2022 GMC Sierra 2500 AT4 Review || Whats New For The HD???

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Hey guys this is richard dunbar out here at courtesy chevy buick gmc in broad ridge louisiana if you need something if you need to order something if we have it in stock give us a call my number is 337-344-8961 i’ll be talking to you soon so welcome back to the channel guys today i have a 2022 gmc sierra hd this is a 2500 unfortunately it’s about to get sold and

Yeah i just want to do a quick video for you guys they did allow me to do this here at courtesy chevrolet buick gmc so be sure to check these guys out i am in love with this color and with this trim package this is really more or less a appearance package and it does have some nice off-road cues i’m going to show you guys around the truck really quickly so let’s

Go ahead and start at the front here so this does have a reflective style led headlights and it does have an led daytime running light it does have led turn signals with led fog lights that are reflective style too now when you get the at4 you do have these red tow hooks aggressive painted black front grille and i’m not a huge fan of the chrome but if you look at

The wheels if you look at just the overall appearance it does really flow really well with this truck overall the gmc painted in red really does set it off on the front end too guys looks really really good but you do have a painted bumper and down below you do see you have a plastic trim piece painted shroud around that front grille there and on the side you do

Have a plastic appearance for the fender flares and one thing i love that gmc does is they do incorporate these uh lights on the fender flares which i think just looks really good and they’re both amber on the front and rear too now this is gonna be a 20 inch wheel wrapped in an lt275 65. and these are goodyear tires too and take a look at some of the capacities

For the tires max load is going to be 3750 and this is your kilograms and 80 psi is code and you do have a fabric material inside of here as you guys know gm does use an ifs on their hd trucks independent front suspension and check out your running boards too these are like styled more or less for like off-road so if you are going off-road on the trail these are

Going to help you to keep from damaging the side of your cab here this truck was equipped with a 360 camera you do have a camera right here i don’t think i showed it to you on this front but you do have a forward-facing camera right here too one thing i like about the gmc trucks they do sit higher so this truck does have like a little over 11 inches of ground

Clearance which is pretty good actually and gmc does use the smart key system for the front and rear door so you can unlock it and you can also lock it from either door ford or ram did not do that so i do like that they do that on this truck and man i love this blue paint guys oh my goodness it looks so good check that out now something that gm does that’s

Unique is they do give you these steps on each side of the bed so if you are hooking up your fifth wheel or your gooseneck trailer it is easier to like lock in the pin by just stepping on this step here they also give you basically a seven foot bed and they did move back the fifth wheel prep package a little bit also which will help you with making a 90 degree

Turn which is really helpful if you are getting into tight spaces with your trailer now as i mentioned this is a 2500 and you do have use your main leaf pack here you have five leafs in this main pack here and you see right there and if you were to get a 3500 they do add additional overload leaf springs and this tailgate is actually standard on this truck too

So if you do get an at4 they just add this tailgate as part of the package for you now before i show you the tailgate you do have a camera and a light for your conventional hitch this is a classified receiving hitch and they do have two camera inputs here for your trailer you can do one for the inside or outside seven pin connector and they do have the parking

Sensors on the back here too now let’s go back to the tailgate if you push this button here it does open the top piece of this there’s also a button i don’t know if you guys can see it but there’s a button that you have to push right here that lifts this little lip up and moving forward if you push the bottom button here it does drop the whole tailgate and

Then you could use this as a step too so see the button a little bit better here and that pretty much drops down for you there they do give you a grab handle led lights you have a four and a seven pin connector fifth wheel prep package and they do give you a power plug right here and then you have a camera view for your trailer now check out your mirrors you

Do have a power extender for if you are pulling your trailer it will go out for you you do have lights and the convex is still manually adjustable but it is adjustable though which is nice now let’s go ahead and take a look under the hood so this does have the optional 6.6 duramax you can get a standard gas engine this one’s going to be good for 445 horsepower

910 pound-feet of torque made it to a 10-speed allison transmission and this truck i mean is fast if you put this bad boy in tow haul mode one of my followers matthew anderson i always give him a shout out because he always is commenting on my videos and giving me good information but if you put it in tohomo you do get all that power up front so just keep that

In mind if you are racist any ram guys because you’re definitely going to beat them now if you do get the diesel you do have a 342 rear axle and this is the only ax ratio available for the duramax and the reason why that is is because first second and third gear on this transmission are so deep they decided to go with a lower ax ratio in the rear that way you

