2022 Ford F150 Lightning POV First Drive and Impressions

Join along for a POV drive in the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT Extended Range!

Okay guys we’re here with the all-new ford f-150 lightning this is in the xlt trim right here with the extended range battery pack the full on beans feel like over 550 horsepower 770 pound-feet of torque i’m going to put the exact figures there i’m just going off the top of my head but this thing’s nuts ford says 0-60 and around or under the mid to four second range

And i can tell you right now it is definitely that quick but additionally it drives really well it has an independent rear suspension now of course that massive battery pack adding even more weight and keeping the car really planted so let’s go hop inside and let’s see how it drives really quickly so getting into lightning approaching it of course let me just

Show you really quick the lights do turn on which is really nice i think this thing just looks really cool up front we have if you just hold this down really quickly this thing pops open power front trunk it is huge it does take a little bit to open but it’s massive really awesome stuff you have parallel it’s there additional storage under there and it closes

Like this but this is a driving video let’s go show you guys what it drives like okay guys so we’re inside the f-150 lightning let’s put the keys down over here pop my seat belt on and let’s take it on short little drive this thing is really really nice inside on these short drives it’s really really fast again this has the extended range um battery pack let’s

Just pop it on all the screens come to life in front of you this is actually a pretty configurable gauge cluster over here i’m pretty surprised about that um in its mode right now we’re in normal mode and you can kind of go from truck info telling info um phone audio settings navigation so you do have a lot of nice different stuff on here which is really nice

And when you pop into the different drive modes you do get different stuff going on as well so it’s really cool um but yeah and trip settings and all that fun stuff i don’t want the navigation off okay let’s turn that off really quick okay all right we got that all settled now when you pop over here you can see your drive modes and here you got normal sport

Off-road tow haul one pedal driving and a locking differential i don’t like the one pedal driving it’s actually really really aggressive not the biggest fan of that um but for all intents and purposes for now let’s just pop it into sport mode because it is pretty nuts actually in sport mode um yeah let me just see find a cool screen and keep it on over here

For you guys power distribution screen is awesome um pop into drive and we’re in sport mode and let’s head off let’s just make sure we’re safe over here sweet now this thing like i said before has the fully independent suspension um because and that massive battery pack out back which is going to give you kind of that more planted feel and i’m surprised how

This drives this actually drives really really well really solid no jitteriness no kind of like unstableness it’s really planted to the ground of course the battery and um i feel really solid and safe in it actually which is really nice i wasn’t expecting that getting into it so that was a good um thing to feel now the ride actually itself is pretty comfortable

Now this is a really poor road to kind of judge it on it is really smooth but um we’ll take down a little bit of some bumps and ruts in a little second and it actually is really smooth i really am impressed with that now i don’t know if that’s due to the fact that the absolutely massive rear kind of like sub-frame control arms but um it is nice or the battery

Being super heavy but just a quick little acceleration pull you can see how fast this is holy jesus it chirps the wheels it’s nuts it is really nuts um how fast this thing is and like i said before over 70 pound-feet of torque that has over 550 horsepower and it can pull now every time you do those pulls you are going to dramatically decrease all of your

Range it will go through it really quickly so you’re going to be careful how much you do that but it is really tempting when you have this much power on tap now another issue that i have noticed with the lightning is the turning radius is absolutely horrible so this is full lock this is a bad example but there was a really sharp turn um down another road over

Here and i’ll show you guys really quick here full lock terrible turning radius you got to be careful where you’re going um i don’t know if that’s due to the electric motors and i haven’t driven a regular f-150 so i’m not too sure about it’s turning radius but this one’s not super good um we were just driving a bronco and that had a much better turning radius

But of course that was a short wheelbase so i’m gonna digress there um nonetheless it is pretty comfortable really quiet in here now this is an ev um so there’s no motors or anything or engines making any sound so as it is an ev you got to have additional sound deadening additional installation because you’re going to be able to hear more things like tire noise

You’re going to be able to hear wind and other stuff and this is actually very well insulated inside of this f-150 lighting i’m really impressed by that actually they did a good job it is really quiet in here now when you do get off on the throttle if you come to a full stop let me demonstrate this for you guys really quickly you can kind of hear that electric

Motorway i’m gonna be quiet for a second there is a faint electric motor of wine in the distance which is really cool but other than that it is dead silent in here and i do really like that i think if you’re going to get an expensive uv and yeah sure it’s 77 or 76 000 um with this extended range battery pack um i’m sure you don’t get the nice receipts whatever

But powertrain i think they did a really solid job on and i’m kind of impressed by this one um on that aspect and yeah it’s just really comfortable to drive and when you don’t need to like be hauling around like a lunatic you can pop it into normal mode and it’s a great daily car super comfortable super soft and that noise is really cool in the distance like

I can whisper right now and you guys can’t hear me like it’s that kind of quiet let’s pop around over here check out that turning radius again i do have a lot more space there but yeah i am liking this a lot more than i thought i was gonna like it now of course this is one of the main pickup trucks electric pickup trucks on the market of course we have the

Review on r1t which is significantly more expensive um starting in the 70 000 range and going out from there and then upcoming of course we have the cyber truck the silverado ev um a whole bunch of others on their way soon so options are going to get wider and more broad but right now this is probably a great pick and if you can’t get your hands on the ravion

You might not be able to get your hands on one of these either but if you can they’re impressive um a lot of capability i i am pretty impressed with what ford was able to do and like with this platform now this was not a ground-up eb platform this was an f-150 they shoved batteries in them totally re-engineered the entire rear end of the vehicle um and i think

They did a great job and this is our first real time to the electric pickup truck and they beat almost everyone to the market really great job on them right here now i’m gonna take you guys outside of the car in a second just so you can guys see what this thing looks like when it squats down and gets ready to launch because it’s nuts other than that i’m gonna

Conclude this drive but yeah i’m really liking this f-150 lightning i think they did an incredible job let’s turn around over here and for a truck platform something with the frame it drives super super nice super super nice really impressive stuff and getting out of it’s really easy put it in the park if you want to pop your shifter down you can press the

Button to pop the shifter down and just power off simple and that’s the other great thing the experience is just like a regular f-150 there’s no kind of like eevee-ness about it if you’re used to driving a pickup truck it’s a pickup truck that’s powered by electricity so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this really short little drive of the f-150 lightning quick

Launch incoming but i really love this thing definitely go check it out if you’re able to and stay tuned for a lot more content coming from all car news peace out everyone okay oh this thing is quick guys this thing’s really quick you

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