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2022 Ford Ranger XL Supercab Backrack Install

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Okay so uh here’s the installation guide that comes uh in this plastic bag um the product was packaged you know fairly well um so the first thing i did is i made sure that um says you know if your truck doesn’t look like this you should probably call customer service um that’s pretty much my truck except that’s showing the extended cab not the super cab model

That i have and just so you know i am installing this on a 2022 ford range or 100a it’s with a trailer tow uh it’s probably the most basic package you can get um because i didn’t want like a parking lot princess i just wanted a truck that was functional that i could work with so anyway i went down you’re going to see a parts list now if you’re getting the ford

Ranger this is the kit that you’re going to be getting it’s 303 31 and you should go down and compare the quantity and the description and the part don’t even look at the part numbers because they don’t have the part numbers anywhere on their parts which makes this a bit of an easter egg hunt and that’s not cool but the other thing i noticed too is they have

A ton of spelling errors in their instructions which i thought initially can be a little bit confusing and i’ll i’ll talk about that in a second so let’s take a look at all the parts that we have the first thing we’re going to look at is the mounting brackets this is the driver’s side this passenger side and there are two mounting brackets that came with it

I guess it doesn’t matter what side they go on but you’re going to have this little bend down here facing downward and it’s going to be underneath the bed rail from what i can gather and we’ll take a closer look at that at the install one thing i did notice is when these things came these things are really beat up they’re chipped i don’t know how this happens

Coming from the factory i suppose it’s not a big deal because over time you know how it is things get rusty and corroded or whatever so i’m not going to make a big deal out of that they are bent but i think as you try to bolt them down they’ll straighten out so there’s one on this side too and same thing when i got it it was like kind of chewed up but not a big

Deal because i’m not real picky these are the carriage bolts that you’re gonna bolt the headache rack to the mounts and you want to make sure that the bolts are facing from the front of the truck to the rear of the truck because if you try to do it the other way you’re going to end up scratching open daylights out of the paint job or compromising your glass so

Just pay attention but um we’ll go ahead and show you how to do that uh once we have the mounting brackets on and i go to place the actual headache rack itself so i’m assuming that this chumpy here is a stake pocket bolt nut assembly i think but like i said there’s no part number on it so you really can’t check it in terms of inventory but it says there’s four

And indeed there are four of these little guys but again no part number on it that would have been really helpful or even just had it in a separate bag that had the part number on it so you know what you’re dealing with and i guess the overall quality is okay but uh so that’s that’s those right there and then you have your mounting hardware these four bolts lock

Washers these washers right here and four nuts so the entire kit is basically complete everybody so um update to the backrack safety rack install uh i got a response from technical support and um i ended up not getting anything other than you know the response that said hey you got a ticket we’ll be contacting you please give us you know 24 hours or 48 hours

That came and went and i ended up calling them uh i used their canadian phone number because if you call the one for the u.s you’re not going to get anywhere it’s just crappy customer service so i talked to the this woman in canada and she referred me to a guy named wes who was in customer service or tech support and i talked to wes about the uh the backing

Plates with the washers that are supposed to be welded to them and how does this all fit together because the drawing is absolutely horrible you have no idea how to position the backing plate and the front nut and the rear nut which actually i’ll explain all that i talked to a fella named mike and mike thank you it sounds like you were on your lunch break um but

His explanation was really simple and i said hey when you’re sticking the backing plate underneath the bed rail uh the bed rail cap snaps through so there’s plastic things sticking down to hold that in there they’re keepers and he said no you just go ahead and slide that backing plate so that it the hole that’s cut in it will allow for that top rail protection

And the keepers to to go through the backing plate and sure enough next spoiler don’t listen to them about having if you have an oem a ford oem bed liner drop in bed liner don’t take it out they’re out of their minds you don’t need to i took mine out i put the whole back rack on i tried to put it back in it it’s not going to fit not unless you want to cut the

Thing up with like a you know like a rockwell tool yeah that would be stupid so i took the whole dang thing apart and put the bed liner back in now i’ll have you know once you take your bed liner in and out a few times it starts to damage it this is the driver’s side uh mounting bracket for the back rack safety rack for the ford ranger i have a 20 22 as

You’ll see previously in this video but um there was a question i had about the tabs on these here and i guess these they just sit in there and this is going to be a counter pressure system and this plate will go underneath the bed rail and the hole that’s cut in this is to accommodate the plastic fasteners that stick down through the top of it so you don’t

Have to drill you don’t have to cut through your plastic you know like you know if you had like a full size pickup and they have the stakeholder covers you don’t have to worry about that so essentially you’re going to put this on the bed rail and then this is going to slide in you’re going to you’re just going to have to line it up you want to get it to the as

Close to the front as you can um and then once it’s on there um you’re going to you’re going to tighten these up so that the bolt comes out of here and and this will stay here it won’t keep it from turning and then this bolt is going to rise up and push against this this plate right here and we’re going to go outside and do it and uh i was assured that this

