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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 Vs 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X: Whats The Difference?

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Today I compare a 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 to a 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s the normally comparing a 2022 gmc sierra 1500 at4 to a 2022 gmc sierra 1500 84x so that i can show you guys the differences between the trucks and hopefully help you out with deciding which one you should go for now before we get into the video i do want to mention if you save time and money the next time you purchase

A car link to my car buying guide in the description down below let’s get to the video starting under the hood of the at4 we have the 3-liter duramax diesel that goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission it’s good for 277 horsepower and then 460 pound-feet of torque and this is the cool thing about the at4 is you can get this duramax diesel or you can get

The 62 v8 so you’ve got options with the at4 going from that over to the at4x however we have a naturally aspirated 6.2 liter v8 that goes through 10-speed automatic transmission it’s good for 420 horsepower and then 460 pound-feet of torque is the only engine that you can get with the at-4x obviously you know the 62v8 has more horsepower they have the same amount

Of torque but then the you know duramax diesel is going to get better fuel economy but then diesel prices are really high so yeah whatever anyways going over the front end of the regular at4 you guys can see here with the hood now the body lines don’t pop out too much because this truck is white but you know still looks great you can see the grille here that comes

The at4 we’ve got the new signature c-shaped led headlights on the sierra and then you can see there with the rest of the headlight and then notice the coloration there on the grill with the gmc logo you do have a camera there at the bottom of the m at4 badge there in the bottom portion of the grille and then notice there with the fog light at the very bottom of

The bumper parking sensors on the front end got the tow hooks on either side and then the bottom of the bumper is kind of painted in black which i think actually looks pretty good do have skid plate protection underneath it’s part of the at4 package uh just under like 11 inches of ground clearance with the at4 now popping over to the at4x you guys will notice that

The truck looks the same yeah it’s kind of interesting so you can see there at the bottom with the uh bumper and because this has the same bumper as the regular at4 it has the same amount of ground clearance frankly but this quick look at the hood it actually might be like marginally more because the tires are technically like slightly bigger but it’s marginal

I love the coloration on the grill there again with the gmc logo though the camera below the logo you can see the same c-shaped lights and obviously this truck pops a little bit more because of the blue color so it’s more of like the color rather than the actual accenting that makes this truck gonna pop out more parking sensors there two hooks on either side and

Then obviously the at4x badge you guys saw up above and the fog light off the side so other than the at4x badge and the bright blue color the trucks the same so far skid plate protection underneath as well and yeah it’s it’s a great looking truck though i will say that but they’re both great looking trucks from a front end perspective frankly and then popping

Here to the side of the at4 you guys can see pretty aggressive all-terrain tires with the at4 package and i can tell you guys these tires do really well off-road because you remember i took that at4 diesel it was a 22 limited but still you know same truck basically off-road tires just grip really well now you have a two inch suspension lift from the factory with

The at4 package it’s a little bit higher there and you guys can see how aggressive that tread pattern is got your duramax turbo diesel badge there at4 badge and then notice here with the side steps and then here’s the stance of the truck and with that two inch lift the truck looks really good from the factory and popping here to the rear what you’ll notice is

You’ve got the leaf springs there in the back and then you’ve got the rancho shocks as part of the at4 package and popping over here to the at4x notice the wheels are blacked out so that it kind of has a sportier appearance but yeah you got aggressive off-road tires just like the at4 still have a two inch suspension lift on the front end and so again so far the

Truck is uh stacking up to be the same right and i just love the look of it overall with that whole setup as well now it’s got your 6.2 l v8 badge and then you got your at4x batch there on the side that x is very important right got the mirrors that are blacked out and then popping over to the full side view you can see again the stance right it looks great

But again the untrained eye it’s going to look the same right with the trucks uh they’re the same height and everything and then popping to the rear is the big difference we’ve got we’ll still leave string but multimatic shocks so it’s a three chamber system uh so the dss v shocks by multi-matic and it’s really cool system so damping on the at4x is substantially

Better than the regular at4 and then you have the high ground clearance exhaust tips also part of the at4x package so basically just improves departure angle slightly since they don’t pop out past the bumper here’s the key fob for the regular at4 and notice you got the slow learning function there with the tailgate and popping into the bed got the led lights and

Then the handle that helps with getting in and out and as part of that whole tailgate setup and then you’ve got the power outlet down below and then notice we have our at4 logo there at the end of the bed remind you what truck you bought every time you load up lumber uh now this does have the multi-pro tailgate so basically just turns into a step which is pretty

