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2022 Ford Expedition XLT MAX: Is The New Expedition Worth It?

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Today I drive and review a 2022 Ford Expedition XLT MAX!

See how this twin turbo 3.5 liter v6 performs wow so it puts in four wheel auto hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today is going to be reviewing a 2022 ford expedition xlt max which i think is the best version of the new expedition first and foremost a huge channel thank you to the large miller ford lincoln here in provo utah four give me some time with this

Expedition this one is available for sale for the time being so if you’re interested i’ll include a link to their inventory in the description down below if you have any questions whatsoever just ask for john jenks and then on a side note if you want to see save time and money the next time you purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below

Let’s get into it foreign under the hood we have a twin turbo 3.5 liter v6 it goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission fuel climbing 16 around town and then 21 on the highway with powerpoints being 380 horsepower and then 470 pound-feet of torque now let’s go to the front end of the expedition max and by the way this is a brand new color it’s called dark

Matter gray metallic and it looks really cool actually so it basically has like twice as much metallic flake as like previous dark gray metallics on fords that i’ve seen in the past and it’s kind of like multi-colored with the flake so it’s definitely pretty interesting anyways notice the hood is raised on either side and then we have our ford logo front and center

With the camera at the bottom of the logo and you guys can see this kind of like silver trim there in the grill and that goes into the headlight area with our led lights in the daytime running lights and then we’ve got the fog lamp down below and then more silver trim here at the bottom of the parking sensors the tow hooks as well and then blacked out trim in the

Grille and well there’s a front end come around the side here tire wheel setup is 275 55 20 in the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see with the wheel design itself got the silver there on the top and you got some metallic gray kind of in between the silver bits pretty typical for most modern crafts like everyone does the same thing silver

With metallic gray anyways you can see we’ve got independent front suspension here and then look at the molding there for the fender and then we’ve got these fixed side steps with some chrome accenting mirrors are body painting door handles or body painting but there is that chrome strip there in the center portion and you guys can see the max is uh pretty big

Now here is our key fob for the expedition max we have the four logo there on the back we have our unlock lock function remote starting the opening here for the hatch and this is where you guys will see the big benefit of going for the max over the regular expedition that’s the fact that you have tons of cargo space here behind the third row because the third row

Is all folded up which the thing’s really cool about third rows we can press this button right here and it’ll fold it down i love how the headrests go like not right away but like after a little bit and then with the third row folded down i mean it’s just crazy how much storage space you have back here and there’s a little bit more underneath as well which kind

Of balance the practicality and then if you want the seats back up just press this you just have to one touch press it and then they’ll pop back up notice that we have like a little usb port there for the third row and then they’ve got some controls to move the second row seats and you can also move the second row seats you just can’t raise them back up basically

Like the third row and then when you are all done there is this button right here press that and then it’ll just lower everything right back down let’s finish things up with the rest of the rear so this is a payload capacity of 1778 pounds and then a towing capacity of 9 300 pounds because this has the heavy duty trailer tow package added to it now you guys can see

With the chrome trim that goes all the way around and of course we’ve got our expedition logo here and then the xlt badge down below and then the max badge there on the other side parking sensors here at the bottom and then the bezel that covers the receiver hitch there at the very very bottom and well i guess we should talk about the tail lights and then that’ll

Be a and for the rear you do get the baseline taillights here with the xlt if you get something like the um timberline for example you get upgraded taillights rear notice we’ve got nice soft touch material here at the top of the stitching and then padding down below and i’ve always been a fan of like circular speakers here in the expedition now this is pretty cool

We’ve got these nice leather seats here in the xlt notice they’re perforated here and the center portion and then the side step helps out getting in because you know this is a little bit higher up off the ground there’s your legroom there’s your headroom and then you guys can see storage pockets got a couple cup holders and then down below you have controls for

The climate system and then some outlets as well this has its own clamp system here in the rear and this one has the bench seat configuration so we have three seats here and then we have three more in the back and the cool thing about the expedition just like other full-size suvs is you can fit adults in the back is pretty much the only segment of suv that you can

Comfortably fit adults in the back seats but yeah you got three three and then two so we have eight seats total in this particular one and well speaking of the front let’s head there now here is the front door panel you guys can see again with the padding and the stitching and then down below just like what you have in the rear this does have memory seats we have

All of our window controls here and then you guys can see with the adjustments for the mirrors and they do powerful then they also have blind spot monitoring and another one of the speakers for the sound system and then here’s the front seat same as we have in the rear and i will say the like cushioning of these seats is really nice power adjustments on the side

Then here is the pedal layouts down below and then we have our pedal adjustment with our parking brake light controls and then notice for the seats to throw them down here from the driver’s side or actually rather the headrest i believe i’ll double check when i turn it on opening for the hatch and let’s pop in so first off that button was for the headrest fold

Anyways you guys can see nice padding all around the steering wheel with the contrast it’s stitching that in the center portion and then we have this silver trim here at the bottom we’ve got our controls here for the cruise control system so this does have an adaptive cruise control system with our volume and voice command controls controls for the center stack

And then we have our turn signal slash windshield wiper stock and there’s the steering wheel so here’s our center gauge clutch you guys can see we can scroll through some different menus like we can see fuel economy for example if we so desire which a brand new vehicle so fuel company’s not gonna be accurate or anything like that but you can see basic bits of

