2022 Haval H6 Hybrid Price Review | Cost Of Ownership | Monthly Installment | Features | Efficiency

The Brand New 2022 Haval H6 HEV solved the fuel problem, in-depth review including features and cost of ownership ( Installment , Fuel and Insurance )

Anytime you tell someone you want to buy havana what’s the first thing they say they’ll tell you the fuel consumption is too high the car is very thirsty and so on and so on so haval has heard you and haval has brought the solution the brand new haval h6 hev or as i call it the have which stands for hybrid electric vehicle now this car has a clean fuel consumption

Of 5.2 liters per hundred the normal h6 is around 8.3 so this is a game changer because this takes away the one excuse everyone brought up when you mentioned haval let’s talk about the h6 have now this car has a lot of interesting features which i want to share with you guys but of course because the channel is called mr how much i’ll give you the prices as always

Actually let me just start with the prices because guys please don’t don’t leave the video after i give you the prices huh just stay and see the features see the sunroof uh get the talk figures the warranty the service plan you know it’s it’s important information and even if the car is too expensive just watch for the entertainment i like to think i’m entertaining

I hope i am but yeah this car comes in at 669 950 rand now before i give you the monthly installments i just wanted to say i’ve noticed a couple of channels i don’t let me not use the word copying let me say imitating or being inspired to do things exactly the way i do them i understand though i’ll just take it as a compliment by the way guys i’m officially on

Tick tock i’m about to tell you my real name because believe it or not mister how much is not my real name my real name is wait for it yes that’s my real name so follow me on tick tock at hero box i’ll leave a link in the description now on finance this car will cost you 12 411 rand that’s a 10 interest rate over six years insurance premium i estimated 2 300

Rand and as for your fuel if you put in 1 200 rand it would bring your total cost of ownership to 15 911 rand okay let me not assume everyone is familiar with hybrid technology uh in a simple way i can explain it as a petrol engine working together with a battery which provides electrical power to assist the engine and because of this setup the fuel consumption is

Much lower because for example when you start the car it’s on electric power only but then as you build speed it then it later switches on to your petrol engine yeah i think that’s a simple explanation should give me a job there tough high because i think i think i could teach now i know someone had battery electric and is thinking oh well i charge this car load

Shedding esco on stage four ah don’t worry this is actually the first ever self-charging hybrid car that haval has brought into south africa so the car charges itself you never have to plug it anywhere you’re sorted i’ll give you the total output of the end engine and the battery at the end of the video along with the service plan and the warranty if you’re also

Wondering about the car that’s covered in plastics i’ll explain at the end of the video but first i want to discuss some of the features of this car and they are a lot first and foremost the panoramic sunroof this car has a huge panoramic sunroof i would buy this car just for the sunroof alone actually i’d buy it for the sunroof and that light bar at the back i

Love the rear lights they they nailed it especially with that new stop light they put on top it’s beautiful anyway so you get heated front seats you get a heated steering wheel as you drive the car does a lot of magic stuff because there is lane keep assist there’s traffic recognition there’s lame center keeping lane departure warning blind spot detection yo guys

Like the car basically drives itself so me now or with my income bracket i drive a humble ford fiesta so i’m not used to all these drivers superpowers where the car is just helping you at first i was shocked i was moving out of the lane it brings me back when the road is curving i feel the steering wheel curving even when i would let it go just to see what would

Happen it was basically steering itself the car was driving it’s it’s really amazing guys at first i was a bit like what’s going on but then after a while i was like this is nice this is this is really cool it’s got a very smart cruise control system and whenever you indicate on your infotainment screen it shows you like a 360 degree view of the car it shows you a

View so that you don’t write pavements you shows what’s around you it’s it’s really amazing honestly when i first got into the car as i was reversing i was scared because the car is big i was like yo here here but the sensors the reverse camera everything the the car helps you by the way the car can park itself without any help from you you don’t check this video

Now in this video this guy at haval was not holding the steering wheel as you will see his feet are out the window but the car is just doing everything it’s putting itself in position it’s aligning itself and perfectly packing itself there is no need to struggle with parking anymore cars can do it for you which makes me wonder one day maybe in 10 years or something

When all cars have these features extended what will they test you on when you go to driving school because they’ll say hey parallel park you just press a button too and the car does it for you i don’t know maybe they’ll just say a driving a straight line then they give you your license but i’m going off topic back to the car so the car has a 12.3 inch screen and

A 10.25 inch digital cockpit for your speedometer and all those kinds of things it has apple carplay and android auto for those who love music the car has eight speakers it also has seven airbags a head-up display and end guys this car has a lot of extras not extras features because you don’t pay for them it has a lot oh funny story after you drive it gives you

Your driving score this car is a proper snob it gave me three out of five and i was trying i was trying my best okay before i give you the service plan and the warranty i’m sure someone is wondering why the cars have different colors actually i took these videos on different days i go to different dealerships just to make sure i get the best video clips for you

Now with the one with the reps i i had taken it earlier so i wanted to post it but i hadn’t driven the car so i didn’t want to just rush it because i like posting new cars that no one else has posted like with the vw polo sedan i don’t think you’ve seen any other reviews of it with the kia sportage i believe i was the first to post it but with this one i wanted

To drive it myself and fill it and the drive is amazing this car is comfortable the interior is beautiful i know a bit skeptical about these brands but from what i experienced i can’t find any fault with a car to be honest everything looks solid everything looks good which brings me now to my warranty the car comes with a five-year 100 000 kilometer warranty for

Your hybrid battery you also get a warranty which is 8 years 150 000 kilometers and your service plan is five years 60 000 kilometers this car actually has launch control as you’ll see in this video but as you watch just know the total output between the petrol engine and the petrol power is 179 kilowatts and 530 newton meters of torque they say it will go from

0 to 100 in 8.5 seconds which is very impressive now this car is 40 000 rand more than the haval h6 gt if you haven’t seen my h6 gt review check it out after this video in terms of boot space because of the batteries it has a smaller boot than the normal h6 and it doesn’t have a spare wheel i asked does it have run flat tires they said no so if there’s a puncher

You’re gonna have to repair it or i don’t know anyway as for the back seat the back seat is very spacious even in my driving position as you can see in this video i had a lot of leg room a lot you can even slouch and do whatever there is enough space all passengers both in the front and in the back will be very happy and speaking of happiness here’s a happy ending

Please like and subscribe support local youtube is the right thing to do i hope you enjoyed this video i will catch you on the next one and to those taking a run for the end credit scenes they’re coming up next to everybody else take care really custard is that you

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