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2022 Grand Wagoneer Walkaround

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A walkaround of the New 2022 Grand Wagoneer Series II. Take a look at our inventory at Park Chrysler Jeep!

All right welcome back guys my name is cam we’re going to talk about the 2022 great wagon here here the styling is a little bit different the first thing you’ll notice intricate grille big wagoneer on the front and then you also notice that the headlights are a little bit different than the wagoneer um they actually have their electronically actuated headlights

That follow as you drive the follow the road as you drive um the actual headlight itself does not move you won’t see the physical headlight moving you’ll just see the lights moving as you’re driving one of the really cool styling effects there’s a couple different options that you can get as far as the 22-inch rims go on the grand wagoneer power running boards

Are standard the 360 surround view camera is another one of the safety features that is needed opening up the doors first look you’ll notice the natural walnut accents all the way around the vehicle styling wise they did a very very good job you’ll notice the these come standard with the upgraded macintosh 1375 system and you see the macintosh logo all

The way around on all the speakers around the vehicle and they really went above and beyond with comfort in these vehicles you have the 20 direction driver and passenger front seats with massage as well built in they move the controls from the side of the seat up to the door you’ll notice all over the vehicle you see wagoneer and grand wagoneer they did a

Really good job just like in the other wagoneers that we’ve looked at keeping the jeep logos small as easter eggs as opposed to all over the vehicle we’ll jump to the back here there’s up to 75 inches of total display area when you have the rear entertainment group there’s the front dash the 12 inch uconnect 5 radio there’s a front interactive display on the

Passenger that we’ll talk about in a little bit and there’s even we’ll talk about it a little bit later there’s even a climate control in the passenger seat coming around to the back passenger left liftgate grand wagoneer in the back quite a bit of cargo room for the size of vehicle you have power folding third row up and down half the buttons down power

Folding down second row lots of cargo space that is available on the grand bikini so your floor mats that come with the vehicle braking all right so now we’re going to go ahead and hop inside jump in the front so we’re talking about some of the cool features and some of the differences and we’ll go from there all right now that we’re inside again you’ll get

A nice close-up view of all the natural walnut around the vehicle all the displays so you have the dash the 12 inch uconnect 5 in the center with the digital climate display below it as well as the front interactive passenger display which actually has a privacy screen so you can’t see it from the driver side it’s a safety mechanism that they use so that

As the the passenger as you’re driving the passenger can interact with the stream and it’s not causing distraction for the driver which is really cool um the grand wagoneer overall they put the 6.4 liter v8 in this vehicle giving it 471 horsepower and 455 foot-pounds of torque so overall it’s a very capable capable vehicle they move uh very well and very

Efficiently lots of power available a lot of the cool uh features that you’d find on the inside one of my personal favorite the relax mode which converts all of the screens to a nice background screen nice ambiance you can actually change the visual that you’re looking at when equipped with the rear entertainment group the relax mode actually displays on

Those screens as well one of the other cool things is the digital rear-facing mirror so you have your regular mirror pops up to the digital which when you have a bunch of cargo and other things that would obstruct your view in the back this is an unobstructed rear view of the vehicle lots of cool technology that they’ve added to these things you still have the

Heads up display so the blind spot monitoring the active lane management night vision is standard the 360 surround view which i touched on earlier lots of cool standard safety features 120 total available and standard safety features on these vehicles now we’ll jump to the second row and talk about some of the features back there and go from there all right

Now we’re in the second row of the three rows in the grand wagon here in the second row you’ll notice that there is a center console with a rear climate display all’s touch screen you have a total quad zone climate control so front driver front passenger second row driver and passenger side with heated and ventilated second row seats you can choose where the

Air is coming from fan speeds make them all you can customize it all for the back of the vehicle and then the driver can actually control all of the controls from the front passenger screen or the front climate screen as well which is kind of a cool a cool feature if you want everything uniform heated seats ventilated seats nice and easy easy to use you’ll

Notice center console huge as well as usb a and c on the inside right there usb and c and then you also have usb a and c on the back of the front first row center console as well 115 volts outlet as well as the 12 volt cigarette lighter now that i’m in the third row you’ll notice there’s actually a ton of space i didn’t have the seat pulled all the way back

And for myself i’m about six foot as you can see there’s actually quite a bit of room the third pane sunroof which i talked about earlier manual sun shade if you wanted to have it closed nice to have the light in one of the cool features and on top of having another set of usb a and c you can actually electronically recline the third row so you can change

The recline forward and backwards which is nice great for road trips you can do that for both sides it’s a 60 40 split as well as from the back these seats do fold flat electronically so it is a a button to fold these seats down and back up again all right that was a full look at the 2022 grand wagoneer thank you guys for coming by we’ll talk about another vehicle again soon

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2022 Grand Wagoneer Walkaround By Park Chrysler Jeep