2022+ GR86/BRZ LED Reverse Light Install (LASFIT LED Back Up Light)

LASFIT LED Reverse Lights:

Foreign hey what’s going on you guys welcome to a new video today we are installing another small mod on the 2022 gr86 so this application will work for any gr86 or brz 2022-2023 and a year after so these led bulbs that last fit sent out to me are for the reverse light so when you’re backing up right on the bottom center of your car it’s going to have some

Amber lights for the reverse light and we don’t like those amber lights they’re really outdated especially on a 2022 you’d expect it to uh be led as a an oem part but basically right down here here’s the light the white part glows and that’s how people know you’re reversing so anyway it’s some easy clips you guys just gotta remove the three on the bottom right

Here and you pop that panel up let’s uh go ahead and install these all right guys before we get started here i’m going to show you what the oem light looks like before you install the leds and then we’ll go ahead and install it and show you the final result but uh here to show you guys what it looks like we’re gonna go ahead and start the car all right so you guys

Can see it’s just yellow light no leds down there so we’re gonna go ahead and switch those out and make them nice and bright all right so to get started um you just gotta go right underneath i didn’t even jack up my car um you can literally just lay down underneath or just even sit there and pop those clips out it’s not even that low of a clearance but anyway all

We used was a trim removal tool so um this thing is specifically made to get clips out i had it from my previous car um but yeah got this thing out where you guys can use a plastic trim removal tool those can work and you can just pop the side of the clip out we went ahead and took the three clips underneath out right here thank you all right you guys once

You get your clips out it’s going to look like this very very easy to do this is probably the easiest install i have ever done on a car so you can either just bend it like this and take out your light bulbs or you can just pop the whole thing off you literally just tug on it and it pops off and there you go you got all the access in the world right up here you

See the light bulb the green and gray wire um you just gotta twist those and pull them out so very easy to do go ahead and unbox your last fit led lights um if you guys are interested in purchasing these by the way i do have a link in the description down below and a discount code for you so this is what they look like very nice looking led lights um and yeah

So they’re very easy to do it’s basically just going to go in there where you see that little whitish yellow bulb in there right now that’s where it’s going to be and those are going to go right in there like that so once we twisted the bulbs and pulled these out we’re just gonna literally pull the old bulbs out and slide these last fit ones into the same place

Literally the easiest thing you guys can do here’s what the old one looks like versus the new one new and improved bright led the size difference is actually pretty noticeable but here we go we’re gonna go ahead and put that in and put the led lights back into place all right so we just plugged those in it’s as easy as it gets did it on this side as well and then

Now we’re just going to go ahead and twist them back where they were before once it’s all twisted in and all secured you guys are good to put on that piece that we took off with the three clips and then that’s where the bulb is now if you guys can see the difference all right now first start up testing these lights out let’s see if they work i hope they do all

Right there we got the led lights you guys can definitely tell even it during the daylight they’re a lot brighter um we’re gonna close the garage for 10 seconds and start the car without dying and see how bright they are with a dark area so let’s go ahead and do that and see how it looks anyway i do have a link in the description down below for these led lights

Anyway if you guys are interested hit the link in the description use my code revolve10 for 10 off your order anyway i hope you guys enjoyed the video like if you enjoyed subscribe if you’re new here and i hope to see you guys in my next video peace out everybody foreign

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2022+ GR86/BRZ LED Reverse Light Install! (LASFIT LED Back Up Light) By RevolveAuto