2022 Ford F250 SuperDuty XLT Crew Cab: Start Up, Test Drive, POV, Walkaround and Review

👋 2022 Ford F-250 SuperDuty XLT Crew Cab: Be sure to check out the FULL REVIEW!! This is the ASMR style! Lets check out the mid cycle refresh 2022 F-250 Super Duty!! This is the new generation Ford Super Duty truck and has the insane Sharron kit which adds the 6” lift, 37” tires and much more! The 2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty Sharron has so many great features and capabilities! The XLT isn’t quite fully loaded with luxury features but has all the tech you need! Like you would expect with the Ford Power Stroke, this thing can handle some serious work! This new 2022 F-250 Super Duty has over 1000 pounds feet of torque from the 6.7L diesel engine and its insane! Sharron Off Road package gives it a 6in lift, 20in wheels, 37in tires and much more! I love all the new styling for the 2022 F-250! Very modern looking and has a great look. The blacked out exterior looks aggressive and has bold lines along with the chrome trim. The interior also has a nice design and plenty of storage. This truck has four wheel drive to make it even that much more capable along with the downhill assist control! 🏎

What’s up everyone and welcome back to the channel so today i’m down at mooresville ford and we’re going to take a look at this brand new 2022 ford f-250 xlt crew cab so huge shout out to them for providing this vehicle for me today make sure you guys check out their website i’ll have all that info down in the description the f250 that you see behind me is finished

Off in iconic silver and it has an msrp just over 68 thousand dollars to start off today’s review we’re going to take a look at what powers this f250 underneath the hood you’ll find the 6.7 liter power boost diesel v8 this is paired with the 10-speed automatic transmission and it pumps out 475 horsepower and 1050 pound feet of torque this is rear-wheel drive with

The four-wheel drive system it weighs in right around 7 200 pounds it’ll do 0-60 in just over 6 seconds and it also has a fuel capacity of 34 gallons this has a wheelbase of 160 inches its overall length is 250 inches it has a width of 80 a height of 81 and a half it also has ground clearance at eight and a half inches of course this is a lifted truck so that ground

Clearance is much higher it also has an approach angle of 17 degrees a breakover angle of 21.2 degrees and a departure angle of 21.1 degrees as we work our way to the exterior now for this all-new f250 let’s start off with the size of this grille it is absolutely massive you can see it’s finished off in chrome and there’s a lot of cutout certified cooling to this

Engine you can see all of them in three different sections there more chrome trim on the upper section and then the ford badges front and center it’s very proportional for the size of this truck and you’ll also notice too that the headlight housings are nicely incorporated surrounding the edges of that grille there you can see the headlights turn signals and high

Beams are in the lower section and then this model also has fog lights down in the chrome section of the bumper you’ll see two tow hooks front and center there’s even another cutout just behind the front tag just to provide a little bit more cooling there is an active flap back there that will open and close and you can see down below this does have a front air dam

Just to help better improve with aerodynamics and then up on the hood you can see super duty is stamped into the front section and we have really nice lines coming down the hood to give it that aggressive look especially for the size of this as you can tell it is not a stock f250 we have the charade kit on it which is the company that provides all of the exterior

Goodies that you see we have the six inch lift kit along with the 20 inch wheels wrapped in a 37 by 12 and a half inch tire you can see all these suspension goodies up front along with the track bars all the suspension we even have these stabilizer bars that are just behind the front tires there to make this ride just like factory which is great to see so this is a

Large truck you can see we have the pocket style fender flares just to give it that added touch with these larger wheels you’ll also see the xlt f250 badge we have the 6.7 liter badge down below and as part of this package they call it the lz1 edition so you’ll see those badges located throughout we have these side mirrors here that are finished off in chrome on

The upper section we have that integrated turn signal this also has a full panoramic sunroof i’ll show that later on in today’s video it’s kind of hard to see from here because the truck is so tall and along with that you can see the running boards just make it that much easier to enter and exit we have the flat graphic along the side which is a really nice touch

To see you’ll also notice too that the side step continues all the way to the bed so that way you can gain access to the front section if you need to this also has the dual exit side exhaust you can see another lz1 badge and then as we finish up in the rear you’ll see super duty is stamped right in the middle section of the tailgate we have the ford logo along

With the backup camera and some chrome trim it nicely matches the chrome for the bumper where you’ll see all the backup sensors this also has the led tail lights we have a really nice design for those and this also has a ton capacity around 15 000 pounds and a payload capacity of 3 300 pounds so it’s a very capable work truck and as we move on to the bed now i’ll

Use that release handle there we have a pretty lightweight tailgate so it’s very easy to manage to lower and you’ll see at the moment it is full of snow but this is almost seven feet we have plenty of room for all the items that you need to place back here along with some tie down hooks so you can safely secure any items and then with one hand i can easily close

