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2022 Ford Transit Adventure: Is The New AWD Transit A Huge Improvement In The Right Direction?

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Today I drive and review a 2022 Ford Transit 250 Adventure Prep Package!

Have full blown acceleration here not gonna do a super long drive with this yeah this is so quick hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video be reviewing a 2022 ford transit with the adventure pack before getting the video a huge shout out and thank you to the larry miller ford lincoln here in provo for giving me some time with this transit this particular

One is pre-sold but if you want to order one just like this they’d be more than happy to help them out link to their inventory in the description down below man it is super windy anyways if you want to save time money the next time i purchase the car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get right into the video so there are two engine

Options you can get here with the new transit the base engine is a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter v6 that’s good for 275 horsepower than 262 pound-feet of torque this one however has the twin turbo 3.5 liter v6 it’s paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission it’s good for 310 horsepower and then 410 pound-feet of torque now let’s go over the front end of this

Transit so first off you guys can see here with the venting on the hood definitely a cool aesthetic and then this one has the by xenon headlight package with the led accent lights looks fantastic fog lights down below with the parking sensors here on the front end and then it’s the ford logo with the camera there down below the logo and overall in terms of you know

Cargo van it looks great and this one’s finished in avalanche gray which this is the worst possible day to review a transit avalanche gray because the sky is gray and so it’s kind of hard to see the color pop but there you go now coming on the side here i’ve got 235 millimeter tires wrapped around 16 inch wheels in the front and over in the rear as well and then

You guys can see from a design standpoint the wheels are all blacked out which actually looks pretty cool again on the cargo van then here’s a quick look at the tires and then the front suspension as well and then notice how you have this protection all along the bottom portion a little bit of body colored accent in there down below it um but yeah definitely cool

And then also notice this is uh for the fuel door it’s kind of interesting that you have to open up the door to access the fuel door like that so that’s pretty cool and then popping over here to the rear this is a 250 you can see the leaf springs i’ll show you guys the payload sticker a little bit later in the review but if we take a few steps back it’s big so

Here’s our key fob we have our unlock lock and then this is the unlock here for the doors and then this is actually the button to automatically open the side door i’ll show that to you guys in a moment but let’s open up the back doors first so we just got to and i love how they have this handle that actually helps out open that up notice it’ll stay in place and

Have the handle over here to open up the other door and then notice same thing there we go in place so notice how we have the receiver hitch here down below and then we have this nice step situation but i’m gonna go all the way up because i can and you can see this one has the flooring already put in so you don’t have to worry about stepping on exposed paint

Or anything like that and then notice here we don’t have any windows here on the back we do have windows there on the back doors but on the sides no windows and i mean look at this so i mean you can fully stand up in this no problem whatsoever and obviously you know the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do here with the interior obviously you could just

Use this for like a massive storage space area or you could you know throw a kitchen and a little bedroom area into this what i see people most commonly do with these cargo vans is they usually throw a kitchen right here behind the driver’s seat area and then usually they put like the housing area like the bed area right here and then they usually have space and

Walkway here to the door which look at this this is the first time i’ve ever seen this in a cargo van it’s power like that is so cool and then you got the little step to help you get down but that’s just i don’t know that’s such a cool feature and it’ll close again for you i again i’ve never seen that nicaraguan also notice that one has a window on it so and

Definitely i mean i could imagine you know if you’re using this as like a work fan then that would be great and then you can see closing these make sure you close them in order of course now finishing things up with the rest of the rear obviously it’s gigantic and you can see the exhaust tip here poking out the side and we have the gigantic i mean look how big

These tail lights are parking sensors there on the bottom as well don’t remember if i mention that and then you can see your all-wheel drive ecoboost badge but let’s pop inside now here’s the door panel and again being a cargo van it’s gonna be pretty basic from a material standpoint but this would be very easy to clean off got the window controls here the mirrors

Actually have blind spot monitoring and then this one was optioned out with the cloth seats you can get leather seats um but the gentleman that ordered this out wanted cloth seats so that they stay a little bit more neutral temperature wise because this fan is actually going to uh california and then you can see here with the pedal layout down below got a little

Bit of extra storage here with the parking brake and then your auto hold and i noticed the mirror adjustments light controls and then we have this like cup holder right there but let’s pop in yep we gotta do this so here is the steering wheel you actually have nice padding here on the outside of the steering wheel you can see the stitching there the center

Portion we got some controls for the center stack voice command phone controls volume controls this does come with adaptive cruise control and then unless you turn signal stock and then your windshield wiper stock and well there’s the steering wheel now here’s the center gauge cluster you can see it’s mostly analog we do have the screen here in the center and

Man this is like an echo chamber in here but you can scroll through different bits of info like fuel economy for example or you can go digital speedo um but yeah there’s just a bunch of different little menus to scroll through just like other uh ford models now this is pretty cool we got a massive infotainment system so first off we’ll pop it in reverse notice