Vehicle information pretty standard setup most modern vehicles if something like this but the cool part with fords is the drive modes so we have a bunch of them so you guys saw first with normal and then you eco sport we have some cool animations with each of the modes and your tow haul mode and then on the other side we have our slippery i love how it shows ice

Sand and our mud ruts again cool little animations with each of those modes and there you go so here’s our infotainment system first off if we pop it into reverse we do have a backup camera which trajectory lines it turns the steering wheel mostly also have that bird’s eye view and then we can actually change the whole like viewpoint here with the camera system um

But this regular setup is pretty solid and notice we even have the zoom function right there and then you also can zoom in with this little element right here kind of hard because there’s like plastic covering on the screen but overall really good camera system being a 360 camera system now with the rest of the infotainment screen we’ve got the shortcut bar here at

The bottom of the screen so like for example we can go to the settings tab and this lets us control different a bunch of different features basically so this is a tab that you might use quite often obviously you got the favorites as well which is pretty cool so that you got shortcuts to a bunch of things and then this is basically just like an auxiliary sidebar so

Like we can press the pages button and then let’s scroll through to different menus so yeah pretty cool system pretty intuitive easy to use it’s super similar to what you have in the f-150 and i like it we’ve got our pro trailer assist trailer brake controls down below and then you can see this button right here press it pops on with the camera so that’s the front

Camera view if you guys are wondering and then stability control down below the hazard lights volume controls and then we have our dual zone climate controls heated cooled seats for the front heated steering wheel as well and then we’ve got our wireless phone charging pad in this area with the usbs and you can just click this back into place if you want to cover

That up and then there is kind of like storage on the side and then we have the dial shifter here with the expedition we do have a rear locking differential and then plus and minus if you want to manually shift yourself and then we have our driveline sucks so this has two wheel high four wheel auto four wheel high and then four wheel low and then your drive mode

Selections in that area health descent control and then parking sensors and more cup holders then we’ve got our f-150 style center console and then same thing with the glove box taken right out of the f-150 and then you guys can see that the stitching on the dash and then finally we have a panoramic center here at the top then we’ve got the sunglass holder and

Then control for the center fret here and then universal garage openers now here’s the window sticker for the 2022 expedition max xlt here’s all the standard equipment and you guys can see the warranty information 3 or 36 000 mile on the bumper five year 60 000 mile on the powertrain this one is a 202a equipment group it also has the special edition package as well

After all options total msrp is 74 890 dollars thank you let’s see how it drives let’s talk about visibility before we set off here’s your visibility over the hood both the mirrors were still blinds don’t want to drink and throw the rest of the rear and let’s set off so setting off in the expedition max and first off i’ll show you guys this raptor it has the

Tailgate applique delete ford needs to get rid of that i just i can’t i can’t deal with it every time i see it i cringe but let’s talk about this expedition and not talk about raptors with ugly tailgates um so first off seat cover is actually really good and it’s actually a pretty hot day it was cooling down for a little bit but well utah being utah it is hot

Again so first off from a rock quality perspective with the independent front rear suspension it’s very smooth yeah when you go over bumps it doesn’t upset it whatsoever they did a really good job with the suspension tuning on this yeah it’s so quiet too solid cabin insulation handles great some of the big benefits of doing independent front rear suspension

Is you improve the handling on a vehicle by a very large margin steering is really good as well the big the big thing for me though is these seats they’re so comfortable got really good padding on them again i can’t emphasize enough that ac seat function is just so good so let’s pop it into wrong way how do we do this the sport mode see how this twin turbo 3.5

Liter v6 performs wow so it puts in four wheel auto so you get better grip it it pulls even though this is not the most powerful version of the expedition it is it’s more than enough power i’d have to say that is that is solid for a full-size suv again and we’re at you know 4 500 feet elevation and so having a twin turbo engine helps out quite substantially so

Let’s sum things up here with this expedition um exterior wise i think it looks pretty good uh interior also like it it’s i feel like it has all the stuff that you’d need from an interior perspective like easy to clean surfaces soft touch in a lot of places and i can heated cold seats for the drivers like that’s that’s great well i should say for the front seats

Not for the drivers there’s not two drivers in this that’d be weird um drives really well it’s really comfortable so yeah i really do think this is the expedition sweet spot is like the stealth performance look cooler than this yeah it does you know does the timberline also look cooler than this yeah it does and you know that has the off-road capability but like

Let’s be honest are you going to use the off-road capability do you need the extra power probably not and so you know the extra money you pay for those packages you know it it makes sense if you’re i guess like if you want the extra power with the stealth and then if you you know want to take this off-road with the timberline but if you’re not going to do those

Things or you’ll need the power to do that thing can’t talk apparently but the point that i’m trying to make is i think this is the sweet spot it has everything that you could want with the new expedition and it’s more affordable than some of the other packages let’s get something’s up with our video on this expedition max again a huge shout out thank you to the

Large miller ford lincoln here in provo for give me some time with this expedition check out the intro description down below if you have any questions just ask for john jenks i’ll see you

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2022 Ford Expedition XLT MAX: Is The New Expedition Worth It? By Ben Hardy