The 2022 GMC Canyon is well suited for folks who want some of the capabilities of a full-size pickup truck but in a mid-size package. That mission starts with its sturdy body-on-frame construction, extends to its potent engine and torquey diesel-engine options, and culminates in a maximum tow rating of 7700 pounds. Those hoping to hit the trails will appreciate the rugged AT4 model, which includes 31-inch tires and a unique off-road suspension. Available with an extended or crew cab and two bed lengths, the Canyon is just as versatile as its corporate

Hello and welcome one more time vinnie the car guru here at greenbrook buick gmc and you know it with another exciting vehicle to show you so let’s take a look so all right here we have it our first 2022 gmc canyon elevation this one is actually an entry level but it still has really really good things and amenities one of the things that i love about

This elevation is the black grill as you can see and because the vehicle is black it makes it look so much powerful and rich in the front this vehicle comes powered with a 2.5 4 cylinder engine you can put regular gas on it okay so let’s explore the side of this beautiful elevation let’s start with the wheels which are painted black it’s part of the elevation

Package looks really nice and rich now in here we have the elevation badging inside of the vehicle okay now i’m going to show you how these doors open this one it’s not a single cab but it’s not a crew cab either you get a little bit of a space in the back if you want to put maybe children in the back uh do a short trip not too comfortable in the back but again

It gives you some space now one of the things that i would love to show you is the fact that you get some space right here underneath the seat to kind of put some miscellaneous items okay uh one of the cool features if you have an infant and you have to put a trial of a seat in here you can pull the headrest like this and then you’ll take the headrest and put it

Like so and pull right here so you got a little extension right here in the seat for the child booster okay continuing here in the back of the vehicle you can see uh that this vehicle is beautiful the sign one of the things that is important to mention the designers of the vehicle is that the bed is tilted a little bit towards the front and that’s because if

You get rain or sometimes the snow in the bed of the vehicle you want it to drain and there is holes in the front of the bed to drain that water all right once in the back we can see the back of camera embedded right here and uh the tailgate of the vehicle we have the canyon badging right here on chrome with a beautiful gmc on red you do have pre-hookups if you

Want to put the tow hitch on this vehicle the bumper is also painted black as part of the elevation package now once we open this one of the cool things it’s it opens really nice and slow it doesn’t slam and you can see the bed and this particular case is nice and painted black as well starting right here on the driver’s side we have the nice power windows with

The power locks this vehicle comes also with the automatic lights so they go on and off automatically you don’t have to worry about that now in the uh steering wheel we get the uh cruise control now we’re gonna try to get inside this vehicle right here this is the infotainment system now this vehicle is inside the showroom so we won’t be turning it on but i

Want to show you the interior of this vehicle as well as much as i can this one comes with cloth seating as you can see nice comfortable seats and one of the changes that i see from the 2021 to the 2022 is they trimmed the uh it a little bit make it a little bit of different design but that’s uh that’s about it not many changes on this vehicle coming in 2022

So okay there you have it the 2022 canyon elevation edition i hope you enjoyed this vehicle please don’t forget to like and subscribe it really helps me out deeply appreciated to continue bringing you more of these videos until next time see

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2022 GMC CANYON ELEVATION ED!!! By Vinnie The Car Guru