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2022 Genesis GV60 vs Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mach-E GT, shocking Drag and Roll Race.

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2022 Genesis GV60 vs Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mach-E GT, shocking! Drag and Roll Race.

Today i’m driving the genesis gv60 ev fully electric finally we’re going to find out how quick this thing is off the line and today we’re going to put it up against the ford mustang maki and the tesla model y that is the dual motor one so we don’t have the performance one but let’s see how these stack up anyways to see in terms of zero to 60. i’m very interested

To see how this genesis does because it’s quite an interesting one and it’s very new to the market so i know it’s pretty quick because i’ve driven it but uh that’s what we’re gonna find out today just want to see how these three go up against each other so let’s roll if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell and check out my

Other videos on my channel angus did you put yours in on bridal whatever that is manny are you good to go i am good to go whenever that’s okay manny sly delay um what the mustang monkey come on genesis i’m catching up to him i’m catching up to him i’m catching up to him i’m catching on jesus it’s giannis this quick no what okay this is interesting and we’re

Recharging and we’re recharging this is very very interesting okay this is this is something uh manny was everything okay with you oh that was crazy you see evs are not that bad it’s a lot of fun doing the straight line drag racing anyways let’s do that again just to make sure that we got it right and then we’ll do the roads um i am good on this side so let’s try

Them one more time boys okay boys let’s do this one more time just to make sure we get it right uh and basically hands down and we go i have mine at sport mode all the way through uh and i’m good to go on this side i am in bridal mode i am ready to rock oh the same result that i’m catching up to the monkey come on oh my god this thing is quick this thing is

Quick wow and i have the boost on and i had the boost on foreign they got me good no damn it at the end i beat them on the launch wow damn maybe a little bit but man that was like this genesis just goes you see like even if i have a delay on a launch control it will still absolutely walk any like it’s just i’ve never seen an electric car i have to say like

Most electric cars you pass 100 kilometers they start dying down this thing has more power at the top end and after i press boost it just goes fast for sure okay uh since these don’t have any manual shifting we’re gonna do a one roll only and if we don’t get it right it will redo it again but we’re gonna do one roll instead of two rolls as i usually do uh because

I don’t have enough battery as well i’m trying to save the battery because there’s no charging close by so uh let’s uh because this thing drains a lot of battery this janna says i can see like it dropped from like 65 down to 54 in just two races thank you oh i smoked both of them and the boost is on six seconds of boost no come on boost get me all the way to the

Quarter mile oh yeah i’m gone wow wow this genesis is insane no go to it foreign did we launch at the same time don’t don’t forget my car has a boost option that’s why launch faster it didn’t i didn’t uh have a head start it’s just my car launched really fast because the boost button did we have a good one or should we redo it i’m just worried that i don’t have

Enough battery on mine that’s my main concern but because i have a long drive home but here’s my question who won between you guys or was it right beside that plant thinks yeah okay well i guess at that point we’re done with this one guys thank you so much for helping us and manny appreciate you joining us another time man this was interesting i wish there was

Charging stations beside me because i’m literally running out of battery and i can i have to call the tow truck if that happens this thing drains the battery pretty quickly i have to say how much battery do you have uh angus i got 67 i went from 71 to 67 in those two races manny can you see that’s the thing this genesis drains the battery quickly it was like a

64. now it’s like 52. it drains the battery pretty quickly anyways thanks for helping out guys i have to say i am quite impressed with this genesis gv uh 60 electric like the way this thing goes it’s mind-blowing in many ways but nonetheless it was a lot of fun i just want to see this thing in action how it handles and it’s actually pretty quick but i have to also

Include the fact that it drains the battery very fast in comparison to those two cars but nonetheless it’s a lot of fun i don’t have to find a place to charge this thing and there’s nothing close by but it has about 180 kilometers which should take me close to toronto but uh yeah that’s the trouble of racing electric cars but i gotta give it to genesis this thing

Is quick it’s pretty quick that was it cheers if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell and check out my other videos on my channel

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2022 Genesis GV60 vs Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mach-E GT, shocking! Drag and Roll Race. By Sam CarLegion