We got a backup camera which trajectory lines to turn with the steering wheel we have that bird’s eye view as well you can see the zoom function and then notice the different camera viewpoints i love camera views from cargo bands because look how tiny the lines are because the camera is so high up on the van but it’s yeah just uh just humorous in a sense then we

Have a camera button which you can press and notice we got that front camera view as well so i mean from a camera perspective this thing is amazing you can also see we’ve got parking assistance down here we have the drive mode select so you press that and then we have the different drive modes we can go between so you just have to press it on the infotainment

System itself pretty easy to use and look at the animation that’s pretty cool wow ford is just killing it and i mean this is specific to the cargo band i’m pretty sure i haven’t seen this in any other ford models so yeah i’m impressed that’s cool um as for the rest infotainment system uh response time’s great and it’s large you got the climate controls there

At the bottom so it’s pretty easy to use that whole system as well and i mean what more could you ask for we got the shifter for that 10-speed automatic with the manual shift function notice you got the buttons there on the side of the shifter got some cup holders here and then charging ports and on the seats we got these nice arm rests and then we have a glove

Box pretty normal and you can see here with the dash how you’ve got like little storage space space pockets and then more charging ports uh so yeah tons of storage in this and that’s kind of a theme here with the van and then popping up at the top of course we got sun visors and then there’s even more storage up here as you can see just like other cargo vans and

So yeah just super super practical so here’s our window sticker for this 2022 250 transits uh here is the standard equipment which i’m not really interested in too much optional equipment on this particular one so you guys can see here with the engine right that’s an option getting the twin turbo v6 and then the other big option on this one is the adventure prep

Package which is almost five thousand dollars but you can see it adds a bunch of stuff definitely uh recommend that package because of all the stuff that you get with it i think it’s definitely worth it we can see the base price here 47 000 and after all options 58 740 dollars and wait for it let’s see how it drives wait a second gotta get the key out i’ll

Talk about visibility before you set off here’s your visibility over the hood both mirrors are going to do a blind spot monitoring then throughout the rest of the rear and let’s set off so setting off here in the transit e250 and so it’s interesting to drive cargo vans because they just they drive different from you know most regular cars um but i will say that

The ford transit is an amazing cargo van and we’ll kind of get into that as we’re going through today’s review um but first off let’s talk about a seat comfort while we are waiting here uh seats are actually really good um they definitely are on the firmer side of things for like a ford seat but they’ve got nice bolsters and i think they’ve done a good job with

That also this is really easy to drive even though it’s pretty big ah that torque is amazing don’t get that from a sprinter and i’m saying that diesel powertrain the sprinter is the slouch but it’s uh not quick like this yeah this is doing great handling is also really good too that’s another big plus here with the transit okay and then we’ll get our kind of full

Blown acceleration here not gonna do a super long drive with this yeah this is so quick i’ve driven quite a few of these transits and they are quick quite a bit of wind noise it is very windy today though but i can tell you you know i know those in super high speeds but yeah quite a bit of wind noise so kind of understand but that’s a cargo van thing it’s not a

Transit thing um but anyways let’s go over a few of these little bumps and kind of sum things up here with this transit see how the suspension is again this is very easy to drive like i feel comfortable driving this so that’s good uh so first off from an exterior aesthetics perspective i think this an avalanche gray looks great for a cargo van and then from an

Interior perspective i like the flooring that this has having the cloth seats again they stay more neutral temperature wise and i’m actually pretty comfortable here even though this is a massive van it would take forever to cool down or heat up right because of how big it is i again i feel comfortable from a temperature perspective and 77 degrees today as that

Says on the touch screen um and like i said it’s easy to maneuver and you know option wise this is great and i will be doing a comparison with this versus a mercedes sprinter in the near future so you guys can really just see them you know compared to each other back to back but what i will say is i love the all-wheel drive system in this uh it’s easier to use

Than the four-wheel drive system you have in the sprinter and then the other thing that i love about this is the fact that it has again those drive modes and it’s just it’s just easy to drive it’s really easy to drive and it’s got some nice new tech like the adaptive cruise control it’s just a great cargo van and also you can actually get these it’s very hard to

Get a sprinter especially if it’s a 4×4 nowadays whereas with these transits if you order one right you can actually get one and it’s for what it is it’s priced very reasonably and so that’s got auto stop start too um yeah i just i think there’s a lot i think there’s a lot to love about this and it’s a great uh cargo ban i love the twin turbo v6 i think that’s the

Engine to get for sure it’s definitely worth the extra money and so yeah if you’re looking for a cargo ban don’t look past ford they are killing the game right now that’s going something’s up for our video on this ford transit and again a huge shout out thank you to the large miller ford lincoln here in provo for give me some time with this van check out the image

In the description down below i will see all of you in the next video

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2022 Ford Transit Adventure: Is The New AWD Transit A Huge Improvement In The Right Direction? By Ben Hardy