Cool and has a weight limit of 375 pounds so yeah i think it’s i actually think it’s a pretty solid system and the only downside with it is that you have to lift up the tailgate yourself but again it’s a truck it’s kind of like something that you know you’d expect c-shaped tail lights here with the back end of the truck and then it’s got the bumper steps as well

Parking sensors all along the rear and then you got the regular exhaust tips so they kind of have that uh you know squished look to them kind of how they’ve done the covers so it matches the boxy design again another at4 badge as well and then going back over to the at4x you can see key fob functionality is identical and popping here into the bed you’re gonna see

It’s also identical you guys might be wondering on payload and towing capacity i didn’t know like when i looked at the stickers both the trucks it looked like you don’t really get any uh of a you don’t get any bit of a difference between them basically at4x there on the uh bed and you can see the cargo right there at the top so yeah it looks like towing capacity

And payload is unchanged with both the trucks now this one has the kicker sound system so take the truck off-road and then you can use that to you know have some fun tailgating which i think is actually a pretty cool feature overall same thing got to lift it up because it’s got the multi-pro and finish things up with the rear man this truck looks so good in blue

By the way and notice all that stuff is the same tail lights bumper steps bumpers obviously you don’t have the exhaust tips poking out the back because as the high ground clearance tips at 4x badge with the rear end and so other than the shocks right so far the trucks are stacking up to be pretty much the same and then notice here with the trim there at the top

And you see the padding on the side and then notice with the stitching down below and then the brown piping as well and that’s like an at4 color doing the brown throughout the truck you can see again there on the seat and then notice the behind the seat storage is it’s perforated in the center and then notice the under seat storage as well and then you can see

The floor mat system basically where you can pick up little carpet which is pretty cool then we’ve got some cup holders right there and you got the vents and then heated seats then you have the cup holder armrest situation and then uh by the way legroom in the back of the truck is great being you know pretty large cab now this is where we can see some differences

With the truck so notice with the material use it’s like the same but the trim coloration is different with the at4x including the insert there and then the stitching coloration also different right and then also also white piping so there’s another difference with the trucks it does make the door panel on the seats pop quite a bit more having the white piping

On it i think so even though the seats are the same seats right it looks it just looks like the coloration the at4x looks cooler so funny that they’re able to do that right and then you guys can see there on the grab handle how you’ve got like the leather stitching on it which is funny and then room back there is identical because cab is the same right got same

Function with the cup holders heated seats usbs and then cup holder armrest setup and so other than you know the different coloration on the seats everything is the same now popping back over to the at4 you guys can see here with the door panel again look at the coloration on the materials and the finish also doesn’t have the same stitching actually on that top

Piece another at4 badge yeah so the stitching is just like normal whereas the at4x is like the weird cross stitching it always reminds me of uh the characters from the coraline movie with their mouths at4 there on the headrest and then notice the perforations again with the brown leather adjustments on the side of the seat and then you can see the pedal layout

Down below and then notice there with the light control and then you’ve got your driveline select drive mode select it has portable high four below four wheel auto and also two wheel drive as well and then notice with the heads-up display and then you can see there with the steering wheel adjustment it is power and then popping over to the at4x yeah so again

Carried over to the front i love the wood i love the look of the door panel on the a24x i think it looks better frankly just for the different colors they’re more appealing to me and then of course you got that at4x badge and then again you can see the cross stitching and the white piping looks fantastic really cool design and then you do get the upgraded bose

Sound system a lot of people are asking me on the sound system it does sound a little bit better uh like the the subwoofer is like the same like in terms like the the beat right but it the sound quality seems a little bit clearer with the upgraded bose sound system in the truck and notice your power adjustments are on the side gmc logo then you got the little floor

Mat insert you can pull out and then notice here with the controls are all the same same driveline select functionality all that is identical with both the truck so you’re not getting you know benefit one or the other from that perspective and heads up display and then adjustments for the steering which is power but popping into the at4 and by the way we’re

Going to go over a lot of stuff here on the at4 and the at4x we’re just going to go over the differences so this section will be kind of lengthy but then the next section is going to be like super short basically notice the startup animation at4x does the same exact thing except it you know says at4x with a lot of the stuff so that’s really the only difference

But anyways here’s the steering wheel so you guys can see here with the stitching there on the center portion and then uh notice the trim piece coloration controls there for the center stack paddle shifters the 10-speed radio controls on the back of the steering wheel and then notice there at the heated steering wheel function cruise control windshield wiper turn

