2022 G70 3.3t takes on Infiniti Q50 Red Sport | Drag and Roll Race

2022 G70 3.3t takes on Infiniti Q50 Red Sport | Drag and Roll Race

Hello everyone welcome back to another video welcome back to another drag race today we have two interesting cars now i’ve already done like two videos with a new g70 very interesting car but this time you guys asked me against an rs which is the q50rs red sport so we have jim on my left side with his stock 100 stock q50 infiniti q50 red sport that’s

A three liter v6 twin turbo engine and here we have a v6 twin turbo engine as well but this makes less horsepower that makes about 400 horsepower 368 horsepower so um it’s going to be interesting now we did a couple of rounds to warm up the tires there is a process when we start the drag races before we even go it’s not cold turkey we don’t go just cold

Turkey right away we actually do prep the cars get the tires warmed up do a few runs get the engine warmed up as well so a lot of you guys asked me how the process starts but that’s how we do it we need to get the cars ready before we even do anything because you want to get as much traction and also get the cars at an optimum level of temperature so today

We have quite an interesting one because both vehicles are both sedans they’re very similar they compete against each other although the infinity technically it is slightly outdated don’t mean that in a rude way but it is the truth they need a desperate desperate update of their fleet including the rest of them the q60 all the models require the qx55 that

I reviewed recently it’s completely updated as well it feels like new but it’s not it’s actually the old one infiniti is such a great brand but they’re models in my opinion and i know a lot of you guys will agree with this they have great engines great transmissions great cars but their interior needs a desperate update you guys know if you own one you

Know that but today either way we have what we have we have to work with what we have we’re going to rest them race them against each other special thanks goes to um my good friend hans for allowing me to drive his g70 this is the new gener well technically it’s a new model but it’s similar engine and interior like the previous generation the previous

Model but the exterior has received a very uh new design from the front end the rear end and so on looks more aggressive this time and very futuristic meanwhile the q50 on this side is um thanks to my good friend jim he was kind enough to provide us his car he’s racing it today so we’re going to do a drag and roll and find out which one is the fastest out

Of these two and today we are at toronto motorsport in cayuga ontario canada this is a license plate specifically they have a track drag drag strip if you’re from here you know the place with that in mind let’s start racing wow maybe he had a bad lunch in normal mode i got him by a lot hmm okay so we got a better lunch this time but i’m still in normal

Mode i’m still getting him but i’m by a half a car okay this is very close very close jim right now we’re doing in sport mode not sport plus just sport mode let’s see maybe things change a little bit thank you sir i’m good to go on my side oh he had a better lunch than me in sports he’s just they’re very close very very close he took this one very

Close like right beside each other wow he’s just a little bit i’m leading oh he’s catching up he’s catching up he’s catching up he’s catching up and he’s taking me oh mine had a terrible lunch and i think jim had a bit of a head start but we’re okay keep going i had a battle throttle reaction yay come on ah this was close it’s a well jim we proved

The point this cars are very close there there’s no such thing as one is a lot faster or anything like there’s like here and there are a bit of a difference but overall these two are very close to each other would you think so i completely agree other than uh human error and maybe age yeah like age of the car a little bit maybe yeah but other than that like

I’m quite impressed with that infinity it’s an old base it’s an old chassis and it’s keeping up with new modern cars it’s an impressive machine i must say uh thank you so much again jim for coming i appreciate your time i hope you enjoyed as much as i did this was a blast thank you thank you sam hopefully we can do it again thanks definitely anyways that

Was it guys thanks for watching uh special thanks goes to hans for allowing me to drive his car and jim for joining us um it’s an interesting race there’s no such thing as winner they’re very close it all depends on the there’s a bit of a human error of course but other than that like as you saw we did multiple races they’re very very close to each other

And this just proves the point um it’s still an interesting race though with that in mind thanks for watching guys and stay safe cheers

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2022 G70 3.3t takes on Infiniti Q50 Red Sport | Drag and Roll Race By Sam CarLegion