That up so there’s a look at the exterior for this massive f250 now let’s work our way to the back seats and you’ll see with that running board it’s going to make it much easier to enter and exit along with that grab handle but as we look at this door panel you’ll see it has a nice two-tone design to it along with some more chrome trim we have the release handle

Which is nicely tucked away on the back side of the grab handle and a split design for storage you have a little bit in the middle and a ton in the lower section but at five foot ten it’s time to work my way up into these back seats where i have to jump up but again it’s very easy to do and you’ll see with the front seat set at my height i have plenty of room for

My feet and my legs you’ll also notice too there’s a little bit of storage behind the seat and then i have plenty of room for my head up here a few inches you could definitely fit three people back here very comfortably you’ll see we have a diamond stitch padding for the insert these are all leather seats they have a really nice design to them you can see we have

The electronic rear glass so you can open that as needed and then like i mentioned earlier we have the full moon roof which provides a lot of light as you can see today and then right in the middle you’ll see there are two cupholders along with an air vent on both sides and we have multiple auxiliaries here so you can charge all of your electronics as needed and

I really like how versatile the back seats are you can actually use this for extra storage all you need to do to fold up the bottoms is pull on this tab here and you can lock those into place and when you do that you can see all of the room that you have along with the divider that you can pull up so you can separate items as needed so they won’t roll around it’s

Really nice to see that if you need to use that interior space and then as we hop out now it is a pretty big jump but we have the grab handle on the door which you can use and then before we work our way to the front seats now this truck has remote start so on the key fob here you can see that button right here if i lock the truck and then double tap this you’ll

See the side mirrors fold in and this will automatically start up so being the diesel that’s something great to see especially in colder weather like this you can start it up and have it warmed up you can also double tap that button to shut off the truck as needed and then when i unlock it you’ll see these side mirrors fold back out they even have a spotlight up

Underneath them so you can use this as a work truck at night and have an extra source of light as we work our way to the front now you’ll see the door panels finish off just like in the rear we have a little bit of storage in that middle and then all the window controls side mirror adjustments we even have this button here where you can extend these side mirrors so

If you’re towing that makes it very quick to do you can put those all the way out and then bring them all the way back in really nice to see that we have one of the speakers too and then you’ll see these seats are completely finished off in leather just like the rear we have chirad up in the headrest all the stitching and the insert running down them they are power

Operated seats so we have all those controls and now let’s hop our way into the front seat here and then as we look at the steering wheel you’ll see it’s covered in black and we have a lot of controls on both sides but let’s start this up first this is a turn key so we have that over on the right side and with my foot on the brake we can bring this to life and

Then looking at this gauge cluster you’ll see over on the left side is the attack on the right side is the miles per hour there’s also some fixed information running across the top like fuel gauge your engine temperature and a few other vitals and then just underneath that you can see the lcd screen where you can go through a lot of information using these buttons

On the left side of the steering wheel you’ll also notice there’s cruise control over on the right side you have volume and tuning for the radio along with bluetooth and voice commands and then by using those buttons there right now you can currently see distance until empty if i scroll down you can see tpms we have the digital speedometer you can also look at some

Engine information along with your transmission temperature you have your seat belts for all your passengers along with some other information that you can go through and monitor and if i scroll back to the left you can also go through all this information so you can look at your display mode which is what i was currently in you have your trip and fuel information

That you can look at along with towing so when you are towing you have a checklist there you can go through you can see all the off-road information like your pitch and roll along with your steering angle and then there’s also settings you can go into just depending on what you’d like to have on or off this has blind spot along with the traffic alert your pre-collision

You can go through all this technology just depending on what you’d like to see so it’s nice that all that is placed right in the middle and then this does have the column mounted shifter so if we put this truck into reverse you’ll see the backup camera and the center screen here with the guidelines and if i push on this plus now we have a downward facing angle so

If you’re backing up to a trailer just gives you a little bit better visibility you can go all the way down into drive of course and then m is for the manual setting you can also shift on the shifter itself here so if you’re towing or if you’re off-road you can hold that gear if you need to which is great to see and then over on this left side you can see down below

We have the parking brake along with the parking brake release all the headlight and fog light adjustments along with the cargo bed light and we have some dimmer switches for the gauges these dials right here are how you turn on the spot lights that i showed on the side mirror you can see there’s one air vent and then working our way back to the center you’ll see

There’s a little bit of storage space up top and then back to the center screen you have a lot more info that you can go through on the bottom here is all the presets so you have your audio you can go into your phone when that is paired you can also pull up the navigation in full screen there’s a few apps that you can go through just depending on what you like to

