2022 Genesis G70 Review: The BEST small luxury saloon?

The 2022 Genesis G70 Saloon/Sedan is a looker of a car! It’s like Audi and Alfa Romeo made a baby with a Bentley face.

Car is a genesis g70 saloon and genesis are   in 2015 when they became their own brand   they used to be the luxury division of hyundai  now their own division but part of the same   group and they launched in the uk in may 2021  so this is the g70 and i love the way this car   made love to an alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio  

And put a bentley style grill on the front it  looks stunning this is a head turner of a car   everywhere i drive people stop and look at it  and ask me about it this color is my yorker blue   but this car just looks quite quite stunning let’s  talk about the engines and different trims so this   is the 2.2 liter diesel this has

197 horsepower  and over 400 newton meters of torque so we got two   different petrol versions they’re only available  as eight speed automatics and there’s several   different trims there’s your premium trim your  luxury trim and your sport trim this is a sport   trim this has also got the innovation pack and the  comfort

Seat pack which we’ll look at in a second   but the innovation pack includes stuff like that  head up display which you may not be able to see   from here and lots of other cool stuff as well now  one thing which you might notice when you look at   the front you might go that grill it looks a lot  like a bentley well the guy

That designed the   bentley continental actually is now at genesis  and he’s the one that designed this car so that   is why it looks very familiar and it gives it an  understated elegance i say understated everybody’s   been looking at this car and asking me about it  maybe it’s not that understated but it gives it  

An elegance at the front and the front of the car  is meant to represent the badger genesis badge   some wings with a crest in the middle well the  dual led headlights are meant to represent the   wings with the lines and then the grille is meant  to represent the badge in the middle so that’s why   it looks like that at the

Front really really  beautiful like a car there’s a ton of safety   features on this car we’ve got a surround view  360 camera here we’ve also got our adaptive cruise   control and lane assist cameras up there and it’s  got this really nice bulge on the bonnet here   which actually looks really really cool how much  does

The genesis g70 cost well the petrol version   pounds and the most expensive model is also   around 40 000 pounds this car has spent cost   46 260 pounds including the innovation pack and  the comfort see and as i mentioned the innovation   pack has all of the cool bits of technology on  it the sports line which is what

This is also   has these massive 19 inch wheels with the red  brembo brake calipers and the innovation kit   also includes 3d drivers dials yes i did say 3d   like seeing a 3d movie except for much better  than a 3d movie and not nearly as long that is   very very cool as part of the innovation pack so  there is like

Some really cool technology in this   which is amazing there’s a five-year care plan   which includes warranty and servicing and courtesy  car and everything you could need to worry about   with a car this is really convenient how does it  work when it’s due time for service you call up   your genesis personal assistant

Another benefit  you get with these cars and somebody on the phone   in genesis for you to contact directly and they  arrange for a lorry to come out pick up your car   take it away they give you a replacement car your  car gets serviced and they bring it back i really   love that that’s really thoughtful and it takes  away

One of the biggest hassles of having a car   servicing having a car while your car’s being  serviced the cost and the inconvenience is   included so really really clever from genesis big  thank you to genesis for doing that because it is   really really something and i love it i feature  a lot of new cars on my channel like this

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In  selling you can get a free quotation evaluation   let’s talk side design of this car so you will  notice there is a very very nice swooping roof   this is a saloon that gives it a very distinct   look in fact this part of the car is very much  reminding me of an alfa romeo julia quadrifoglio   fantastic there is a

Disadvantage and that is that   there isn’t as much face in the back of the car as  you would get in a traditional saloon of this size   now if you’re not always carrying people in the  back of the car then i’d be fine but if you have   a lot of people in the back then they’re probably  going to be squashed up there and i’ll get

In the   back so you can see for yourself in a minute so  not as spacious in the back as you would want   of the design which is a longer bonnet and a   shorter back which means there’s less space here i  love this car i think it’s fantastic to look at i   think it’s fantastic with technology i think it’s  fantastic to

