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2022 Ford Transit 350 Cargo AWD

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Good moana nicholas jerry johnson with c marshall ford here in campbell river here it is a beautiful 2022 ford transit 350 cargo all-wheel drive and the abyss gray it’s absolutely beautiful and uh it’s branch bank anew take it for a little tour get you excited it’s kind of got all the goodies this thing was made to be camperized 100 that’s for sure starting up

Front you can see you got the uh the cuisine on hids nice and bright lighting with uh some daytime running lights and some driving lights there you got your fog lights down here parking sensors for the front camera number one because this one’s got the 360 degree camera angles keyless entry system you got your power windows locks and mirrors automatic lighting

Of course and we’ll focus on the seats for now so to you can definitely pump them up it definitely has height adjustment and then you’ve got this adjustment here which brings that so your legs don’t fall asleep on the longer trips and then here’s the lever system i was talking about so this goes front and back so slides and this is what makes it go around

That’s me in my hawaiian shirt yep we’re doing hawaiian shirt today and then you got lumbar support here which will crank that middle piece out there so it’s a fully adjustable chair 100 percent uh sorry for the camera view there and a beef statue so you can’t drive while it’s backwards so so you got full on height adjustability uh lumbar support this is also

The lumbar sports on that side forward and backwards there and then of course if you really want to hit seats uh pretty much any upholstery shop anywhere in the world we’ll be able to put those heated seats in for you they’re masters at it if you want it done up in this neck of the woods i can certainly get it done for you no problem there but uh other than that

Man this thing’s got all the other goodies there’s your cup holder there got the big 12 inch touchscreen all the upfront switches your brake controller because it does have the heavy duty tow package that’s your climate control of course it’s got am fm xm apple carplay android auto you name it this thing’s got it all different drive modes so we’re gonna go

Like this well you can even circulate in the back of course because there’s a the rear rear ac there lights all the way to the back there’s six sets of lights in the back for the cargo area there’s your 360 degree camera angle so you got a camera in the front the back and then both mirrors great for parking obviously this thing is designed to uh park itself

As well or navigate the parking lots here oh yeah fine it finds parking spots that fit vehicles this size is basically what it is it’ll tell you from this button places you can park something this size pretty cool it does have about the forward collision warning system so you do save ten percent your insurance it does it has the blind spot monitoring in the

Mirrors it’s got lane departure lane keep assist so it’ll actually tug you back in the lanes if you’re getting a little lazy in the driving usb ports of course all over the place here and then we’ll go right to the back from this angle this box here is a uh it’s the capper to all this area here so whether you decide to put flooring in the seat whatever you

Plan on doing the flooring will uh we’ll be able to sink in with that you got all that cool uh wall paneling that’s already complete there’s your lights now you can see them oh i got all zoomed that’s why there you go and we go into the back of the bus here it did get the overhead compartments the climate control all the insulation up front here as well i’ll

Show you the back here doors open right up they’ve even got the uh extended hinges for easier unload and unload easy access period but there it is my man heavy duty trailer hitch with reverse sensors as well seven pin four pin all set right up and that gives you a good idea what you’re looking at there it is here and available can be at your doorstep look

At he split i had a talk with my sales manager about us getting into titanium ford there in lane uh in syria or actually actually langley uh and uh yeah for 300 bucks we can ship it there no problem and they they just they know us we know them you just pick it up and off you go they can even have insurance come right to the desktop for you too so make it real

Easy on you but there it is in all its glory the abyss gray transit 350 cargo i look forward to hearing back from you give me a call bye for now

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2022 Ford Transit 350 Cargo AWD By Jerry Johnson