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2022 Ford Ranger Lariat SuperCab

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I literally have zero idea how to pick a Thumbnail or even if you can when you’re uploading from a phone. If anyone has any input on that please let me know.

Okay so this is my 2022 ford ranger lariat super cab i picked this up july 4th weekend and got rid of my f-150 that i did a quick video on before which i was in the middle of throwing a bunch of money into um i really wanted a truck with a six-foot bed and i have a friend that works at ford in new mexico and i pointed out that they had this for sale and he made

It work out for me as to where uh i could get it so i’m pretty happy um i’m gonna set this up for camping landing type stuff mostly camping just off-road truck mostly and uh so far the first couple things i’ve done to it was uh i’ve changed the uh sorry if this is loud there’s some refrigerated trailers i am a truck driver there’s some refrigerated trailers

Running here and they are louder than normal but uh first couple things i’ve done to this truck um i did have it leveled i had the bilstein 5100 shocks put in the front sorry i’m recording this on my phone because my camera is in storage in new mexico so i don’t have access to it until i go back and get it um they did not i had ford do the work and uh they did

Not have access to buy the rear shocks anywhere which i actually just found online and ordered the other day yesterday and i will get those put on as soon as they come in the mail uh the truck is leveled i had some fuel ammo wheels and then the bf goodrich ko2 is put on here um discount tire i’m in sioux city iowa discount tire here is i can’t say enough about

How great those guys are over there um tried three different tire sizes to fit in here without it being leveled and then leveled without having to remove like the crash bars or anything like that and i ended up just going with the 265 65 r18s the stock size um i’m not gonna be doing any heavy duty rock crawling or anything stupid like that for my truck anyways

But uh not with these tires or anything anyways but uh uh this truck is awesome i don’t really care for the oxford white color not a fan of white vehicles really but i’m not going to be picky these trucks with this super cab and the lariat from what i looked online before i actually drove out to new mexico to pick it up are pretty hard to come by i only saw one

Other one online for sale in the entire united states at the time and that was somewhere down in southern missouri um i do really like this truck i am gonna throw a bunch of money into it i believe the next thing i’m going to do as soon as the rear shocks come in those will get put in hopefully a week from tomorrow i don’t even know what the date is today today

Is uh today’s august 14th 2022 so tomorrow’s monday a week from tomorrow hopefully i’ll get them put in not sure i want to buy the cap the truck cap camper shell whatever you want to call it but i may end up having to go back out to new mexico for work so i don’t want to order it and then not be out here when it comes in so tomorrow morning i’m actually going

To go over to the place in sioux city i use for my truck parts which is radco they install everything for me since i don’t really have access to any tools or anywhere to even do anything like that so they’re really cool i live in my kenworth so i’m pretty limited on what i’m capable of doing to this truck myself i’m not a mechanic by any means so it’s not like

I could do a whole bunch of stuff anyways haven’t really upgraded anything else outside the truck yet inside um i did pick up one of these dash designs maps i was hoping it was more of like a rubbery material i didn’t i don’t like that carbon fiber feel which is what i was worried about and this is neither the rubber material or the carbon fiber material

That you know it makes your hands feel like dry and sticks to your someone else know what i’m talking about i don’t know how to explain it but this thing is awesome it did come with two velcro strips that you can put under each end but i have had zero issues with it even moving on the dash so i didn’t bother it velcroing it to anything yet um of course phone

Stand gotta have that i do wish the inside of this truck had a little bit more room on the console here everything else is nice the seats are nice leather i am going to probably put some seat covers on there back seat area uh yeah no one will ever be back here these seats are probably going to come out sorry it is a little bit messy because as i said i live in

A kenworth so anything i don’t need in my kenworth i kind of just throw back here for the time being anyways silicone red license plate frame is going to go on i do have the tailgate assist down here as well i haven’t put that on yet um my major plan is so uh so that i can spend a couple months at a time in the back of this truck if i decide to just disappear

After i get it paid off which is currently my plan and when these back seats come out right here i’m hoping if i can figure out how to wire it up which probably i will not do myself because i don’t have a clue but i’m going gonna have a refrigerator sitting right here so i can reach into it through the back window when i’m in the back of the truck and it’s gonna

Have a switch where i can turn it on off and not use it when i don’t need it but i’m hoping to run that off of a couple one or two separate batteries maybe an inverter and not have it affected anything in the truck under the hood i don’t want it run to the battery in case something happens and something happens with the refrigerator shorts out whatever something

And i can’t start the truck or it kills the battery or alternator or something in here so it’s gonna be a completely separate system i need to find someone who’s knowledgeable about that and that’s probably gonna cost me a couple thousand dollars to get done but that’s that’s the route i’m going right now and then uh i’m not sure really beyond that i’m gonna

Replace my bumpers um front bumper and rear bumper are both going to go i’m going to replace them with probably the i think it’s called westland i think is the brand or something like that one of the steel bumpers with the light bar that’ll sit pretty much right here in the same spot and then uh not sure what else the uh amp uh steps here i’m getting rid of

These stock ones the amp ones that are controlled by a magnetic uh inside the door here like when you open your door they’ll drop down from the frame of the truck and when you shut the door they’ll go right straight back up tight against the frame i’m gonna have those put on here actually i did do the husky floor mats in here in the front i haven’t put one in

The back so i don’t know what i’m doing with the back yet completely but uh usually i pick weather attack um i did go with husky it looked like husky got a little bit better reviews as far as uh fit and placement in that and i cannot complain about these whatsoever they’re not like the weathertech ones when you put your foot in here i had them in my f-150 when

You put your foot in here your foot can slide around on these really bad with weathertech and i’m not complaining about them or saying nobody should buy them or whatever but that was just my experience with them these my feet don’t slide around and they’re really easy to get out and clean so um did put this leather steering wrap on here as well also easy to pull

Off it just kind of stretches on here looks like i need to clean it already it’s where my truck is parked it’s nothing but like dirt and that out here so yeah but anything else i’ll do a separate update if anybody has any questions or anything like that i’m not really going to do any major walk around on the truck as far as everything inside it and all that the

Lariat does have the option to fold the mirrors in it’s four-wheel drive all that type of stuff there’s a couple other videos on youtube where people go through the lariats and that it’s just the only difference with mine is i have the super cab and not the uh four-door crew cab i suppose i should figure out something to do with these other seats uh floor mats

Too so i don’t want those in here i don’t know but uh yeah uh thanks for watching any questions on my truck and what i’m gonna do to it or any observations anything like that feel free to leave a comment and uh hopefully i’m gonna do keep updating as i get stuff done on this and hopefully before this fall is up i will get out somewhere i’m either going to go up

To where i grew up in michigan and get some camping and trail time in or i’m going to end up back out in new mexico if that’s the case i will be up by santa fe or maybe cuba or something like that where i go out there but thanks for watching hope you’re all having a great day and

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