2022 Ford Expedition Timberline 501a walkaround video

Hey everyone take a look at this 2022 ford expedition this is in the all-new timberline package it is the high 501 package and has all kinds of awesome upgrades let’s check it out together so the first thing is under the hood it has the high output 440 horsepower twin turbo 3.5 liter v6 engine that’s the same motor they run in the raptor from the f-150 series it’s

Made it to a 10-speed automatic transmission making it silky smooth and really good on fuel then you do have this beautiful signature black grille of the timberline series with the nice orange accents on the lower front bumper and front tow hooks you can see we’ve got front park sensors on the bumper too which lets you know if you get too close to something in

The garage also has four cameras so you have a camera up front in the back under both mirrors all that help you park you have these beautiful led headlights they are fully automatic including auto high beam and we have led fog lights to match the vehicle also has a forward collision system with pedestrian detection so if somebody comes out last second you don’t

Have time to stop the vehicle put on the brakes that saves lives and save some money on insurance got a nice front park sensor by the front wheel here what does that do it actually self parks the vehicle for you that’s right this big beautiful baby can park itself parallel and otherwise you might see a lot of clearance between the ground and the front bumper and

That’s because the timberline does give you extra clearance this machine is more than just a pretty face it can go a lot of places you’ve got these gorgeous black glossed out wheels aluminum alloy that look amazing and they’re wrapped in some really nice 18-inch goodyear wrangler tires again meant to go places gloss black mirror caps with an led light inside for

Zone lighting we’ll talk more about that in a second now these mirrors are power folding heated memory mirrors with a blind spot detection systems that’ll light up when somebody’s in your blind spot to get in or out of this vehicle you can just use your code unlock the vehicle with the code here or you can put your hand inside the door handle it’ll unlock with the

Heat of your hand press this button with your thumb and watch your mirrors powerful then letting you know the vehicle is locked you can also use this key fob with unlock lock remote start power liftgate and alarm or you can download fordpass app and do that from anywhere in the world from your smartphone for free thank you ford tinted windows off the back look great

You see that timberline badging right there this beautiful paint love the star white metallic let’s open this up and you will see this has all kinds of accents thanks to the timberline package this nice orange stitching inside this does have the captain seat configuration with the armrests these seats are leather and heated very easy to wipe down tons of room back

Here in the back you have rear climate controls inverted power supply usb power supply and there’s your heated seat controls you also have a 12 volt down there look up top and you’ll see a huge panoramic sunroof with power shade letting in all kinds of natural light as you move back to the rear of the vehicle you’ll see we have rear park sensors and underneath

This garnish is a tow package this vehicle is plenty capable to tow love the expedition badging off the back which is highlighted with a little bit of orange behind it again that ford logo is blacked out both the glass and the hatch can open and you have that backup camera there you can just wave your foot like a magic wand and the vehicle will open up the hatch

As you can see that’s if your hands are full that’s so nice now look at all the cargo space back here and you get a really good look at this full interior you can see this high package does have that huge screen up front 15 and a half inches now if you do want to put these seats up in the back you can just hit a button right here and that third whirl will come up

You also have usb power points on both sides and switches up front to put those seats up and down which is really handy if we open this up you’ll see we’ve got a little bit more storage for our jack it’s a cargo nap back here and just a little more space to put things which is awesome let’s go to the front of the vehicle so as this model is equipped if you’d like

To see the towing specifications and the capacities for the vehicle they are right here in these stickers so take a look at those on your driver’s door more nice stitching you’ve got your memory seats power locks power folding mirrors and power windows because this is the 501 high it does get a bang and olson’s 12 speaker sound system that sounds amazing little

Touches too like i love this inside here you’ll actually see they’ve got stenciled out city and country so you know this vehicle can go kind of all over the place if you want all the accents look great you can put the headrest down hitting that button for the back power liftgate your set it and forget it headlights fog lights interior dimmer switches and even turn