See and then in your settings here you can configure everything you’d like to from your clock in your phone your navigation you can go into vehicle here and go through all that information as needed so it’s nice that you have all that the voice commands too that you can go through on the top section here you’ll see there’s a few toggles we have the engine braking

Along with traction control you can see the hazards and a downhill assist control on both sides of that screen you can see another air vent and then over on this left side you can see the dial for four wheel drive if you pull on this you can activate the locking rear diff this also has the trailer braking system right in the middle you can see some more controls

For the radio we have power volume on the left side tuning is on the right side and some presets are right in the middle and then just underneath that we have all the climate controls that you can go through along with the heated seats you’ll see fan speed is over on this left side we have temperature on the right side and then a few other research and where you

Like here to go is right in the middle so you have all the information nicely laid out and then below that if we open up this you can see there’s a lot of storage space where you place your phone or other smaller items you’ll see a usb and a usbc just makes it easier and you can hide them away as needed and then on both sides of the center area we do have extra

Storage which is nice and then right in the middle you can see there’s two cupholders and a lot more storage space on this left side and talking about storage we’ll move on to the center armrest now you’ll see it’s finished off in leather and then you can see all of this additional space that you have along with that removable tray if you need to get that out of

The way and then over on the passenger side we have two glove boxes so up top you can see there’s a smaller one there if you need to use it and then we have plenty more room down in the normal location we’ll take another look at these seats and then we’ll get a look at this moonroof from the front seats here you can see just how large that is definitely provides

A lot of light up in the middle here you can see a sunglass holder we have that power sliding rear glass you can adjust the sunroof along with the sun shades and then we have the dome lights on both sides all right so getting this f250 out on the road now we don’t get a lot of snow in the carolinas so we’re gonna do a little test up this hill in the snow i’m in

Two wheel drive at the moment and it’s actually ah i almost had it going i need to put it into four high and while we have it in four high now we can easily climb up this hill so just wanted to show that we have a very usable truck because even in the snow you can get a lot of grip as you need to and now that we’re out on the road we’ll give it a little bit of

Gas getting up to the speed limit effortless especially with over 1 000 pound feet of torque you can use this truck to do a lot of work going off-road like i just kind of did there you have the four-wheel drive system where you could tow things if they were stuck you can put large trailers on the back you have a very versatile work truck and i love the fact too

That it’s actually riding very smooth i love the suspension that’s on it and along with that this actually comes with a warranty which i forgot to mention so you’re buying this truck from the factory already done like this from this provider here and it comes with a warranty so you can have a little bit more peace of mind if you’re looking to buy a truck that’s

Already done like this it’s definitely a great option and to me it’s hard to believe that this is a six inch kit because it is a large truck i’m five foot ten and i’ve had to jump up into this truck it is that large so we have a lot of visibility along with how high this truck is you can see pretty much over anything that’s in the road i have two f-150s in front of

Me at the moment my brother is in one of those it is lifted check out that review that will be down in the description but i can easily see over both of these f-150s in front of me which is pretty crazy it’s really easy to see all around we have so much glass so that makes it very helpful and this truck really isn’t that hard to drive in parking lot situation so

I’ve been in the parking lot moving this around for the review of course and it’s really easy to see all around and i really like how this is driving i already mentioned that briefly but it’s driving just like a stock truck which is awesome to see while it’s modded you’re definitely going to have a comfortable truck while you’re taking this to work you can daily

Drive this truck no issues and i really like this interior this is more of a base level f250 but we do have some nice interior materials especially with these leather seats that are heated i can see right over that ford ranger it is so small compared to this but we have a really nice layout here i love all the controls for the climates so it is kind of basic but it

Gives you everything that you need and now as we switch over to the pov angle you can see what it’s like to be behind the wheel of this f250 now as we come around a turn it is a high truck you’re going to expect a little bit of body roll for the truck of this size but it handles well just going at normal speed and then back up to the speed limit there hopefully

You can get a view as well at how high this truck is i don’t have any traffic currently around me but this is a very tall truck don’t let it intimidate you though it’s easy to drive i own a toyota tacoma so a much smaller truck than this but even coming from a mid-size to this full-size here and especially lifted it’s easy to drive it’s very manageable and of

Course you get used to it the more you drive it so quickly looking over my right shoulder you can see all the way the pillar is not all that bulky and then over my shoulder there you can see out of that back glass the camera position right now may not see that and we’ll give it another quick acceleration here definitely plenty of horsepower for this truck even

When it’s empty of course but i think that’s gonna wrap it up for my walk around review and test drive getting behind the wheel of this 2022 a ford f-250 super duty once again huge shout out to mooresville ford for providing this truck for me today along with the blue f-150 that you see in front of us definitely check out their website they have a lot of awesome

Inventory give this video a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed it and consider smashing that subscribe button if you’d like to stay up to date with our daily uploads and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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