2022 Ford Maverick VS Ford Ranger Perfect Mini Truck?

👋 Today we wanted to compare the all new 2022 Ford Maverick to the Ford Ranger! This midsize truck has been very popular the last few years and now with the introduction of the Maverick, find out how similar and different this truck is and what it’s capable of as a new truck! Today it’s time to find out how the all new 2022 Ford Maverick stacks up against it’s bigger brother the Ford Ranger! The Ranger has been in the United States for a few years now and is a popular midsize truck! The all new Ford Maverick is even smaller which is crazy to think, but it has a lot to offer! The exterior has a whole new design, but you can see some Ford design of course, the hood is a big giveaway along with the grill design! The Ford Maverick is a unibody construction VS the body on frame with the Ranger so you can see the cab and bed flow together on the Maverick and are separated on the Ranger. You can also tell the height difference, the Maverick is much smaller, it’s shorter and it’s also easier to enter and exit. The floor height is much lower, so it feels like you are sitting in a smaller SUV compared to getting into a truck. I think the buyer of the Ford Maverick is not really a truck person, so they want the comforts of being in a car/suv and this is a perfect blend! It rides and drives very nicely and is smooth and quiet! With this model having the larger engine, it has a good amount of get up and go! I could see this being a great daily driver and using it for oddly shaped items that wouldn’t fit inside an SUV!

What’s up guys and welcome back to the channel so in today’s video we’re down at randy marion ford we’re going to take a look at the ford ranger against the all-new 2022 ford maverick so huge shout out to them for providing both of these trucks for us today definitely check out their website i’ll have that information down in the description below so in today’s video

We’re basically comparing the ranger to the all-new maverick as we know the ford ranger is a mid-sized truck the ford maverick is a little bit smaller but it has a lot to offer if you want to see more details on either truck i’ll link some more detailed review videos down in the description below today we’re just going to be showing you the sizing and the interior

Space let’s just talk about the engine options that you can get for the ford ranger you only get one configuration this is a 2.3 liter four-cylinder ecoboost engine with 270 horsepower on this specific maverick right here this has the 2-liter four-cylinder ecoboost engine with around 250 horsepower you can also opt for the hybrid engine as well just depending on

What you’re using the truck for and with these engine options the ford ranger can tow up to around 7 500 pounds the ford maverick is limited to around 4 000 pounds so you can automatically see the difference between the mid-size truck versus a smaller sized truck and what it’s capable of towing and then along with that the maverick gets a cbt transmission or an

Eight-speed automatic we have a 10-speed automatic for the ford ranger so before we get into the exterior styling comparing both of these trucks i want to start off with the height difference between the ford ranger and the ford maverick you’ll notice right off the bat that the grille on the ranger is slightly taller as well as the headlights the ford ranger is

A body on frame construction versus the unibody on the ford maverick you’ll also notice the roof line is significantly different i can look over the roof line for the maverick i’m just about as tall as the ranger there you’ll also notice too we have different styles for the grille all new designed for the maverick here you can see that the ford maverick design is

Definitely a ford it looks like a ford ranger and a ford bronco sport had a baby and we had the maverick here you’ll see the headlights are completely different as well bumper design is different we have the two tow hooks on the ranger it is more of a beefier truck than the maverick but the maverick is still a great option if you’re looking to get into a truck so

We have slight differences for the front end here and then flipping to the side you can get a really good perspective at how much taller the ford ranger is versus the ford maverick now we do have an xl maverick and a lariat ranger you can get both of those trims for either of the trucks but you can see on the xl ranger here we have 17-inch wheels the tire is almost

The same size as the wheel on the ranger here you can see there’s a lot more clearance a little bit beefier suspension of course on the ranger we still have a similar design in the fender arches though which is great to see and then as we make our way to the middle of the truck here you’ll see we have side steps on the ranger of course because it is that much taller

Being a unibody for the maverick we have some more trim running in the lower section you’ll also notice that extends to the bed and you can see there’s no division between the cab and the bed here because it has that unibody construction everything flows into one piece here you can see more of the fender arch there just giving it a really nice look and we have

Another trim piece that’s on the top of the bed here where’s on the ranger here of course being a truck we have the bed and the cab separation here and then you’ll see this has more of a traditional style for the rear fender flare as we work our way to the back of the side here you’ll see the rear bumper is separated whereas over on the maverick everything is one

Piece you can see all this interconnected and then we’ll take a bigger picture at both of these side profiles here i think they both have a pretty proportional design on the ford maverick you can only get it in this configuration so we have the crew cab style along with the four and a half foot bed so it is a little bit shorter than what you’ll find on a normal

Midsize truck we have the five foot bed on the ranger here and the matching full four doors to give it a great look and then finishing up our exterior comparison you’ll see on the ford ranger ranger is stamped in the lower section of the tailgate we have the four badge as well as the backup camera this particular truck has the towing capability of 7 500 pounds as

Well as we make our way over to the maverick you’ll see we have pretty much a similar design same ford logo as well as the backup camera you can see maverick stamped which seems to be a pretty popular truck option now having this in the lower section of the tailgate this particular model doesn’t have the towing capabilities but you can tow up to around 4000 pounds

As i mentioned earlier so we have a pretty similar design although with this bumper being one piece you can also see that the license plate is moved over to the side so we don’t have the traditional step although we do have a nice flat surface area here which is just a little bit different but it’s still functional as we move on to the interior for both of these

