2022 Ford F-150 XLT Black Appearance: Woah This Looks Great How Much Does It Cost Though?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Ford F-150 XLT Black Appearance Package!

Um so this is like right in between the two uh and so i guess that’s the problem they have with this truck is like this is you know more expensive than a or it’s probably the same price as an equivalent tremor at this point afford to increase the price on the tremor since last time i reviewed one hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today’s gonna be going over

The all new ford f-150 xlt black appearance package first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the larry miller ford lincoln here in provo utah for giving me some time with this xlt check out the inventory in the description down below and then as always if you want to save time and money the next time you purchase a car link to my carbine guide in the

Description down below as well let’s get right into the video under the hood we have a twin turbo 3.5 liter v6 that goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 17 around town and then 23 on the highway with power puts being 400 horsepower and then 500 pound-feet of torque now let’s go to the front end of this xlt so with this package you

Now get the hood from the tremor which looks really cool notice the ford logo has been dark and you got a camera there at the bottom of the logo we have the standard xlt headlights here with the daytime running lights and then you’ve got that fog light area down below again with the daytime running light body painted bumpers notice with the parking sensors there

And then the whole grille has been blacked out as well we’ve got the tow hooks here at the bottom with the standard air dam and yeah this truck just looks so cool from a front end perspective coming on the side here we’ve got 275 millimeter tires wrapped around 20 inch wheels on the front and then also in the rear as well and notice how the wheels have been all

Blacked out as part of this package and look at the design on the wheel too that looks really cool independent front suspension just like every other f-150 notice here with the badge on the side that’s also been blacked out you can see the mirrors door handles too are body painted and then notice in the rear here with our fx4 off-road sticker that’s been blocked

Out again with the rear wheels still have the standard leaf springs here in the back this one has the side steps that are fixed and there’s your side view now here’s our key fob we have our unlock function or lock function remote starting the drop down for the tailgate we have a payload capacity of 697 pounds and this has the max tow package so towing capacity is

Going to be somewhere around like 13 ish thousand pounds with the truck we’ve got the measuring charts here on the back this one has led lights in the bed we have an outlet as well led cargo light there uh no bed liner that’s linked out as an option this one has ford’s bed step system and then let’s see if it does the raise function with the tailgate nope so just

Gotta lift it up yourself now finishing things up with the rest of the rear you guys can see we’ve got these standard xlt tail lights here and then notice here at the bumper got the parking sensors there again darkened ford logo and then we have the exhaust tips from the all new tremor so it has that cool dual outlet exhaust appearance which i really like and there

You go now here’s the door panel in the rear you guys can see the materials here at the top and then the padding down below just like every other xlt this one has the bang olsen sound system and you guys can see the gray trim there on the door panel now it’s raining quite a bit so we’re going to pop in early unlike other reviews but let’s still go over the seats

So you guys can see we’ve got the upgraded leather seats here in this truck which look fantastic nice padding on them and speaking of that look at the leg room headroom and then you guys can see here at the storage pocket now it’s got the cup holders right here we’ve got vents with all of our charging ports and then under seat storage as well and let’s head to

The front hopefully my microphone survives the rain so here is the front door panel you guys can see there with the trim and then notice down below with the padding got all of our window controls right here door lock and unlock the mirrors do have blind spot monitoring and again we got these fixed side steps and ben olson sound system gonna close the door so we

Don’t get things too wet you guys can see there with the mirror lights light controls pedal adjustment we’ve got that for the parking brake and then here are the front seats which will move my backpack so you guys can see again with the leather trim and then the bolstering here on the seat itself so here is the steering wheel with this xlt you guys can see nice

Leather trim all around the stitching on the center and i noticed this trim piece right here regular controls for the center stack and then notice here with the coloration on the ford logo this does have the steering assistance and it also has adaptive cruise control turn signal windshield wiper stock and there’s the steering wheel now here’s the cage cluster that

We get with this blackout package you guys can see analog gauges on either side and then here in the center we can scroll through different bits of info here on the truck just like other f-150s um obviously this truck just came in so that fuel economy is not accurate whatsoever um but you guys get the gist there we have a bunch of different drive modes yes i understand