Drive as well but that is one of the   negatives one of the minor negatives i would have  is rear space the other thing you might notice is   down here we have an interesting little feature  now is that a real vent it is a real vent there is   really a vent here and air comes through the back  and out here to reduce the pressure

At the front   as the headlights and the genesis logo as well   a real vent in a place where you would not expect  it that is something cool let’s have a look at   the back design of this genesis g70 so this is  a diesel version so it’s got dual exhaust here   on both sides this is kind of a mercedes-esque   look

For the exhaust pipes and the back here we’ve  got a little boot lip and then we’ve got our 360   camera for the rear we’ve got the genesis logo  across the back here and now one thing you might   notice which is very very unusual is you might  notice these two areas here these actually shine   light onto the road when you’re

Reversing so they  show you where the car is on the road with actual   physical lights and not just on the entertainment  screen where you get lines displayed over the   camera view but they actually project right onto  the road i’ve never seen that before that’s very   very cool how much luggage space is there in the 

Back of the g70 so we’ve got an electric boot   press the button it goes up there’s 330 liters  of space back here there are some tether points   at the side you can put the seats down but you  have to do it inside the car it’s about on par   with other cars in the segment i do like the fact  it’s got electric lid you can also

Lock the car   from here as well how is it for space here in  the back of the g70 well first of all this seat   the passenger seat in front of me is in a position  where i can just about sit and you can see there’s   actually quite a lot of space here it’s slightly  less space at the top because it’s got a coupe   esque

Roof line but it’s okay but one thing you  will notice looking at this car is that if you   look across my knees here to the driver’s side  there is not a lot of space here now i’m one meter   78 i’m gonna see if i can fit behind that seat in  the driving position i’m over here now sitting on   the driver’s side this is my driving

Position  i don’t have as much space i think it’s fair to   say that the design of this car compromises a  bit on the room on the back seats of this car   you can live with it no problem at all but if  you were to be constantly carrying people in the   back of your car then this design may not be the  best genesis have even

Thought about this because   to make more space so they’ve thought about it and  they obviously agree that space in the back here   may be a bit of a premium you can’t obviously  do that on the driver’s seat you wouldn’t   want anybody moving your seat forwards backs or  driving that wouldn’t be very safe but what about  

In general the ambiance and the feeling in the  back of this car so we’ve got a nice little coat   hook here which is metal i like that i haven’t  seen any metal coat hurts on the back here   we’ve got this netting here which allows me to  store stuff i love some good netting we’ve got   this sandstorm gray color which is really

Really  nice it looks more cream to me but it’s going to   have some gray and gives a nice contrast we’ve got  a usb port down here in the middle we’ve got two   climate ports there and you know the seats are  comfortable they’re even heated as well on the   back of the car so you can actually turn the seat  heating on and

Off to keep yourself warm in the   winter not all cars have heated seats in the rear  inside the g70 it feels very very very luxurious   and comfortable and advanced and modern yet also  maybe more classical and what i mean by that is   most brand new cars they don’t have buttons inside  at least not as many buttons as this

Car has   map navigation radio media favorite setup and   then your volume and power control and file seek  buttons that’s very unusual normally most of these   controls exist in the infotainment system likewise  we’ve got actual knobs for adjusting the climate   control turn the knobs and it gets warm or colder 

Depending on what you want on most cars there’s a   little screen by the climate control which shows  you the temperature even if it’s not displayed on   the big screen on this car there isn’t but it  displays everything up here so you don’t miss   anything plus this car has a comfort seat pack so  we’ve got heated and cooled

Seats which you just   press a button this car’s got a heated steering  wheel as well and we’ve got buttons down here   for front and rear demisting nice and easy to   control when you’re driving now if you watch my  video on the mercedes eqs450 plus that i drove   in santa monica in los angeles and california i 

Complained there were too many buses on that car   this is a very good compromise because we’ve got  the climate control easily laid out and then we’ve   got shortcuts to enter the infotainment system  and we still have this 10.3 inch infotainment   to connect to the genesis connected services   and access all of the benefits

