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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited SLE Review | Wolfe GMC Buick Edmonton

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Don’t let the cloth seats fool you, this truck knows your needs better than you do. The new body lines and shape look good from every angle while the redesign ensures that the Sierra Limited will deliver upon and exceed your expectations. From the CornerStep bumper and MultiPro tailgate that make the truck bed even more accessible to the backup camera, you have everything you need. When you need to stay connected, the SLE delivers by offering both OnStar capabilities and 4G Wi-Fi. Looking for the best song to set the mood? With options of radio, Bluetooth, or even Apple Carplay and Android Auto, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Even better, the steering wheel controls allow you to manage everything from the digital dash, to the cruise control, to the volume and station. Additional features of the SLE include the Kodiak package, 17 inch All Season tires with bright silver aluminum wheels, and deep tinted glass. This Sierra Limited has also been retrofitted for later installation of a heated steering wheel and heated front seats. Book your appointment to view this vehicle in person, and experience all the reasons how it can enhance your daily drive. Stop in today to see why we are your preferred GMC dealer; we will earn your business!

It’s a great day at wolf gmc buick we’re located on the corner of 184th street and stony plain road in edmonton alberta canada today we’re looking at the 2022 gmc sierra 1500 limited sle we’ll start by taking a look inside the front of the sierra the driver’s store has power door locks power windows with an auto express window power adjustable side mirrors the child

Lock button wood trim door storage with a cup holder and a door speaker to the left of the steering wheel we have trailer mode by turning that dial to the right we have various drive modes up here on the dash two wheel drive four wheel drive some lighting controls and dials with a park brake just below rubber floor mats on the floor a power adjustable driver’s

Seat with lumbar support cloth interior and that center console opens up into an additional seat next i’ll hop in and we’ll take a look at the leather wrapped steering wheel the left side has our cruise control buttons and on the right side we have the audio controls and bluetooth command this is our driver information center we’re able to cycle through the dash

Using the arrow buttons found on the steering wheel overhead are some interior light buttons and onstar up next is gmc’s infotainment center equipped with apple carplay and android auto this touch screen displays the outside temperature the time it’s also got our trailering app and it doubles as our backup camera with or without guidance to the right here we also

Have hitch guidance dual climate control buttons with air conditioning heated front seats auto stop start the tailgate release hazard lights traction control this button here rolls all four windows down at the same time some usb ports and power plug-ins to the right of the steering wheel is the engine push start button apply pressure to the brake while pushing the

Button to start the truck at the front of the sierra there are black tow hooks 17 inch aluminum wheels a 2.7 liter turbo engine under the hood heated side mirrors with a chrome mirror cap rear tinted windows the door handles have keyless entry so as long as you’ve got the key fob on you push the silver button to lock or unlock the doors 4×4 remote start and the

Corner step bumper those corner steps are found on either side of the bumper for quick and easy access to the box of the truck this truck also has gm’s easy lift and lower tailgate we can use the key fob push that button twice to drop it down it’s also got the multi-pro tailgate step the box of the truck has 12 cargo hooks and led box lighting next we’ll take a

Look inside the back of this six passenger truck the passenger door has power windows door storage with a cup holder and a door speaker the backs of both front seats have got cloth seat pockets the back of our center console has the rear fans some usb ports and power plug-in rubber floor mats on the floor and we’re able to raise the rear seat up for some additional

Storage space so come take a look at the 2022 gmc sierra 1500 limited sle or you can visit us online anytime anywhere at

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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited SLE Review | Wolfe GMC Buick Edmonton By Wolfe GMC Buick