Signal stock and then you can see with the full digital gauge cluster uh notice with the uh tow haul mode since it’s a diesel diesel exhaust brake right and then you got your off-road mode so normal off-road tow haul that’s it i don’t have any other drive modes with the d so i believe if you get the 62 v8 i haven’t reviewed a new 62 v8 84 yet but i’m pretty sure

You get a sport mode too but i’ll double check that once i’m able to review one once one pops in so if i’ve only seen duramaxes it seems like everyone’s ordering the diesel right now which is kind of interesting because again diesel prices are high but anyways digital gauge cluster is fantastic notice with the infotainment screen here you’ve got the backup camera

Trajectory lines they do turn with the steering wheel you’ve got tons of different camera view points here with the truck so full 360 view which is great wheel shots as well notice the zoom in there and the receiver hitch then you also have the view for the bed camera as well so they’ve just done a really good job for me camera perspective uh as for the rest

Of the infotainment system you have like the shortcut bar you’ve got that main screen right there apple carplay android auto and you can see response time with the screen is fantastic then you have the auxiliary screen there we can just turn it into like a little clock which is cool yeah i love the infotainment system start stop button on the gmc’s also looks

Really nice dual zone climate controls heated cooled seats all that normal luxury stuff and then this is important down here so you guys can see all the controls for like auto stop start parking sensors lane departure tailgate drop down stability control health design control then you can roll down all the windows at once and and just remember that section for

When we go over the at4x quickly then here’s the shifter for the 10-speed automatic transmission and a lot of people are complaining it takes up space but i don’t know i’m okay with that i think it looks cool trailer brake controls got a couple of cup holders and then i love the new center console kind of like the material use on it and then how it looks then

Wireless phone chargers in front of it and then notice the materials here on the dash really nice with the new at4 similar to what you have with the denali and it just looks really high quality and then we do have the dual glove box set up with the at4 you can see again with the material use looks great like again it’s huge improvement in terms of just the

The appearance of everything throughout the interior and then popping up here to the top notice we’ve got the camera mirror system which is a huge bit of safety tech this one doesn’t have a center but you can get it as an option power setting window there in the back as well and then just darker colored headliner but then you know just normal cloth trim so first

Off notice we have a terrain mode for the at4x so that’s the first difference you have a train mode um but the other drive one’s the same and then down here another difference is don’t have the window drop down button but you have front rear lockers so you can do just the rear lock or you can do the front and the rear so that’s another big difference with the at4x

And then the other one is this one has a sunroof and then also the headliner right it’s not just cloth it’s uh alcantara at the top so it looks a little bit nicer from a material standpoint so there’s just some extra nice touches now from price point perspective this is where things get pretty crazy so the at4 stickers for about 71 000 roughly depending on how

You spec it out but that’s like a loaded up at4 the at4x loaded up you’re about 77 thousand dollars uh roughly and so there’s a six thousand dollar price difference between both the trucks and so here’s what i have to say if you are not going to take the truck off-road which i feel like most people purchasing in at4 are probably not going to take it off-road get

The at4 because the extra money that you’re paying for the at4x right and that’s not including dealership markup because you know since it’s such a hot vehicle there’s probably going to be pretty crazy markups on the at4x especially compared to a regular at4 um then you’re just spending extra money for no reason because frankly to the regular person they both

Look identical on the outside so a regular person is going to think okay you own the same truck right and then from an interior perspective right it’s basically headliner and different stitching and stuff in the seats and all that so yeah it does look slightly different and i do think it looks better i don’t think it looks six seven thousand dollars better right

And then again if you’re not going to take it off it really doesn’t make sense right because most of the money is going into those shocks and the fact that it has front rear lockers and if you’re never gonna use those two features it’s like there’s no point and especially if you’re gonna lift the truck i see a lot of people lift these at4s i’m not sure how easy

It would be to lift the at4x with those uh shocks from multimatic right because that stuff is set for that truck’s ride height so yeah i think it’d be a lot easier to just do an at4 to lift an at4 so that’s my two cents on it uh so i think for ninety percent of people at4 is going to work for that other ten percent that’ll actually take the trucks off road right

At4x is kind of like the difference between you know raptor and regular f-150 right you have all these people that are buying raptors and they’re just posers right because they never take the raptors off road and there’s no point in spending extra money for a raptor they should have just gotten you know a lariat and then you know done a lift wheel with lift wheels

And tires on it and it looked just as cool as a raptor it’d be less money and yeah so there you go

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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 Vs 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X: What's The Difference? By Ben Hardy