That this car has  because the innovation pack which is also on this   car includes wireless charging and also includes  this fantastic 12.3 inch 3d display now i can’t   show you what that looks like on camera because  it has two cameras down here which track your eyes   and so i can’t give you a demonstration of that on 

This video but i can tell you that when you change   your dials between modes the dials become 3d when  you’re looking at your car assistant information   it will tell you where the lanes are and you’ll  see it in 3d so you have a layer of depth to it   which helps you see what’s going on this is part  of the innovation pack i

Would recommend it if you   buy one of these cars buy the innovation pack  because it gives you all this cool technology   absolutely fantastic now the seats i have to give   a special call out to the series because these  are 12-way adjustable so that includes not only   the obvious bits like the angle and the height 

And how far forwards and backwards they are it   also includes the side bolsters which can adjust  to tighten or loosen and actually automatically   change when you put the car into sport mode it  also includes the thigh rests and there’s lumbar   support on here as well so you’ve got four-way  lumbar control so these seats are

Exceptionally   comfortable i really really really like these  seats the genesis g70 saloon is a very beautiful   to look at car i’ve mentioned how people always  look at me in this car and they ask me questions   about it so it’s definitely got the striking look  the look that everybody wants to know about this   car

But what’s it like to actually drive well it’s  a very very easy to drive car this is the diesel   version with a 2.2 liter engine which puts out  197 horsepower or 200 ps at 440 newton meters talk   it’s in my orca blue and this car does 0 to 60 in  7.4 seconds or 0 to 62 miles an hour i should say   because it’s a diesel it

Has a lot of torque and  you can definitely feel that when driving the car   the engine could do with being a bit more powerful  and i think if i was going to buy one of these i   would go for the more powerful petrol version  but it has enough power for you to overtake and   for you to drive around and quite comfortably 

Not feel like you’re lacking for power so you   can enjoy the diesel just as much as you can do  the petrol obviously the benefit of the diesel   is better fuel economy so you’ll save money on  your fuel costs and this fantastic 3d instrument   display in front of me so the dials in front of  me are in 3d and it’s really cool

This class is   3d and there’s a camera in the front here which  looks at my eyes and then changes the position   of the dials depending on where i’m looking you  can turn it off in the settings if you don’t   like it but i think it’s fantastic and it makes  seeing information like the driver assistance   information

That you’re seeing so this car all   round is a really really good car are there much  differences in the mode so i in eco mode now so in   eco mode i get these really cool 3d dials and then  the most 3d dials you can get on this 3d display   they look really really cool and funky you can  see the rpm is sort of behind the speed

Which is   behind the temperature on the right hand side  so it’s very very very clever how this works   to give you the best economy when driving   responsive there isn’t a lot of change when   when i change it into sports mode a few things   of the seat which hold you in suddenly get   really tight to hold

You in because obviously  in sport mode the idea is you’re driving more   spiritedly so you want to be holding your seats  so that’s the first thing i’ve never had that on   a car before happened to me the second thing is  obviously the revs get a bit higher so you get   a nicer noise from the engine and then the third 

Thing is and the performance and the third thing   is the dials turn to the sporty dials the car  definitely feels a lot more responsive and a lot   faster accelerating and i think if you were going  to accelerate somebody there’s a bit of a delay   when it kicks down in the other modes you probably  want to put in sport mode

There is another mode   sports plus and in sports plus stability mode  turns off the fact that there is a more intense   version of sport which turns off the stability  control that you could potentially use at a race   track and take advantage of that rear differential  is really really really clever and cool and it  

Shows that genesis have been thinking about not  only the luxury side but also about the driving   side so what is my final conclusion let’s head  back what’s my take in the car rating for this   out of five it’s really comfortable to drive   everything including highway lane assist   which adjusts the speed and keeps you

In lane  automatically for connectivity i give it five   out of five it’s got the connected app so you can  see what’s going on from your phone and then for   value i give it four out of five although it is  more pricey as it goes up towards the top end   is fantastic value for what it is and it really  is a fantastic car

And overall this car gets   it’s a great car definitely check one out

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