Will not move but i’m going to really i’m kind of going to really reef on it because i want to make sure that these don’t slide on top of the bed rail at all now they used to have a washer that was welded on the bottom of it like a little receptacle where the bolt head would go and for some reason they stopped doing it i didn’t get an explanation why the guy

On the manufacturing floor said they just stopped doing it so i don’t know why but it kind of would make more sense to have something in there to keep the bolt heads going in and then you can’t you know there’s no chance that this thing would slide back and forth but yeah it is what it is um uh so anyway there you have it and this is the order that your bolt

This is what it should look like the bolt the nut the lock washer and the regular washer going through this part right there and those tabs will face forward towards the front of the truck so this is the back rack uh in place and i’m going to get you closer so you guys can just take a look and see what this looks like and this is why the bed liner doesn’t

Have to come out because all the parts are forward of the bed liner we had a lot of rain last night so anyway i’m going to crawl up in here i’m going to show you the underside and give you step by step okay so this whole piece right here you’re going to want to pre-assemble the parts that come with it and with and what i mean and this is simple because it just

Consists of let me see if i can get my finger in here this is your 3 8 inch bolt this is the nut lock washer and regular washer and here’s that little diddly do that they put in there and you have to have the long end the tab end has to face forward on the one that’s here and the one that’s going to be up in front and unfortunately i can’t show you up on the

Inside but it’s identical the tab faces to the front of the cap and then what you do is before you put this whole thing on thread this in but don’t let your bolt head stick up past the nut on this so thread it in there these you’re going to want to have that all the way down here because if you don’t uh it’s just gonna cause problems when you try to screw this

Thing all the way up so once you have these in place and you slide this on you’re gonna you’re gonna slide the pressure plate in and i don’t know if you can see that but the pressure plate is hold on it’s here there’s a tab look at my fingers and then back underneath you can see where that touches that plate so you got to make sure that that plate you can

See i don’t know if you can see the pressure plate it’s really hard with this phone um but you’ll get the idea because the pressure plate cutouts will essentially allow the hardware that captures your bed liner like up here see if you can see this one but underneath your bed liner the rail cap on the bed has like hardware that pokes through and all that all

That backing plate does is allow for you to put it on there and allow that to poke through it so hopefully uh hopefully that’s clear for you guys so the other consideration is when you’re tightening this thing up after you run you’re gonna run you know these bolts all the way up through and use your own discretion um these keepers will keep it from vibrating

Loose um and the tab on this part up here keeps it from twisting as you’re putting it up in there and this and then the bolt head contacts that safety plate up there so basically it’s a counter pressure system and then this is what locks it locks it in place essentially uh you better use your discretion though about how tight you want to make this on your bed

Rail um you know this deformed my bed rail and you know i could see it happening but what choice do you have and i wasn’t about to cut the bed rail protector apart you know with a rockwell tool and then bolt it right to the metal that would be stupid because that’s just going to cause corrosion all kinds of problems so i’d rather put up with a little bit of

Deformity here cosmetically and know that that thing is bolted on there safely but again like there’s no torque specification there’s no mention that it could do this and there was no engineering thought put into it um and the only other thing that i would have suggested is when they made this they brought this out about this far so it sat over far enough that

The pressure would have been even and then you don’t get any flexion in this part right here but i did it doesn’t look horrible and i really didn’t buy this to be like a parking lot princess and have it all you know pretty that’s not i bought this because when we carry things in here and you hit the brakes and things slide forward um you don’t smash out the back

Window obviously so anyway the other thing to remember is once these are on don’t tighten them up all the way until you get the actual back rack on and you center it because if you don’t center it you know this can come out about this far and you know the whole thing slides left to right so get it as close as you can then go ahead and bolt these up not not super

Tight because if you if you tighten these too much and then you try and put the whole back rack on it doesn’t go in that well and you don’t want to force it this should drop in without a problem and then once everything is in place gradually tighten one side and the other and do the same for these two do everything gradually take your time with it don’t be in a

Hurry because that’ll be a big mistake and again don’t take the bed liner out that that was a complete line plenty of room for this plenty and this is ford oem drop-in bed liner you can get one from the factory and you can see how it got chewed up and it like even like well you can’t see it up through here now but i had a hell of a time trying to once the back

Rack was on trying to get my bed liner up under here you just can’t do it because this piece right here prevents this from going up over the front of the bed of the truck the paint job is kind of lackluster when they sticker i don’t give a flying ass about the sticker but it’s got blisters in it because they just threw it on there it’s got big bubbles and it

Looks like crap so initially i was going to give back rack like a big shout out but you know what i think they just need a stomp down just uh not all that great not that well thought out now if you have a stake bed truck i’m sure it’s different i watch the installations ad nauseam on youtube for stake beds and it looks pretty good it looks pretty decent pretty

Easy to do but when it came to this vehicle i think they just wanted to get a product out there so they could cash in on it and the hell with um you know quality control so there you have it i’m going to go ahead and stitch this video together i hope it helps and if you guys have any questions just go ahead and put them in the comments so hopefully this will work for you good luck

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2022 Ford Ranger XL Supercab Backrack Install By Prushinfox