2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Redline: First Look – 2021 Chicago Auto Show

We get up close and personal with the brand new 2022 #Ford #F150Lightning at the 2021 #ChicagoAutoShow. This all-electric truck offers up to 300 miles of range, up to 563 HP, the ability to DC fast charge to 80% in just 41 mins, and 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. It will also do truck things like haul around up to 2,000 lbs in the bed and tow a maximum of 10,000 lbs. The new #FordLightning goes on sale early next year. #FordF150Lightning #Lightning

I’m at the 2021 chicago auto show with probably the most important vehicle introduction for 2021 that right behind me as you can see i’d like to call that the money shot is the completely all-electric 2022 ford f-150 lightning as you can see that frunk is massive it measures around 14 cubic feet it’ll hold a maximum of 400 pounds and this is my first time seeing the

Truck in person so let’s finally take a first look so now that i have the new f-150 lightning in person let’s first examine the front of this vehicle ford calls it a massive power frunk it’s optional or the power feature is optional on certain trims this one here is the lariat as you can see it’s even bigger in person when i look at it ford says it measures around

400 liters or 14 cubic feet it’ll hold a maximum of 400 pounds on the floor and there’s even a nifty little feature here where you can lift this area and it has some underfloor storage there’s four power power outlets over here and two usb ports because remember this has their pro power on board system because this is all electric and you can also use this as a cool

Box and really it’s a game changer in the industry because they offer coverage storage in the front that’s typically something that you don’t find on a pickup truck so one of the unique features about the lightning is the fact that it doesn’t need a grill so you can see the unique or the traditional ford grill here is just kind of closed off all for aerodynamics

You have these unique led headlights that’s included on every lightning even the base version you can see you’ve got led low and high beams you have a unique led turn signal and led daytime running lights this particular one is the lariat trim like i mentioned earlier painted this very very pretty shade of blue this is a truck that looks very conventional as

You can see seeing it in person it looks like a regular f-150 to me minus of course the unique grille and headlights the wheels you can see uh these are the 20-inch wheel i feel i believe ford will go up to a 22. i’ll have to double check that you can see they have more of an aerodynamic design to them this is also the first f-150 that has an independent rear

Suspension because of the design of this vehicle remember the batteries kind of make up the entire floor of this truck which keeps the weight down low now ford is only offering the lightning in a crew cab configuration with a five and a half foot bed you can see the charge port for this vehicle is actually on the driver’s side this is just here so for looks to

Complete like the look with the charge port door on the other side and just like a regular f150 you can see it has that unique look here that came off of the super duty a few years ago the four full-size doors really add a lot of versatility and you can see looking at the back this vehicle is about the same length as a standard f-150 so you’re really not giving

Up anything here although aside from the unique lightning badge i think ford did a fantastic job with making this truck appear like an electric truck but also not alienating a lot of its customer bases now looking at the bed you can see here ford says the bed will carry a maximum of 2000 pounds of payload back here you can see this one here has the spray-in bed

Liner you have that pro power on board system where this vehicle if your power runs out of your house or goes out you can charge your home for up to or you can power your home for up to three days that’s with using all of the power that you probably need if you conserve power ford says it’ll lack the maximum of 10 days depending on of course your area and how

Much power you’re going to be using so now that i’m seeing the new truck in person let’s finally take a look at the interior and as you can see the interior of this vehicle if you guys have spent some time in the new machi it’s going to feel very familiar because it has the largest touchscreen ever in an f-150 now you can see the lariat trim here is kind of the

Mid-trim there is an upper platinum grade above this one here that will give you even more luxury and tech but you can see here this is a very familiar place to spend time but it also looks a lot more special versus the standard f-150 this has those features like the center console here that lifts out or that folds out into a table with that gear selector that

Folds in when i get into the truck i really like this running board here with the grab handle it allows short people like myself to get in pretty easily and then when i come over here and shut the door the door has a nice solid sounding thunk to it now look at this massive screen in fact this truck has the same screen the sync 4a system a 15.5 inch screen that

You get in the mock e and i have to say it looks very very impressive in this truck very befitting in a in a vehicle that has this massive dash you also have a 12.3 inch uh lcd display here for the instrument panel essentially the same steering wheel the steering wheel itself is tilt and telescoping i imagine the platinum grade may offer a power folding or power

Option for the uh adjustments and again like i said earlier you’ve got this power gear shifter that controls the one speed transmission that can fold out if you guys want to actually open up this to create a table the sync 4a system you can see will include over-the-air updates it has wireless apple carplay and android auto and just like in the maki you have all

These different driving modes there’s a one pedal drive option you can adjust the ambient lighting you can pull up the cameras here you can see the full 360 camera looks fantastic great resolution uh and it’s really what you need in a vehicle like this because of how large it is now ford did give you a dedicated volume button here you can adjust the climate controls

From there you have some dedicated hard buttons over here wireless phone charger there and the materials over here you can see you’ve got this leather sort of leatherish material with some faux stitching this is hard touch plastic here on the upper portion but remember this is a very early prototype so i’m gonna have to wait until i see a full production version