Trucks we’re gonna start off with the ford ranger now as we’ve already mentioned and you’ve been able to see in today’s video the ranger is a much higher truck so we have the side steps here you can see that the door sill is also much higher so you do have to jump up into this truck feels very roomy on the interior we have a really nice layout nothing feels too

Confined we have a lot of space right in the middle here and you definitely have a lot of room between both of your front seat passengers and then you can also tell the hood is definitely much higher you feel like you’re up in a truck looking over the base of the hood there and then as we move on to the ford maverick now you can see on the door sill here the floor

Liner is actually lower than the door cell itself so you do have to step up and over and then back down and kind of fall back into the seat so it’s like you’re getting into a smaller size suv and now being in the driver’s seat here it feels a little bit more tight it’s still open have plenty of headroom almost more headroom than the ford ranger that’s something

That’s very surprising for the size of this vehicle you can tell that the entire dash layout is a little bit different i feel like i’m much lower not quite up as high as in the ford ranger to be able to look up over the hood so we definitely feel like we’re sitting backwards just a little like in a smaller suv as i mentioned earlier with getting into this vehicle

We have a lot more storage space in the inside here so it feels more like a car than a truck which if you’re buying the ford maverick you’re probably wanting something more similar to a crossover than an actual truck now getting into the back seats for the ford maverick this isn’t the first time that i’ve been back here today honestly i’m blown away with the size

Of this truck and the amount of room that you get for your backseat passengers i know that’s a big complaint with mid-size trucks not being able to utilize the back seats but at 5 foot 10 i have almost as much headroom as i do up front and look at this with this seat set at my height i definitely have a lot of room i could be back here for a long period of time

So that is great to see i love seeing smaller trucks that have a lot of capabilities you’ll also notice too up underneath the bottoms of the seat look at all that storage space that we have you can utilize this just like a smaller size suv having all that interior storage whereas here it’s underneath the seats which is great you’ll also see if i put the seat back

Down we do have a little bit more storage in between the door sill and the seat so that is something that i just found just making it a little bit more practical for your backseat passengers now as we work our way to the back seat for the ford ranger you’ll see we’ll jump up just like we did up front and headroom is actually a little bit less you do have more in

The maverick there but again at five foot ten i still have plenty of room with the front seat set at my height one thing that you’ll also get in the ford ranger that the maverick does not have is a three prong outlet as well as two usbs so you have a little bit more practicality in the back as far as being able to charge electronics but the ford ranger also has

The hidden storage space just like the maverick so they carried that over these bands aren’t quite as deep as the ones that you saw in the maverick but they’re still under the seat there and very usable now we’ll take an overall look of the entire front area for the maverick here you’ll notice on this model being the xl we do have the smaller screen so that does

Give you a little bit storage space here if you need to use it if you opt for a higher trim level you can get the larger screen to fill that out you’ll see there’s a little bit of storage space up top here we do have a really nice dash it’s much lower than in the ranger we have a very minimal amount of buttons running down the center stack here which makes it very

Easy to use you can hop in here and figure out everything very quickly as i think i’ve already mentioned today look at all the storage space we have practicality to place your phone here you have another spot over on the left side you have a lot of front storage space to put in any items here that you’d like to so i think the buyer for the ford maverick is looking

For something like that and then as we work our way to the ranger here you’ll see it’s a completely different layout we have the screen right in the middle that’s a little bit more sunken in still retaining that storage bin up top in the dash which is great to see the layout underneath it is slightly different you can see the air vents are on the sides rather than

Right in the middle everything is still very easy to use that’s what i like about hopping into these ford trucks everything is laid out well not as much storage space up front here but it’s still practical and we have a more sleek design when you compare it to the maverick that we were just in also you’ll notice in the ford ranger here we have the traditional gear

Selector whereas on the maverick there you saw we have the dial down below which is a little bit newer technology and then a cool little touch that you’ll notice that i really like on the maverick is the fact that the grab handle has a floating design to it on the ranger here you can see it’s solid in the traditional form on the maverick you can see it has that

Floating design just to make it look a little bit more funky but it’s also practical with having that extra water bottle space behind it and now on to the most important part about buying a truck is the bed so we’re gonna go ahead and open up this tailgate look at how low this is on the ford maverick it’s about mid thigh on me makes it much easier to not only get

In and out but also to load items as well and with the ford maverick you get a four and a half foot bed with the tailgate down you’ll see you get a little bit extra here definitely makes it very usable and you can also get the optional spray and bed liner to make it that much more durable as we work our way over to the ford ranger now opening up this tailgate look

At how much higher this tailgate is so it’ll make it a little bit harder to get in and out of course but this is a truck you can see just how much taller this is compared to the maverick we have the spraying bed liner with the five foot bed as well and you can see just how much larger it is making it that much more practical of course with the tailgate down you

Have that much more room if you need it so honestly on the ford maverick even with the four and a half foot bed it’s still practical to fit in irregularly shaped items that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to fit in an suv so that’s definitely a great option now as far as driving the all-new ford maverick we’ll link some videos down in the description below it’s

Definitely a very solid feeling truck for the size of it it has plenty of power and it’s definitely a great option if you’re looking to get into the truck world but that’s going to wrap it up for a comparison between the ford ranger and the all-new 2022 ford maverick once again huge shout out to randy marion ford for providing both of these trucks for us today make

Sure you guys check out their website that link is down in the description below give the video a huge thumbs up and smash that subscribe button so you can stay up to date on our daily uploads we’ll see you guys in the next video you

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