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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited Denali 6.2 POV Test Drive & Review

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Here we have the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited Denali. This Sierra 1500 Denali comes in cayenne red tintcoat on jet black perforated leather seats. The powertrain consists of a 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Here we have a new 2022 gmc sierra 1500 limited in the denali trim level comes in that gorgeous cayenne red tint coat on jet black perforated leather seats and this one in particular comes with a 6.2 liter v8 with no auto stop made it to a 10-speed automatic transmission it also has the ultimate package so you get the power sunroof power running boards and those

22-inch aluminum wheels but there’s that signature denali grill led daytime running lights headlamps and fog lights and they’re the 22s there and today i’m going to start out with just showing the window sticker so this one stickers for right at 68 225 are the options there and there are the standard features there see if i can get a good look it’s kind of a

Glare out here but now we’ll go on to the features here we have power door locks power windows power mirrors as well as power folding mirrors with blind spot monitors and then we have memory seating bose sound system electronic parking brake headlamp controls four wheel drive controls and then here we have our power driver’s seat with power lumbar support if

I can get a nice glimpse of that headrest there now on to the back seat room so great leg room back here i’m six foot three had plenty of head space and i feel like i’m in the back for mercedes right now so that’s good but down here we have our rear ac vents a usbc port and then a usb a port to charge and a 12 volt cup holders here and then there’s a view of the

Front and then we have our cup holders and a little storage in the center there the center seat and we can fold the headrest down clicking that but now let’s go ahead and check out the back so there’s our back end there and we get led tail lamps and there we have our bed there also has a spray in bed liner and then of course we can fold this down and use that

Step there to hop in about fail then it all just snaps back into place and there’s our power front passenger seat power lumbar support now of course the 22 is supposed to have a refresh close to the middle of the year so we’ll be looking out for that that’s why these are limited let’s take a look under the hood and there’s that 6.2 liter v8 and now we’ll hop

In the driver’s seat so we have a leather wrap heated steering wheel here and then over to the radio we have am fm and xm along with bluetooth audio and we also get wireless apple carplay android auto there’s our navigation screen there we get a wi-fi hotspot and then if you’re ever towing anything you can go through a checklist there and even set up a profile so

It knows kind of what to do whenever you hook up a certain trailer there’s our backup camera there with guidelines of course as you turn the steering wheel the guidelines kind of show you where you’re going and then we have our climate so we can pull up our dual zone automatic climate controls either on the screen or we can adjust them down here we have actual

Buttons to go with our three stage heating cooled seats but here we can pull down the tailgate the touch of a button hill descent stop the running boards from retracting a few other features trailer brake controller then we have a usbc and usb-a input for the radio that also can charge and we have a 12-volt and then i think 115-volt three-prong household

Plug-in there and then we have a wireless charging pad a little storage and then two cup holders up front with a little storage here and a huge center console cubby space then we have two more usb ports and aux and then an sd card reader which runs that navigation system and then we have the sunroof so along with our power rear sliding window and the universal

Home remote we can one touch tilt and slide our sunroof open and close with all that sun sunshine in and there’s a view of the back seat from up here so here we have our glove compartment with our owner’s manuals which is already a pretty good size but then we have the second storage area here so to the left side of the steering wheel we can toggle our cruise

Controls set resume cancel that heated steering wheel toggle and then we have bluetooth controls here and then we can go through our gauge cluster using this here and then plenty of options to choose from whether you want to see fuel economy trip meters the navigation what you’re playing on the radio your phone and then you can of course set everything up

And then we can toggle our favorites or trackless controls here on the left side of the steering wheel and then behind on the right side we control our volume and for our shifter it’s just a column so we just hit the brake pull down reverse neutral drive low mode and then we can shift in low mode and it’ll show you what gear you’re in there on the gauge cluster

And just pull all that for park and then over here you can toggle the normal mode sport mode or off-road mode and then you can also toggle the tow haul mode as well and it’ll populate in that bottom right to show you that that’s what mode you’re in so you just toggle it to the left for the tow haul and then you go through your actual drive modes here you just

Keep tapping right there we have our push button start and finally here is our key fob with remote start so next we’re going to take this 2022 sierra 1500 limited denali out on the road for a quick test drive so i have in sport mode now and it still drives pretty well not overly harsh when i give it light throttle but then when i put my foot down it’s ready to

Go i’m gonna put into normal and of course with it being a 6.2 liter v8 it’s still pretty fast even in normal mode i’m not going to drive it too hard just because they’re only a few miles on this one and it hasn’t heated up but i will give it a a little bit of throttle here but just a really fast truck and people are known to put exhaust modifications intake

Modifications make them even faster and of course really good ride quality with a magnetic ride control even on these huge 22s and the shifts of course with the 10-speed automatic are seamless you and overall within the cabin it’s just a really nice sound not a lot of intrusion coming in through the windows but it’s also not like an echo chamber in here just

Really good acoustics and of course you have that slight roller from the 6.2 liter which is kind of soothing and like the prior sierras that i reviewed the sierra denalis in particular the seats hold up really well they’re borderline stiff but really good for back support and of course they’re fully adjustable and having the heated cooled seat function makes

All the difference because on a day like today where the sun’s out shining bright but it’s still a little chilly out it’s nice to be able to toggle between the lowest level on the heated seat and the lowest level on the cooled seat just to keep you at that perfect temperature and with the black seats you’ll probably be siding more towards the cool seat function

And that’s why it’s so great to have because it’ll definitely keep you from getting too hot and i said magnetic ride control earlier but it’s actually the adaptive ride control for the denali pickup trucks but this is going to bring me to the end of my review of the 2022 gmc sierra 1500 denali limited

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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited Denali 6.2 POV Test Drive & Review By Nothin’ But Car Reviews