Of this truck to decide uh if what the the final materials are you can see going over here you can pull that up and you can find all your usual sources over here there’s your carplay you’ve got your built-in gps with this vehicle as you can see pretty decent graphics ford has done a really good job here with their latest system so if you haven’t spent any time

In a ford lately you really need to see their latest sync 4a system this is their absolute newest system lower versions of the lightning will have a smaller 12-inch display with sync 4 that’s the same system that you find of course in the regular f-150 hybrid and just like the other f-150 models there’s a crap-ton of space in here you can see i can’t even reach

The other side uh but i’m not a very tall person in general there’s still dual glove boxes here so you haven’t really lost any of the functionality that you expect the seats are pretty comfortable and supportive i imagine ford is going to offer the massaging and heated and cooled feature this lariat version i don’t see if i i don’t see that on this version i only

See heated seats although actually no just kidding there’s the cooled function so it’s all in the screen display here which is nice because ford has kind of gotten rid of the hard buttons and they want you to put everything of course in the screen over here opening up the center console you can see there’s a pretty good amount of storage in here ford says you can

Basically store a laptop or your bat a bag in there a person there and like i said earlier my favorite feature probably has to be this massive table that this creates where you can eat your lunch in here you can set up a workstation so this is going to make using this vehicle out on site at job locations very easy especially for a lot of contractors now just like

The standard f-150 the legroom and the back seat is massive i believe there’s around 44 inches of total legroom back here the seats you can see still offer the ways that you can fold this up you can create a little bit of a nice load floor or flat area here if you want to put stuff back here although most people are probably going to be using the massive frunk you

Can see when i get back here completely flat floor i do notice the floor feels a little bit higher remember the battery pack lines the floor of this truck so the floor does feel a little bit higher but there’s still plenty of headroom back here my tester is missing a sunroof which i imagine will be available on other trims materials back here you can see same

As the front it’s a soft touch injection molded plastic with some fake stitching over there you have rear seat air vents you have heated rear seats massively wide vehicle so you can fit three people across easily and really just this open and airy environment along with the way this looks here from the back seat just makes this truck look incredibly futuristic

So ford bravo has done a fantastic job with this new f-150 lightning now we can’t talk about an electric truck without talking about the specs now obviously there’s no motor to show you guys ford is going to be offering two different battery packs a standard and an extended range ford also did not disclose how large the battery packs are they did say however with

The dual charging system on board you should be able to recharge this vehicle overnight in around eight to ten hours which they claim is faster than some of their competitors range is going to sit of course at 230 miles and 300 miles if you guys go for the extended range battery pack the base version of course with extended battery will offer up to 426 horsepower

Um that one is going to be included with a standard range battery pack if you guys upgrade to the larger battery battery packet offers up to 569 horsepower that’s the one that will that’ll do zero to 60 in around four and a half seconds both models will have 775 pound-feet of torque so this is again the most powerful production f-150 ever it has more horsepower

And torque versus the f-150 svt raptor which the new version actually hasn’t gone on sale just yet no transmission obviously this is an all-electric truck and ford says it’ll tow a maximum of ten thousand pounds if you guys go for the extended range battery pack and option in the max trailer tow package so if you guys are looking to purchase the all-new f-150

Lightning ford is actually taking reservations now on their website for 100 it’ll essentially put your place in line however you’re going to have to wait a little bit because ford is not starting deliveries of this new truck until mid 2022 uh spring 2022 and that’s really where this is kind of going to be a game changer because with that massive frunk with the

Amount of range that ford offers ford says that range they test it is probably going to be conservative so i’ll be interested to see how this does in the real world and with 0 to 60 in under uh five seconds four and a half seconds all of that tech on the inside and a conventional look on the outside this is going to be a truck that a lot of people are going to be

Taking a look at especially if you’ve been apprehensive about electric vehicles electric cars are the future and now that we’re seeing it of course on america’s best-selling vehicle the world’s best-selling vehicle only a matter of it’s only going to be a matter of time before we see more and more evs coming to market in the next five years and this is really

The start of it all and remember this truck starts at around 39 974 just under 40 grand of course for the base work truck version the xlt the consumer version is going to start at around 52 000 if fully loaded versions of this truck are going to be around 90 grand which is pretty expensive but keep in mind you can get a gas powered f-150 hybrid a power boost

Model to be right around 75 000 so really ford is charging a 10 000 premium for the electric version and that’s before the 7 500 federal tax credit so this is going to be a hot truck i imagine ford’s gonna be selling every one of these that they can build and i’m just really super looking forward to getting behind the willis vehicle remember it’s going to be

Going head-to-head with trucks like the cyber truck and of course the rivien r1t there’s going to be so many new electric trucks coming ram just unveiled an electric version of the ram truck that’s coming as well and we all know that gm is going to be working on something for the silverado and the sierra but we we already have confirmation of the gmc hummer ev

Which is going to be well over a hundred thousand dollars when that goes on sale sometime late next year but all that said i hope you guys have enjoyed my first look overview here at the 2021 chicago auto show on the all new 2022 ford f-150 lightning if you’re also looking to see the latest cars i’m testing be sure to follow me on instagram at redline underscore

Reviews like us on facebook and as always guys please keep subscribing to the redline reviews youtube channel for all the latest reviews thank you so much for watching i’ll catch you all in the next video

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