in the

Sync 4a system we have controls down here for our heated and cooled seats it’s just kind of a sliding scale between heated seat and ventilated seat functions which i think is really neat you have an auto fan speed for your climate control a volume knob which is just basically a knob over the screen but still it works it’s a physical control which i appreciate turn

Off our audio there and then you get buttons down here for traction control turning on and off stop start your hazards and maximum windshield defrost down here we actually get some decent off-road controls we have a hill descent control that we can turn on and off no trail turn assist in this uh expedition like we do on the timberline edition but we do have that

Electronic locking rear differential and then these buttons are shift buttons to up shift or downshift uh if we’re going down a grade or what have you pretty nice looking reverse camera 2 and 360 camera we have some different options here for which direction we want to look there’s a hitch view which is pretty useful we have a fully digital gauge cluster with a

Bunch of different menus different displays and views we’ll probably leave it on the driver assistance display today this expedition is rated for about 18 miles to the gallon combined more controls over here we can adjust our pedal height which is pretty cool just helps in getting a more comfortable driving position we can turn on mirror lighting pop the tailgate

Fold down the headrests and adjust our gauge cluster illumination lots of control with a tilting and telescoping steering wheel too all motor operated three memory seat settings auto up down windows in all four corners rotary shift knob all right let’s take this on the road so we’ve got a pretty nice varied drive route for you guys today we’ll take this on the

Highway a little bit we’ll go through a couple twisties we’ll keep it in four-wheel drive auto that’ll give us just a little bit more traction in the wet today on first impressions i’m pretty impressed with the smoothness from this 10-speed automatic too for a nice job finally kind of figuring out the tuning with this transmission we have very close gear spacing to

Keep us in the power band and pretty smooth indiscernible shifts all my driver inputs feel pretty good too it’s nice and light steering light brake inputs ride quality feels pretty comfortable and smooth too let’s put us into uh now let’s go into sport mode here real quick on this entrance ramp see what that does and then we’ll enable blue crews on the highway

It drives like an expedition it is pretty quick with this 3.5 ecoboost all right so we will re-enable our cruise control here and blue crews should pick up on our lanes and show us the hands-free icon on the left of the screen there so all i have to do now is keep my eyes facing forward and we should be able to just have a hands-free driving experience which

Is very cool of course i can adjust my speed as i so choose my following distances this system won’t yet auto lane change on its own but that isn’t updated in a feature that’s going to be coming in the future so if i wanted to change lanes now all i do is just turn my signal on and it would let me change lanes without any intervention and then once we’re in the

Next lane the system should resume within a few seconds once it sensed the lines it’s a little bit more difficult today because we have some rain on the road inclement weather does seem to throw these systems off occasionally we’ll try this again on the way back for now we’ll turn everything off and it should resume as soon as we hit that resume button on the

Steering wheel finding this expedition to be a pretty easy vehicle to drive sometimes you get behind one of these full-size suvs and it can be a little bit intimidating they can be a little bit large but even on the trail on the off-road driving experience today we drove the expedition timberline which is a pretty comprehensive off-road package for this suv it

Has 10.6 inches of ground clearance 32-inch all-terrain tires the high output ecoboost an easy vehicle to place on and off road all right so both hands on the wheel we have resumed our cruise control our adaptive cruise and if it’s not raining too much still blue crews should pick up on the lines here we go we’re hands free so it’s going to navigate this corner

Again there are some turns that it can’t do and it will warn you and beep and ask you to resume control like right there and again the weather is probably throwing this off a little bit today i’ve noticed that in dry perfect conditions this just works and you can just cruising this thing for miles without any intervention it’s pretty amazing blue cruise employs

The use of both cameras and radar sensors to keep us centered and hands-free with this whole system while we’re cruising here let’s test out this bang olufsen sound system see i’m looking off the road i’m looking over to the screen and it’s prompting me to pay attention that’s pretty clever so it won’t exit for me i’ll do that myself but it did a pretty decent

Job discerning between our current lane and the exit lanes back there let’s listen to this bang and olofson sound system two this piano does sound really nice pretty clear pretty clean base a lot of power turn the volume up really crank it doesn’t get too muddy sounds it’s a nice sound system honestly i’m kind of having some trouble justifying the extra

Price with the navigator after driving this expedition platinum this is a pretty comprehensive premium package for the expedition it’s a very nice vehicle to drive i will say ford does have a lot of different trims and options for all of their vehicles the expedition the explorer you can kind of pick your flavor whether you want a more performance oriented trim

Or you want a more luxurious trip all right guys well those are some first impressions on the new 2022 ford expedition platinum very cool to be able to test out blue cruise a little bit it didn’t work perfectly during this drive i think just because of the rain we took it out earlier and it was a little bit lighter we weren’t getting as much uh precipitation so

It was pretty seamless all throughout our drive on the highway then but you know your results may vary depending on weather and any you know situations or conditions on the road so something to keep in keep in mind whenever you’re using these systems that you still do need to be ready to take over at any moment but otherwise we’ve got a pretty impressive package

Here with this expedition platinum for the price this offers a lot and a lot of features a lot of great options for the money you can tow up to 9 300 pounds with the tow package and as specked i think this is a pretty impressive vehicle we’ll throw some more details in the description with what this is optioned out as but i also like this interior too we can

Take a quick peek at the munroney here but i’ll include all this in the description too so we have the 22 inch wheels heavy duty trailer tow package that’s 7.95 second row bench seats with power folding that’s 5.95 and then we get the 3.73 e lsd electronic limited slip differential the 15.5 inch screen this is a nice infotainment i will say ford’s done a really

Good job kind of reorganizing and figuring out the ergonomics of this screen it’s a it’s a good system i like that you get a physical volume knob and this is the same as what’s in the maki now 18 mpg combined 3.5 liter ecoboost cool all right guys well hopefully that gives you an idea of what the new expedition is like to drive uh we’ll post some more videos

On some other trims here coming soon but for now that’s gonna be it thanks for watching we’ll see you guys in the next video take care so you

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2022 Ford Expedition Platinum – POV Driving Impressions By TheTopher