2022 Genesis GV70 – Headlights


The headlights of your genesis are beautiful to behold but from behind the wheel they become even more dazzling with an array of smart features to optimize visibility while driving one such feature is the auto light feature which helps ensure that your headlights are always on when needed to use it simply rotate the headlamp control knob to the auto setting once

In auto mode the parking lights and headlights will be automatically turned on and off depending on the amount of light outside the vehicle the available high beam assist feature goes one step further it can take on the task of automatically dimming your high beams when it senses oncoming vehicles and reactivating them once they pass by it can also dim the high

Beams automatically if you enter a well-lit area such as a major intersection to enable the feature select setup then vehicle then lights select or unselect the high beam assist box to activate or deactivate the system once turned on in the settings menu rotate the headlamp switch on the steering column’s left stock to auto then press the stock away from you

The high beam assist indicator on the instrument cluster will illuminate letting you know that high beam assist is active the high beam assist system will not work when you are stationary or moving slower than 25 miles per hour you can still flash your high beams if they have been dimmed just pull back on the stock as you usually would to flash then release the

Stock to return to auto mode to switch high beam assist off rotate the headlamp switch away from auto there are a few items you should keep in mind about both the auto headlight feature and high beam assist you should know that the auto headlight feature may not work when it is raining during daylight hours or when it is foggy it also may not automatically turn

On the headlights if you are driving in a tunnel parking facility or other structure you should turn the headlights on manually in these conditions you should also know that high beam assist may not work properly if the headlights of an oncoming car are dim if an oncoming vehicle’s parking lights or fog lights are on but not their headlights or when driving on

A narrow or curved road your genesis may also be equipped with the led adaptive front lighting system or afls instead of consistently shining straight ahead the afls is designed to turn as the steering wheel turns it aims the low beam headlights in the direction the vehicle is moving this helps illuminate the area where the vehicle is traveling and improves

Nighttime visibility especially on dark winding roads to enable it simply turn the headlight switch to the auto position when in auto the afls will operate to use the headlights without afls simply turn the headlight switch to on afls headlight swiveling will no longer occur and the headlights will stay stationary in addition you should know that afls headlight

Swiveling will not take place when the vehicle is stationary while driving in a vehicle equipped with afls you may notice a small black half moon image in the headlight throw pattern this is perfectly normal and is part of the headlight design it is there to prevent headlight glare from affecting any oncoming vehicles

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