Fuel economy um so you got your tow haul eco sport and then the other side we’ve got our slippery deep snow sand mud ruts and then rock crawl and then um you can’t go in a full circle like i’m still twisting so you basically stop at one side and then you have to go to the other side it’s kind of interesting we’ve got our camera button here parking sensors that is

For your hazard lights stability control and then our hill descent control and then this has the 12 inch display so first off if i pop in reverse we’ve got a backup camera with trajectory lines that turn at the steering wheel and then notice here with all the other camera viewpoints including the bed camera as well so really solid from a camera system perspective

Resolution is fantastic again parking sensors front and rear now with the infotainment system it’s split into several different areas we’ve got the main screen right here with the shortcut bar there at the bottom and you can see response time is fantastic with this it’s easy to use right everything’s pretty self-explanatory there and then the side screen which

You can scroll through different uh menus like you guys can see it’s on the eco behavior for example and that’s the 12 inch display we have the pro trailer assist we’ve got trailer brake controls on this one notice we’ve got the driveline select with the axle lock as well we have two high four high four low no four wheel auto on the xlt dual zone climate controls

With heated seats at the front and then notice the storage space here with the usbs a couple of cup holders here and then notice with the shifter that does have the cool fold down function uh this one does have the workbench center console as well so you do that whole thing there is the center console and then notice with the trim on the glove box right and then

Also the dash as well again bengals sound system and then popping up top here got our sunglass holder power setting window and regular mirror and well there you go now here’s the window sticker on this xlt i’m not gonna spend too much time on it uh basically 302 a and then here is the optional equipment if you guys want to read through that and then total msrp 65

595 and let’s take it up for a short little drive and kind of sum up my thoughts let’s talk about visibility before we set off here’s the visibility of the hud both of the mirrors we do have blind spot monitoring the rest the rear and let’s set off okay so we’re just going on a short drive because i just want to give you guys kind of my thoughts here on this

Particular package um with the xlt um you know if this package is worth it or not on the xlt um so first off i think this looks great on the outside um it’s it’s just a it’s a really good looking uh truck overall having all the blacked out accents having the hood from the tremor i i really like it again i think it looks fantastic um interior again with these upgraded

Seats and everything really nice as well um so that’s another big plus um so yeah and and all the you know luxury options you get the bigger screen the nicer sound system heated seats all that um so there’s quite a bit uh to love about this truck but i do have a qualm with this truck and that is the fact that the tremor exists um and you know i know the ford just

Recently increased their prices on all their trucks so my information might be slightly outdated sorry if it is um but the last time i reviewed a you know quote-unquote like entry-level tremor with some options similar to this it was like 61 000 uh roughly and then a fully loaded tremor that i reviewed for 2022 model year was like 71 000 for the sticker price uh

So this is like right in between the two uh and so i guess that’s the problem they have with this truck is like this is you know more expensive than a or it’s probably the same price as an equivalent tremor at this point afford to increase the price on the trimmer since last time i reviewed one um or it’s just barely less expensive than a fully loaded tremor and

I would rather have the tremor frankly because of the off-road shops it still has cool looks right some of you might not be into the gold accents i understand that um but with the off-road capability that has and the road presence it has i i think that’s that’s my choice um with the trucks again considering the price point uh that this is at i still think this is

A really cool truck i think it looks fantastic and i think they have a trimmer here that’s used let’s just kind of there we go so you guys can kind of of course the window sticker is blocking us um right there you guys can see it’s just it’s tall it’s it it’s blacked out it like it has you know it doesn’t have the blacked out four badges but i mean that’s an easy

That’s an easy change frankly so yeah again i think this package is cool um but how this is optioned out me personally i’m gonna go for the tremor but i can understand some people you know they don’t really care for the off-road style right they’d rather just have a more on-road style truck with the bigger wheels that aesthetic and everything so i still think

It’s cool package but yeah my opinion let me know what you guys think that’s because something’s up for our video on this xlt again a huge shout out thank you to the larry miller ford lincoln here in pro 4 give me some time with this truck check out the inventory in the description down below i will see all of you in that next video

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2022 Ford F-150 XLT Black Appearance: Woah! This Looks Great! How Much Does It Cost Though? By Ben Hardy