2022 Ford Ranger Lariat Supercab

Hey how are you doing if you’re watching this i wanted to do a quick update on my uh 2022 ford ranger lariat supercab uh two mondays ago or i guess maybe last monday a week ago i got my topper put on there and my deck door system installed both um yeah this thing’s coming along i think uh the next thing i’m going to do is the amp steps that uh go up and come down

When you open and close the door i actually was going to order them the other day when i was in there to pick up my keys for the topper that they didn’t give me but they were out of stock unlike monday when i probably should have ordered them but i didn’t want to spend the money on it quite yet so sorry it’s a little bit windy out here so i have to use my phone

Currently to record everything and yeah i live in a kenworth so i don’t have any my camera or anything out here um yeah so i’ve got the fuel ammo wheels on here the bfg goodrich bf goodrich ko2 tires first thing i did to the truck i did upgrade the shocks to the bilstein 5100s all the way around uh the truck’s oxford oxford white sorry trying not to move my camera

On the phone a whole lot inside i have not really done a whole lot yet um sorry if it’s a little bit messy in here like i said i live in a kenworth so this is kind of like my uh my overflow for things that i don’t want in my truck this uh dash mat i did have put in here it did come with velcro pieces to keep it attached to the dash but it doesn’t really move

Around so i didn’t use them leather steering wheel wrap these are very easy to put on and take off if you need to clean it look at all the dust yeah everywhere i park is dirt cleaning will be coming up soon let me go around to the other side crickets everywhere out here ammo dash designs is the brand of the dash mat that i bought i was actually looking for a

Uh like a rubber material type one and i couldn’t find one so if anybody happens know where i can find something like that let me know in the comments if you would please because i probably would still replace this with one if i could find one i’m not really a huge fan of the cloth material just because of a like what i said dust in that where i work it’s dirty

And rubber one would be easier to clean so did put some velcro or hook and loop on my dash and i got a few patches up there can change these out anytime i want to it’s just nice and the velcro is pretty easy to come off i don’t want it on there anymore as well um i think that’s pretty much all in here i haven’t really done anything to the interior yep that’s a

Mess back seats will be coming out and i will be installing a refrigerator right here that’s going to run independently of the truck that way i can reach through into the back the top rear window opens as well i can reach through into the refrigerator and grab something if i need to that’ll probably be one of the last things that things are probably going to cost

Quite a bit i really like these bronze fuel ammo rooms these were my second choice i don’t remember what my first choice was but uh they were on back order for three or four months so i skipped them and went with those i’m pretty happy with them i was in here putting part of my drawers on that together yes that was actually the first thing i did why wouldn’t i

Guy that put the locks in the locks you actually have to buy separately from the drawers which i thought was kind of odd but whatever do not use these for work these drawers are specifically going to be for outdoor type stuff all my camping and outdoor crap uh i did have an f-150 that had all the room in the back seat and whatnot and i was going to actually remove

Those seats and use that back seat area for storage but uh i ended up getting rid of the truck when a friend of mine that works for ford told me that he could get me this super cab which i had been looking for a ranger with a six foot bed forever so uh yeah i said bye to the f-150 and bought this on july 4th weekend so yeah these drawers are freaking amazing um

And uh i’m glad that uh there’s a radco truck center in sioux city here where i’m stationed at for work pretty much and don’t litter and uh they can get all this stuff done to my truck while i’m out here working so this is nice so far kelty bestie blanket got the nemo mat which is going to go on top of this before i put whatever i’m sleeping on on there we’ve

Got the nemo uh table whatever it’s called moonlander moonlight moonlander something like that i remember but uh yeah i think the amp steps are going to be next and uh continue they put one key backwards from the other one even and uh not sure what else i’m gonna do i think there’s a i don’t know i don’t know what else i’m gonna do honestly but we’ll see uh

I think i may end up switching to 17-inch tires at some point and go into something a little bit bigger but i don’t know probably not for a little while yet i’m not going to do any crazy rock crawling overland crazy stuff just as just these are the stock size are they 265s 65 r18s i think and these are just so i can hit some trails in that butter 265 60 r18s

Sorry off-road alternating tires probably do me good in the wintertime also but uh yeah i hope everyone’s doing all right if you’re watching this please uh please give the video a like and a uh give my channel a follow i’ve got a lot more stuff coming up to when i do take time off work i’m probably gonna end up taking two weeks off work around christmas time and

I’m probably gonna end up doing some winter camping in my truck uh not sure where it’ll probably be i gotta go out to albuquerque that’s where all my stuff is and storage so it may be somewhere around there maybe i’ll go up to colorado maybe i want to go to broken bow oklahoma maybe i’ll go there i don’t have any idea what i’m going to do yet but yeah give me

A follow please and uh be bringing all kinds of more truck driver stuff i’ve actually got a video i should do probably today as well comparing this rand mcnally headset to the garmin headset and who knows what else thanks hope you’re all doing well

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2022 Ford Ranger Lariat Supercab By JB stuff