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2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid: Is This Worth The 0,000 Price Tag?

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Today I drive and review a 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid!

Getting a little acceleration here it drives like a hybrid suv so like hey everyone spend hard here an inch is going to be reviewing a 2022 ford maverick xlt hybrid first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the larich miller ford lincoln here in provo utah for me sometime with this maverick i’m gonna put a link to their inventory in the description down below

So you can check out what they have currently if you have any questions just ask for john jenks and then on a side note if you save time and money the next time i purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into it foreign 2.5 liter four-cylinder paired to a hybrid system total system output is 191 horsepower with fuel economy

Being 42 around town and then 33 on the highway the maverick hybrid so first off you guys can see just like the f-150 the hood is raised on either side to give it that normal ford appearance and then coming down below you guys can see here with the led headlamps and the notice here with the amber light there for the turn signal and then we’ve got the metallic

Grille here with the four logo front and center and then you guys can see with the gray trim at the bottom and huh that’s the front end coming on the side here turn wheel setup is 225 65 17 on the front and over in the rear as well and then you guys can see here with the design on the wheels you’ve got the metallic gray there on the top and well that’s pretty much

It anyways here is a quick look at the front suspension independent front suspension and then we’ve got the molding here for the fender which is pretty interesting with how like deep that’s cut xlt badge and then notice the door handles match the trim on the xlt badge and then here is your full side view so here’s our key fob with the maverick got the ford logo

There on the back we have our little flip out key with our unlock and lock function and remote start here as well and then popping inside first off you do have to lower this down yourself so like don’t just like drop it like make sure you hold it pro tip and we’ve got led lights here well i guess on one side and then you can see here with the rest of the stuff

At the top also including little latches and everything for the cargo cover and right next to led light we’ve got the outlet as well and so if i have the emergency release on the cargo cover i mean it makes sense but anyways there you go now here is the rest of the rear so first off we have a payload capacity of 1386 pounds and a towing capacity of about 2 000

Pounds here with the maverick notice there’s a camera at the bottom of the ford logo hybrid badge here off to the side and then maverick stamped into the tailgate with the receiver hitch there at the very bottom then we have the maverick signature tail lights here they’re very boxy looking but i mean the whole truck is pretty boxy looking also independent rear

Suspension if you guys are wondering and there you go so here’s the door panel in the rear reaction really nice padding here or you’re going to rest your arm and we have the orange and the white which is kind of like a hallmark of the maverick and then with the xlt you get these cloth seats which continue to that theme with kind of like the white coloration and

Then the darker blue with the orange stitching throughout and then if i pop in here you can see the legroom got tons of space in here and we’ve got the usb here with the outlet and then you guys can see here with the cup holder set up and also the window that’s manually operable in terms of the opening with the little latch head to the front so here’s the front

Door panel you can see again with the padding and then all of our window controls here with our mirror adjustments the mirrors do have blind spot monitoring and then again the orange and the white and the front seats again with that cool kind of like white two-tone design with the orange stitching there are power adjustments here on the side of the seat then here

Is our pedal layout the double pole for the hood latch light controls right there and let’s pop in so here is our steering wheel you guys can see the padding all around and then you can see with the dark trim down below and then silver trim right there we got some controls like the center stack voice grand foam controls and we have our cruise control and volume

Controls on the other side turn signal stock windshield wiper stock and pretty normal steering wheel now here is the gauge cluster now it’s a pretty normal maverick gauge cluster right except obviously you got like the hybrid info there on the one side so that’s pretty much like the key difference between this and like maverick without the hybrid powertrain and

Then we’ve got cool stuff like the ev coach for example that you guys can see here which is pretty cool so it’ll let you know like how good your driving is if you are you know conserving energy if you’re losing a bunch of energy all that fun stuff and then we do have some different drive modes we’ve got a normal tow haul slippery eco and then a sport mode as well

And there you go now here’s the center infotainment screen first off if we pop into reverse we do have a backup camera with trajectory lines that turn with the steering wheel and you guys can see the zoom function right there and resolution is actually pretty dang solid now as for the rest of the infotainment screen you guys can see what the response time here on

The screen pretty solid easy to use and also obviously we got like the storage space thing right next to the screen which has always been interesting and a lot of controls down below for the radio you guys probably noticed like the white on the dash again kind of a theme with the maverick i actually like the look of the interior here it’s pretty neat orange on the

Vents and then we have our single zone climate system heated seats heated steering wheel for the front then we’ve got our 12 volt here with our orange tray some usbs a little dial shifter here for that ecvt parking brake and then a couple cup holders and then this is our drive mode select that’s for your traction control and that’s for your auto stop or sorry auto

Hold rather and then yeah you’re almost in our console i really like this material use it just feels uh nice and then the glove box again pretty normal and then last but not least we’ve got our center of here and the control for the center right there and then the manual mirror dimmer so there’s a lot of glare so it’s kind of hard to see the window sticker for

This but anyways 308 for the equipment group and this has stuff that you guys already saw in the video like the tonneau cover for example xlt luxury package so on and so forth total msrp is 30 490 dollars for a hybrid xlt let’s take it out and drive it thank you foreign before we set off here so here’s your visibility over the hood both the mirrors are still

Blind spot monitoring then throw the rest of the rear and let’s set off oh we are setting off here in the maverick hybrid and i actually had a chance to live with one of these for a week um at the beginning of this year and it was pretty good experience it was in the middle of winter which is funny i was tempted to do an off-road review with it but i decided not

To which was probably for the best because this thing has just regular road tires and it’s front-wheel drive so yeah that would have uh probably not been the best ending for me but anyways i love how that’s you know obviously got the eco mode but we also have a sport mode we can go into so we get the best possible acceleration here now one thing i will mention

About the maverick hybrid is and just maverick in general is it doesn’t drive like a truck um you know it’s a unibody you know platform right with independent front rear suspension so like it drives like an suv that happens to have a truck bed you don’t really frankly notice the truck bed it’s you know it’s not like super short it’s it’s actually relatively uh

Even though it looks small it’s relatively long but again it’s um just drives like an suv and then frankly getting a little acceleration here it drives like a hybrid suv so like if you’ve driven like a hybrid rav4 or you know honda crv you’ve pretty much driven the hybrid hybrid maverick it’s the best way to put it acceleration is pretty good the biggest thing is

The fuel economy like the fact that you can uh get about you know 40 miles per gallon with this because i was able to average pretty close to 40 miles per gallon with my week with the maverick mixed between highway and city driving it’s impressive it’s seriously impressive so yeah to sum things up i got honestly short drive but again i left one for the week so

I don’t need to like do a huge drive with this i think this thing uh you know it’s grown on me from a looks perspective i think it actually looks pretty decent uh and then from a driving perspective it drives really well actually uh it’s it’s really comfortable again all the benefits of a unibody platform vehicle transfer into the maverick hybrid it’s small it’s

Easy to fit in the parking spaces and again the good fuel economy so yeah i still think the maverick’s worth it um you know obviously these used are going for pretty big premiums i’m not sure about that being worth it but you know getting one of these at msrp i think that’s a pretty i think that’s a pretty good value now it is thirty thousand dollars now which is

I think what like six thousand dollars more than when i because i flick that xlt i had for the week was like 24 25 000 so it’s quite a bit more money but still i mean there’s still a lot of value with this vehicle let me know what you guys think that’s because something’s up with our video here on this maverick again a huge shout out thank you to the large miller

Ford lincoln here in provo utah for giving me some time with this maverick if you have any questions just ask for john jinx i’ll see him

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2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid: Is This Worth The $30,000 Price Tag? By Ben Hardy