On the lights on the mirrors power adjustable pedals power emergency brake power tilt and telescopic steering it’s also memory and then you have these super comfortable front captains chairs which are 10-way adjustable heated and cooled let’s climb inside the vehicle all right now that we are inside the vehicle we’re going to go ahead and hit the push button start

Fire things up and you have this huge over 12 inch digital display that comes up which is just awesome i have it in the off-road mode right now so it shows you a lot of articulation this gives you the digital display for your speedometer it even displays uh the speed limits on the road a camera takes a picture of a speed sign it’ll displace that display that as

Well now on your steering wheel again nice blacked out emblem i love the just the trim that’s been done on here you have your cruise control which is an adaptive cruise control so slow you down automatically with the vehicle in front of you also has ford’s semi-autonomous drive system called lane centering which basically means it’ll steer the steering wheel for

You even going around corners by using the lines on the road volume controls to your stereo voice recognition system controls that display up top phone and stereo controls now this leather wrapped steering wheel is heated feels like a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning and if you look up top you’ve got a bang and also stereo center channel nice place

Flat there to be able to put things and then this huge 15 and a half inch screen this thing is awesome basically a giant tablet in the middle here it does have a hard base navigation system which is great fully connected the vehicle also has all sorts of little uh apps and things that you can control from down here including your heated seats air conditioned seats

Heated steering wheel fan speeds and everything else now this is one of my favorite if you go into here it brings up some options we can actually see the around view camera system from here so that’s out front and all around we can change that and we can see a bunch of different views we’ve got a front view we can do a triple view we can even do a hitch view um

Just all sorts of different options which is really awesome then it does have zone lighting what’s zone lighting basically we can turn the whole outside of the vehicle into a flashlight or we can actually just pick one side or the other side or just the front to light up which is nice does have trail turn assist what’s trail turn assist this basically means this

Huge vehicle can really tight turn think of a bobcat or something where it locks the inner wheel and lets you turn really really sharply has that self park mode that i was telling you about we can either park the vehicle for us or navigate us to a parking lot all really awesome options as we come down below you’ve got four-way flashers got traction control and

Quick button for rear defrost open this pocket up you have usb and usbc inputs as well as a wireless charger which is super handy come down here you have your 10 speed automatic transmission really nice rotary style and if you hit the manual mode button you can use this plus and minus to shift up and down through the 10 gears has a locking rear differential on

It which is again a really cool feature for a bigger vehicle the off-road capabilities are almost endless with this thing then the four-wheel drive system we have two high four low four high and four automatic set it and forget it if it’s winter time or anything else which is just awesome then you do have uh if we press this button it is a trail control system so

Trail control means that we can set the cruise control to really low speeds like five kilometers an hour and just creep along we have the self park button so again you saw me do it from the screen before but if i just hit that quickly it’ll ask us if we want to park the vehicle um or if we want to take it to a parking lot and then we have drive modes what are drive

Modes as i spin this you’ll actually see we can go from normal eco sport trailer tow mode and it changes the display on any type of different color that you have so it’ll be in green it’ll be in red it just really changes the background and then we can go to some traction control we can go to mud and ruts go to sand we can go to slippery and this is actually going

To put the four wheel drive on and change the traction control parameters for best suited to those conditions again just awesome awesome capabilities of this vehicle open this up you do have your cup holders down there nice big center console we’ve got an upper and a lower section with another 12 volt down there we do have two glove boxes we can just open up the

Top one by pressing that button and then we do have a 12 volt here and a nice spot just to put things come up top you have an electrochromatic auto dimming mirror got some controls for our map lights our power sunroof and power shade speaking of shades open this up and you have your sunglasses holder and then we have some garage door openers up top that is this

Beautiful 2022-501 timberline thanks a lot for watching this video do me a huge favor and click subscribe to this channel go ahead and hit the bell icon and you’ll be notified every time i make a video if you like this one give it a big thumbs up thanks everybody

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2022 Ford Expedition Timberline 501a walkaround video By Jason Gillett