Can get better fuel economy with that 10 speed and diesel configuration you do have a plug on the driver’s side i didn’t show this to you earlier but this is for your engine block heater if you do live in those colder climates and they already give you like a plug for it too notice you have this nice orange stitching that matches the accents on the seats

Same color design stitching on the seats on the steering wheel and even on the dash in some places i love these running boards they do make getting in and out easy now you do have like a all-weather mat with a little carpet here that can be taken out now let’s take a look at this interior here guys like i really do like the overall design it’s very basic um it’s

Lacking behind ram lacking behind ford for that fact but in 2023 they’re talking about updating this system now you do have your full drive system you do have automatic and this does have toho mode if you swipe this to the right we have to look at some of the driving modes let me see if i can let me see i’ll just turn it on for a second here but take a look at

Some of your driving modes you have normal and off-road so these are normal drive modes that they always have and then you have your uh tow haul mode too that pops up down below now this is an eight inch diagonal screen and i do like the camera views that come with this system here let me show it to you really quickly so you go to camera the clearest camera in

The business if they get a bigger screen it’s going to be game over i’m just i just know it let’s take a look at the back camera and then you have your conventional hitch zoom in now something that would be helpful if you do plan on using this off-road is you do have these off-road cameras too and then if you want to check you know where your tires are you see

That right there these camera views would really help with that and just take a look at this camera this would also be helpful i think it does and not really it doesn’t really show that the wheels when you turn the steering wheel but this is also another good one if you need to use this for going off the road but overall like i said guys this this is something

That you know it’s not a true hardcore off-roading truck like the power wagon because it still has the capability of a true hd truck as you’ll see on the numbers here in a second but let’s just keep going around the interior because this is a diesel you have exhaust brake you can drop that tailgate down and you can lift it back up this will control the plug for

The bed and this does have the downhill assist i thought it’d be worth mentioning if you would like downhill assist off-road suspension things like that and you don’t want to pay the 84 price you can get a x-31 off-roading protection package on an slt and it’s only fourteen hundred dollars now let’s get back to the video now on the side here you do have this

Your normal storage and dual climate control you do have usbs power plugs you have an additional power plug inside the interior actually this might control this one trailer brake charging station storage cup holders and leather wrapped center console huge huge space in here usbs inside of here as well to hide your cords if you don’t want to see them out here

And i don’t know if you saw it but this does have apple carplay and android auto check this out i never see this inside the trucks but this this truck does have it as an option in here it’s your gooseneck ball these are your supports for the chains for your gooseneck trailer i love how big this cab is i will say this is probably probably about a little bit bigger

Than the fords it does have a flat floor surface tons of storage out back too and you do have space below the seat to store small things like if you have a hitch or something like that you can put it down here and outback more usbs more power plugs air vents to keep your rear occupants comfortable and that pretty much wraps up the back here so let’s take a look

At the numbers here uh this truck does have a girls feel quite rating of 11 350 pounds gross combined vehicle rating is going to be 27 500. the rear gross accident rating is going to be 6 600 pounds the front is 5600 pounds curb weight this truck is heavy 8 315 pounds with a max payload of 3035 and here’s some of your towing numbers for the truck too i didn’t

Have a chance to show you the window sticker so i’m going to show you online some of the options on this truck now the base price was sixty thousand one hundred dollars and then you have to select the at4 with the 6.6 duramax and let’s go to the colors the pacific blue metallic was 4.95 and the only packages that were on this truck was the 84 preferred package

I’ll just let you see it be sure to pause it if you’d like to see more right here gooseneck and fifth bowl package is right below at 545 driver alert package one and you also have the gooseneck hitch package at 325. as far as the exterior goes you do have to offer the 20 inch wheels it does come standard with the 18s and the sunroof was something that was

Optional on this truck too the at4 high clearance step so it’s a thousand ninety five and the very last thing that i had to opt for for this truck was the all-weather format liners so the price online’s a little bit higher the actual price of the truck was 78 530 which i’ll show you here hey guys thank you so much for watching this video i hope it was helpful

Like i said didn’t have a lot of time today but i really want to show you guys this truck it’s probably one of the best looking hd’s on the market to date and with the at4 package it just makes it that much better see you next video you

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