2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport | HD Review & Walkaround


Adam here with walzer honda and today what i’d like to do is show you around the 2022 honda accord hybrid in the sport trim now what i’ll do is cover some cool stuff inside the vehicle as well just give you a little bit of walk around on the exterior so now starting with the exterior of this really cool honda accord hybrid again this is the sport trim so we’re gonna

Add a little bit different fascia up here on the front this one’s also got these awesome led daytime running lights which look really cool when it’s coming at you on the road also the 19-inch wheels on the exterior looks so good paired with this bright blue metallic color it’s kind of an inlet black and silver but it matches really nicely on here especially when

You look at the black mirror caps which gives it that pretty sporty appearance now the accord obviously falls a little bit above the honda civic but in a sedan this vehicle combined is going to give you 43 miles per gallon with highway and city driving now that’s very impressive especially when you look at a vehicle of this size in the back seat you are able to fit

Two full-size adults very comfortably or you can squeeze another person in the middle if you really do need that plus you also have a lot of trunk space but in the driver’s seat is where you’re going to want to be so let’s hop in there we’ll take a peek okay so now inside this accord hybrid sport obviously the sport trim is going to be a little bit different this

One’s got this leather with kind of a cloth insert here and it’s super comfortable that was one of the first things i noticed when i hopped inside is just how much room i have in here again so we have our selective gear style so you no longer have the big column shift or the regular one here you’ve just got your little buttons so it does free up room for your cup

Holder as well as the center console just makes it a lot cleaner in here now into our infotainment screen this one does have apple carplay as well as android auto and one of the other cool things is with this push button start here you’re also going to have a remote start and it’s right on the key fob too so when that minnesota winter rolls around you can click

That so we fire it up and be nice and warm in here now onto our steering wheel this is where some of that honda safety comes in you’ve got an adaptive cruise control so you set the distance on the highway it’s going to keep that for you it’s great if you’re spending a lot of time on the road and also there’s a lane keep assist so it can actually help you out with

Your hands on the wheel if you start to drift out of your lane a little bit it’ll bring you back again making sure you’re safe when you’re on the road now like i mentioned on the outside 43 mpge combined so now this is a hybrid so you’ve got your battery as you can hear now it’s quiet it’s dead silent in here and then every once in a while it’ll kick back on or

Where you’re on the road depending on your speed or how much ev you’ve used you just have a great range and fuel economy with that hybrid system so overall that great mileage tons of space and usability in here all the newest technology the backup camera in here is incredible as well plus all the comfort and everything you get with this vehicle makes it a great

Option that you have to check out thanks for watching our overview on the all new honda accord hybrid sport now if you’d like more information you can visit us online at walzerhonda.com you can call the number on the screen or stop in we’d be happy to help you out thanks again for watching

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2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport | HD Review & Walkaround By Walser Honda